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Thapki Pyaar Ki 15th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 15th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Bihaan and everyone coming inside the house. They see a lady sitting on the sofa and ask her who is she, why did she move Pandey Nivaas board. They all get shocked seeing Ram pyaari/goat tied, and a man sitting and sharpening the knives. They all asks him what is he doing. The man says I m going to cut this goat. Bihaan asks what is he saying. The man says this is just mutton for me. Thapki runs and stops the man. Bihaan scolds the man. They see the third person, ties in white ribbons. They see the maid. Bihaan asks who are you all, how dare you enter my house. Thapki asks who are they. Dadi asks them to answer.


Bihaan says enough of drama now, answer me, else I will call police. The lady turns to them and shows her face. She spits the betel waste on Pandey family pic. Everyone get shocked. She says she is Toshi. Dadi asks who is she, from where did she come. Toshi says when I get angry, I don’t listen to anyone. Bihaan asks why did you come here. Toshi says we are here as this is our house now. Bihaan scolds her. Bau ji comes there and asks Bihaan who are they. Bau ji sees the new family, and gets shocked. Toshi smiles. Everyone tell Bau ji that this new family removed their name board, and has spit betel waste on family picture. Toshi says its good I did not spit on your face, you were staying in our house. Bihaan asks Bau ji to see.

Bau ji asks what proof do they have. The man shows the property papers on Toshi Devi’s name. Bihaan calls them mad people. He says they have come to steal everything, they made fake papers too, I will kick them out. Bau ji says no need to talk to them, Sanjay call police, we will know whose house is this. Bihaan and Thapki ask whats the need, let them proof this. Bau ji says I m doing this by thinking, I want to end this matter from root, let lawyer come, everything will be clear. He says I will go and get my papers.

Lawyer comes and checks papers. Bihaan asks him to say the other family’s papers are fake. Lawyer says no, papers are right, I m thinking how did two people get same house. Bihaan asks what will we do. Toshi says its our house, you all leave from here. Bihaan scolds them. Inspector scolds them and says it will be legal things done here, both families have to behave well. Lawyer asks them to stay together, two families can stay, they have rights. Bihaan asks how can this happen. Inspector says either stay here or leave the house. Bihaan says we will not leave the house. The man says we will also not leave. Lawyer says fine, I will try to solve this matter soon, if anyone has objection, they can leave the house. Toshi taunts them. Shraddha stops her from spitting and says this is our house, spitting is not allowed. Toshi says this is my house, I will spit anywhere.

Dadi and Bau ji think who are they, why did they come here. They see Toshi in Bau ji’s room and ask whats this. Toshi says this is my room, I took your house. The man takes Thapki and Bihaan’s room, and argues. Toshi says see what else do I take now. Dadi scolds her. Toshi signs Bau ji. Bau ji says leave them Maa, we will go. Toshi laughs. Bihaan says you will go out of my room. The man gets angry and scolds Bihaan. Bau ji comes and asks whats happening. Bihaan says I think I should explain him in their language. Bau ji says then what will be difference between them and us, come. Thapki says Bau ji is right. She asks the man not to think of their goodness as their weakness. Bihaan thinks why did Bau ji keep quiet.

Bau ji meets Toshi and says I could not talk to you, why did you come. She reminds him their old relation.

Update Credit to: Amena

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