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tashan e ishq to go off air!!!!!!

Hi guys bulbul here I have become the news transporter on tu and mostly it is bad
So again a bad news for all twinj or twiraj fans

Our tashan e ishq is going off air

Yes yes u read correct by the end of September
Becoz the show trp have decreased so badly after sid exit

This news is mentioned in SBS today

And Sid’s exit,low trp and angry fans are the reason for this

I am shocked but now I am a bit stable bcoz without sid their no need to drag this show its better it get closed


I’ll miss sid twinj #sidmin twiraj too all my tei cast

This show will be in my heart till my life

And news might be an rumour also so plz tell me after reconferming

Plz cmnt twinj and twiraj fans

And my ffs are going to get posted after one week as I am suffering from typhoid but sorry keep u waiting and not cmnting on ur ffs

So sorrryyy and plz plz confirm from ur sources

Bbye love u loads

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