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Thapki Pyaar Ki 11th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 11th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Dhruv asking Shraddha to go fast. She asks why should I go, I m here to help you, I don’t like them, you punish them, they are fools. Dhruv asks Shraddha to stand quiet. He pushes Thapki towards Bihaan. He presses the remote and some poisonous gas starts filling in that room. Bihaan asks what are you doing. Dhruv says I have put everything on stake, everyone will die in 5mins. Everyone start coughing. Bihaan gets shocked. Dhruv says I can stop the poison gas by this remote, I will do this if you agree to me, else they all will die. Bihaan says kill me, leave them. Dhruv says I don’t have to kill you, but you have to kill your and Thapki’s relation, you cheated and took rounds with Thapki, you have to take reverse rounds, then Thapki and your relation will end, she


will be just mine. He says there is less time, just 3 mins are remaining. He asks Shraddha to read mantra. She says I don’t know anything else than Swaha. Dhruv says then say Swaha, anyways we have to make their marriage relation Swaha. He asks Bihaan to hurry up, its just 2 mins left. Bihaan and Thapki cry and take reverse rounds. Shraddha says Swaha. Dhruv aims gun at them and smiles. Dhruv says four rounds are over, Thapki you walk ahead now. Thapki looks at Bihaan. Bihaan nods. They cry. Thapki goes ahead. Family members are still locked. Dhruv says now the last round, then your relation will break forever. Shraddha looks at Dhruv and throws that powder in his eyes. The remote falls. Bihaan takes remote and frees family members. Shraddha takes Thapki to her side. Dhruv aims at Bihaan and says you are the root of all this, its happening because of you, I will kill you, then Thapki will be mine. Everyone ask Dhruv to stop. Dhruv says Shraddha, you cheated me again, I will see you.

Vasundara cries seeing Dhruv, and recalls Dhruv. She recalls the gun Bau ji took from her. She takes the gun from Bau ji’s pocket. She shouts Dhruv and everyone look at her. She walks to the front and aims gun at him. Dhruv and everyone get shocked. She says you are my first child, I became a mother after your birth, I taught you to walk on right path and you walked, but today….. you did wrong, I have done wrong by letting you go to Bihaan’s room, I have let you sit in mandap and saw everything silently, I did wrong, but what I m going to do now, it won’t be wrong, I will make everything right now, put gun down, else I will shoot. Bau ji asks Vasundara what is she doing. She shouts put the gun down Dhruv Pandey.

Dhruv says I won’t, Maa I m your son, I know you won’t shoot me, you love me a lot, you can’t shoot me, see how your hands are shaking, I will shoot Bihaan and show you, I will kill Bihaan Pandey. Thapki says no and cries. Vasundara loads the gun and everyone look on. Vasundara shoots. Everyone get a big shock. The blood drops fall over Thapki’s face. Dhruv, Bihaan and Thapki see the blood. Bihaan gets shot. They all get shocked. Vasundara sits in shock. Bihaan looks at Dhruv. Vasundara sits crying. Dhruv cries and moves away from everyone. Dhruv recalls Bihaan and his childhood. Bihaan told him that he will give his life for him. Dhruv recalls how Vasundara shot at Dhruv and Bihaan came infront of him to save him.

Everyone cry. Bau ji calls ambulance. They all rush Bihaan to hospital. Dhruv looks on from far. Doctor takes Bihaan to OT. Thapki leaves Bihaan’s hand and cries. Dhruv recalls childhood moment. Bihaan was hurt and tells doctor that he fell from stairs. Dhruv says no, he got hurt because of me, he fell while getting kite for me. Doctor says I did not see such brother’s love, Balwinder is lucky to get such sons. Fb ends. Dhruv cries.

Bihaan’s operation is done. Thapki cries and recalls Bihaan, their moments and love. Ranjha mera ranjha………….plays…………. doctor removes the bullet from his body. Bihaan’s heartbeat sinks. The machine beeps.

Doctor comes out and tells everyone about Bihaan. They all cry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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