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Thahaan’s horror love story (Episode 9)

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Here it g●es!

Thapki comes out from bathroom after bathing!
Bihaan pulls her hand pushes her towards wall. Puts hand on her shoulder.
THAPKI:- what ??
BIHAAN:- Nothing.. I’m your husband..you love me so don’t I have right on you?
THAPKI:- Of course you have! But I’ve lots of work to do. So please let me go!
BIHAAN:- I’ll never let you go anywhere. You can’t go away from me.
THAPKI:- what do you mean?
BIHAAN:- um? Nothin.. okay Tell me onething?
BIHAAN:- do you love me?
THAPKI:- yes. I love u!
BIHAAN:- you will never leave me?
THAPKI:- I’ll never leave you even i myself can’t live without you? By the way why are you asking this today? What happend to you?
BIHAAN:- promis me! That you will never leave me alone.
He forwards his hand towards her. She puts her hand on his hand.
THAPKI:- I promis.
He hugs her tightly!


Preeti and suman are talking.
SUMAN:- What If she had jumped from the roof last night?
PREETI:- No Idiot chutki.. he loves her alot and he will never let her go away from him.
SUMAN:- that’s true.. Badki? Do you’ve believe in ghosts?
PREETI:- oh shut up.. please.. I feel so much scared of ghosts.
Thapki is standing on the door of kitchen and she listens all this.
She goes to them.
THAPKI:- bhabi? Whom you’re talking about?
Suman doesn’t sees thapki and says.
SUMAN:- about thapki na..
Preeti pushes suman.
She turns and sees thapki.
SUMAN:- oh.. I mean about film. We were talking about the scene of film
THAPKI:- But you said thapki?
PREETI:- No no no!! She didn’t mean that. She called your name only.. we weren’t talking about you.
Bihaan comes there.
BIHAAN:- I was searching for.. come with me.
THAPKI:- but bihaan wait.
BIHAAN:- no. You have to be in front of my eyes.
THAPKI:- Okay but why?
BIHAAN:- dont ask me.. just go to the room I’m coming.
Thapki leaves.
BIHAAN:- bhabi what are you doing please bhabis thapki should not know about last night.
SUMAN:- sorry bihaan devar g we will take care from now on.
PREETI:- we will not discuss this. Okay! Sorry once again
BIHAAN:- no problem bhabi..
He goes.

Everyone is sitting there.. including ishan and Komal.. and priest too. bihaan also comes there.
BAU JI:- Thapki is sleeping na?
BIHAAN:- Yes she is sleeping and.I wanna confirm one thing
DADI:- What?
BIHAAN:- that thapki will not get harmed. And not only thapki. All the family members.
PRIEST:- just hope for the best.
DHRUV:- i don’t think we are doing right.i don’t believe in all this
BIHAAN:- don’t you know about yesterday. I can’t see her in pain. And I believe.
DHRUV:- Okay so calm down.. I didn’t mean that.
PRIEST:- Listen very carefully! You all have to do be brave enough to bear and see each and every thing which will happen here. And one more thing thapki should not go out from the house. She has to be stay here at any cost.
BIHAAN:- Okay.
PRIEST:- now the person come here who can do anything for her life?
Bihaan comes forward.
BIHAAN:- I’m that person.
PRIEST:- can you die for her?
BIHAAN:- I can.
BAU JI AND VASU:- we are so proud of our bihaan.!
DADI:- yes bihaan and we all r with u.
He smiles.
PRIEST:- that’s good! Now go and switch off all the lights.
All lights are off.
Priest tells them to light the 20 candles.
They lights the candles.
PRIESt arranges few things in hall. Room
PRIESt:- hold each others hands and make a circle. And bihaan you take this rope. And stand in front of this mirror!
Now I’m gonna call soul. And no body will leave the hand!
SHRADDHA:- and what If anyone leaves?
PREIST:- that person will be in danger. And danger can take any body’s life.
They all gets scared.

Thapki takes knife in her hand and attacks bihaan. Then priest asks bihaan to tie thapki with rope.
BIHAAN (with teary eyes):- I’ve to do this for you.
She Throws knife and it slightly cuts bihaan’s hand.
She flies in air.
THAPKI (in double voice);- you’re wife will be no more.
She falls from the air.


Nxt epi: soon

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