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Thank you Manthra

Yes!! The title is the thing to ponder over. The evil lady of Ayodhya is never deserved to be thanked but yet I’m thinking her. I’ll let u know the reason now!!

Manthra was the one who changed the mind of kaikeyi and forced her to send Ram so that Bharat can become king of Ayodhya. But it was really a flopped one. But due to this many important things came into our thoughts. Yes !!


Manthra being the gateway of sadness gave an impression on Ramayana !!

If Vanvaas wasn’t introduced we couldn’t have saw that…..

Dashrath was such a great father, Kausalya was lovable to her, kaikeyi is a very good woman, Sumithra can also sacrifice his son for Ram, Urmila can sacrifice her sleep and nutrition, Bharat can do anything for his brother, Shatrughan can also do adharm for his brother, Shruthkirti is very caring, Mandvi very much supportive, Sita can do anything fr her husband, Lakshman is living only fr his brother and he can also leave his darling wife, Sumantra can never oblige his Dashrath.

Coming to the Lanka side , even from Lanka many are so much inspirational.

Ravan being vedha gnayani he could not see that Ram himself due to his bad deeds.
Proudness can leas us to defeat. Mandodari can do anything for her adharmi husband, Meghnaad v.well knowing abt this father’s bad deeds supported him yet, Sulochana gave up her life for his adhaarni husband, Vibhishan did not involve himself along with bad deeds, Kumbkaran is caring fr his brothers and Shurpankha fell in live with god and had enough guts to do anything.

Hanuman !! no need of explanation about him. The wonder making one in Ramayana !! Service was his motto and served Rama till his death!! Followed by him Sugriva also was a well-respected leader and also the other monkeys.

I lastly want to convey that if Manthra wouldn’t have been jealous the true values from Ramayana would be unavailable!!

Thanks to Rama for Making Manthra jealous ! Even bad things lead to good ones ! ! ! _/_

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