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Teri Meri Prem Kahani- a twinj love story ( intro and promo)

Hello everyone.I’m Anchali back with my first ff.You know wat guys I was on cloud nine after reading ur comments on my OS. Seriously u made me go crazy. Tanq so much.I want to thank everyone separately.Hope I don’t waste ur precious time.
Tanq so much Ayu, Sanjana agarwal, Angel ram, shreya, chiku, jasmine wani, dreamer arundhati, jisha, sidvee, aamu,Monica, lovely, purnima agarwal and kiara.
ayu u can surely call me as anchu.

sanjana agarwal I loved ur profile pic
chiku I read it ff and it was awesome.in fact the first epi made me cry and the others were so touching.I ll surely comment from next epi.
jasmine wani just feel free to call me anu.
kiara I’m glad that u added my OS to ur fav.list.

Sorry if I had left anyone as I mentioned everyone who commented before writing this.Really sorry for others who commented later.
So now let me give a short intro of myself.
I’m Anchali Singh studying 10th. My native is Mumbai BT I stay in chennai due to my dad’s business.
So now the time for the intro of Teri Meri Prem Kahani.

Twinkle kapoor: sweet,bubbly and cute girl.loves her bro and family. Fashion designer.Quite sensitive and emotional.
Yuvraj Kapoor: Twinkle’s elder bro. stylish and an angry young man. loves his sissy and can do anything for her happiness.
Ram Kapoor and Priya Kapoor: parents of twinkle and UV.
Kunj Sarna: hot and cool young boy. loves his sissy a lot. Modelling is his passion while Business is his profession.
Jeevika Sarna: cute and naughty girl.BT matured. elder sister of Kunj.
Vikram Sarna and Neha Sarna: Kunj and jeevika’s parents.
chinki: Twinkle’s best friend.( role ll b revealed later)
Viren Singh: jeevika’s would be
Sorry for completely destroying the original characters of the serial.I just thought to include cast from my fav. serials.That’s why did like this.
Plz say whether u liked it or not.

Kunj and Twinkle’s family are business rivals. THEY too hate each other. but how do they become one and wat were the circumstances that made them be together forms the plot of the story.

How was it guys? plzz do comment.
As I’m in 10 th grade I ll not have enough time to post my ff. BT still I ll try my best.BT still I can’t ensure that I can post long ones.

I ll try to post it everyday.Plzzz excuse me for such reasons.
And plsss do comment so that I ll post the next one 2morrow.
Plzzz support it the same way u did for my OS.
Love u all.

Take Care and bye!!!!!!!!

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