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Thapki Pyaar Ki 13th August 2016 Written *Maha* Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 13th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Thapki hearing the man’s conversation. Suman tells Preeti that Vasundara went from home and I don’t feel good. Preeti says maybe we would like if she gave keys to us. Shraddha comes and scolds them for using her lipstick. Preeti says my lipstick got over, so I used yours, whats your big deal. Shraddha says no one can touch my things, if you dare to do this again, it will be big problem. Suman and Preeti taunt her and say we will kick you out of this house. Preeti says when Dhruv is gone, what will Shraddha do here. Shraddha worries thinking they can really kick me out of here, I have to do something.


Bau ji checks papers. The man asks him to sign on it. Thapki comes and stops Bau ji. Bau ji asks what happened. Thapki says you won’t sign on this deal, we were

thinking you will run this channel, but your owner wants to demolish this building, we were doing big mistake. Bau ji asks the man why did he not say this before. The man says my boss decided this, how does it matter now. Thapki says it affects everyone, and shows the letters to Dhruv written by viewers. She says they are viewers, channel is a ideal for them, its medium to know truth and make it win, I will let this channel stop. Bau ji asks the man to go, they won’t sell the channel. The man says who will run the channel, you think how will car work without driver, Dhruv is gone, who will take his place, is there anyone talented like him. He asks Thapki will she run channel, she can’t even talk well.

Dadi misses Vasundara and says I had to tell her about Dhruv’s channel getting sold. A man comes and gives her some parcel. Suman and Preeti say we did not order anything. The man says Vasundara ordered this for puja. Suman and Preeti check the parcel, and says its Shringaar items. Dadi asks them to give it to Shraddha too. Shraddha comes in plain clothes and says its all waste for me now, whatever happened in marriage, I was also responsible, I supported Dhruv and did life’s biggest mistake, I can’t forgive myself for it, Dhruv and Vasundara are repenting, till Vasundara comes back, I will live as widow and repent. She thinks now no one can make me leave from this house.

Bihaan plays with kids. Thapki goes to him and holds his hand. He asks what happened. She asks him to come. She takes Bihaan to Dhruv’s office and tells the man that Bihaan will run this channel, Bihaan will take Dhruv’s place. Bihaan asks how, I m not literate. The man says its not a kid’s play. Thapki says yes, but it won’t become a toy for your owner. Someone looks at them. Thapki asks the man to go. The man says fine, its your thing, I will leave documents here, you will need this soon, when you call me this time, sign on papers and keep it ready. Bau ji says it won’t be needed, you go. The man leaves.

Bihaan goes out. Bau ji gives file to Thapki. They all come home. Thapki asks Bihaan to listen. He says you did wrong. Bau ji tells everyone that he is not selling channel, and Thapki wants Bihaan to run channel. Suman and Preeti say Bihaan is illiterate, how will he run channel. Dadi and Bau ji say Thapki will help Bihaan. Bihaan asks how will I. Thapki says many big businesses started by people like you, they did not have education or experience, but courage and determination, you always support truth, you have to do this, this channel will reach heights. He says it was Dhruv’s dream. She asks him to fulfill it, so that no one can point finger at Dhruv and him. She says we all are here with you. Dadi and everyone hold his hand. Bihaan agrees.

Shraddha comes there. Thapki tells her not to punish herself this way, stop all this, go and change. Shraddha asks why, do you want me to leave from this house. Thapki says no. Shraddha says let me live this way, I will live like a widow, Dhruv left many memories here. She acts. Thapki says fine, if you get peace by doing this, but don’t think you are alone, I m always with you. Shraddha thanks her and says I know nothing wrong will happen now.

The mystery guy says how did Thapki stop the deal, go and create hungama in channel, we will get everything in Pandey house. Someone goes to Pandey house and cuts power line. Thapki irons Bihaan’s shirt and says we have just one month time to prove ourselves. The power goes. Bihaan says leave all this, Lord does not want me to go to office. She says you know how clothes got pressed when there was no electricity. She gets hot water in the pot and irons his shirt.

She makes him wear his coat. He holds her and smiles. She asks him to come to office. The man breaks the water pipe. Everyone face problem with no water supply. A man comes to repair water and power lines. Ashwin asks him to check problem. The man cuts some gas pipe in kitchen and hits on the knob to damage it. He tells Ashwin that he could not repair this, I will call my senior. He goes. Ashwin thinks whats this bad smell and goes. The man gets paid for spoiling the things.

Dadi asks Bihaan not to worry, you went for work before also. Suman and Preeti tell Bihaan that Thapki is with him. Dadi asks Thapki to get curd and sugar. Thapki asks about the bad smell. She goes to kitchen and gets gas smell. She checks cylinder and stove. She checks gas pipe and finds it cut and leaking. She rushes to stop Dadi from lighting diya.

Dadi gets aarti plate and is about to light diya. Thapki comes there running and stops Dadi. She tells Dadi about gas leakage. Bihaan says I will call someone, you all go out. They all come out of the house. Bau ji says its not good to go inside. Shraddha thinks whats this new problem. Thapki and Bihaan leave. The man informs mystery guy and says your work is done, Pandey Nivaas is vacated, and office will also a big drama.

Bihaan and Thapki reach the channel. Few men protest against Bihaan. Bihaan gets angry. Thapki answers the men. The men insult Bihaan and ask her to shut channel. Bihaan gets angry on the man and asks him not to say anything about Thapki. The man says she stammers, what wrong did I say. Bihaan beats him. police comes there and stops the fight. Some person is looking at them from far.

Bau ji tells Dadi about the issue at office. Dadi says we all will go there, we promised them that we will support them. They leave. Thapki asks Bihaan not to get angry, we have to work and prove we are right. He says I can’t bear your insult. Staff comes there with resignation letters. Thapki and Bihaan get shocked. The family members come there. Dadi asks the staff whats this office for them. The staff says its like temple for them. Dadi asks if pujari is changed, will you leave visiting temple. Bau ji says we are Dhruv’s family, he was your ideal.

Thapki says yes, Dhruv has shown you right path, how can you leave his channel and dream, its not Bihaan’s mistake, you should have courage that Bihaan will never leave supporting you, I request you to work for a month and see our hardwork. The staff agrees to them. Bihaan smiles. Dadi asks them not to worry, we all will run this channel together. Thapki says I wish our family is always like this. Dadi hugs Thapki and Bihaan.

Everyone come home and sees Pandey Nivaas name board fallen on the road. They get shocked seeing Jaiswal Nivaas board on the house.

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