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Tashan E Ishq (Tashan vs Love) Episode 59

Next day Usha and Twinkle are sitting in sofa.
Usha: We all are fond of you and treat you like our daughter.
Twinkle: I very well know that Aunty…
Usha: Twinkle, I want to talk to you about something important. Please be serious.
Twinkle: Okay

Usha: I know you have a bitter past. But you can’t get stuck over past. You have to move on…Some idiot didn’t value you, doesn’t mean that you stop enjoying your life. You should start your life fresh.
Twinkle: Aunty…We have talked it so many times…
Usha: Listen to me first. I and Manohar consider you as my daughter. Now I want you to be my Kunj’s life partner…He is also going through the same pain. I have told you what all happened in his life. I think you both can be pillars to each other and move on in life… Everyone deserves a second chance…Think about it.
Twinkle: Are you sure you want me to be your daughter in law?
Usha: I am sure..Not I, We are..I have discussed it with Manohar and he also likes you. I know you and Kunj are good friends and the kind of past you both had…I think you can very well understand each other’s pain and help each other to get out of it…Think of it…
Twinkle: What about Kunj? Does he know about this proposal?

Usha: Not yet. I thought first I will get your response and if at all it is positive, then I will inform Kunj.
Twinkle is just listening to her and not giving any response.
Usha: Twinkle…What do you think? I mean if you want, you can take time…
Twinkle: Okay. Let me think. But I will tell you the decision in front of family…I mean especially in front of Kunj. It is a matter concerning Kunj and Me. I think he should also be aware of it. Let’s talk about it in the evening when Uncle and Kunj are also with us…
Usha: Atleast give me a hint..Is it a yes or no?
Twinkle (with a smile): I have got some urgent work at office. I have to finish it right now. Let’s talk in evening.
Usha is puzzled to see her response. She thought Twinkle is lying to escape from situation. Just to check that, Usha come and check through window what Twinkle is doing? Twinkle was working on her laptop. So she understood that she was genuinely busy.

At bed room
Manohar: What’s her response?
Usha: She said she will tell infront of every one at the tea time.
Manohar: She didn’t ask you for sometime to think on it…That means I am sure she is gonna say no…
Usha: I don’t know. I thought the same. I was closely noticing her expressions during the talks. But when I talked to her about the marriage proposal, I could see a spark of joy in her eyes…As if this is what she wanted for a long time. She had a naughty smile on her face even though she was trying to hide it. I think she will say yes. Let’s see.

Evening tea time
Usha is eagerly waiting for Twinkle’s response. Kunj is not bothered about anything going around.
Twinkle: Okay…I promised Aunty that I will give my decision here.
Kunj looks at Twinkle with a look of what’s the matter.
Twinkle: Before that, I need to make it clear to Kunj. Aunty and Uncle have come to me with a marriage proposal of me and you today and asked for my decision.
Kunj (with a weird look): Mom..How could you? Papa, you know everything…What I am going through…
Twinkle: That’s okay Kunj…
Twinkle sips tea and turns towards Manohar.

Twinkle: Uncle, Why do you think I can be your daughter in law? Do you think I have all the qualities you want in your DIL?
Manohar: Of course…you are…You are well mannered, cultured, well brought up girl. I am sure I can’t find a better partner for my Kunj. I know Kunj had found one..But just because of my mistake, we lost that girl…
Twinkle: Bus ek sawaal hai…Ek ladki jo characterless, cultureless or money minded thi vo ek din achanak well mannered, cultured and well brought up kaise ho sakti hai?
(One question…How can the same girl be well mannered, cultured and well brought up and at the same time characterless, cultureless and money minded…)
Kunj: Twinkle…please…

Twinkle: Aaj nahi Kunj….Aaj mera din hai…. (Don’t stop me today..Kunj…It is my day.)
Manohar: Kisne kaha tum aisi ho? Humare friend circle me hi kisine kaha hoga? Naam batao uska…Muh todke aa jaunga jisne tumare bare me yun bola… (Who said this non sense? I am sure someone from our friend circle told you this. Tell me who he is…I am gonna smash his face.)
Twinkle (weird smile): Aap hi ne kaha hai..Uncle…Ek saal pehle…Me vahi cultureless, characterless ladki hu jo ladko ko paise ke liye phasati hai…
(It was your opinion. One year before…I am that cultureless, characterless girl who will do anything for money.)

Manohar and Usha are a bit confused and look at each other…
Twinkle: Chalo…thoda aur clearly bata deti hun…Me vahi ladki hun jisko ek saal pehle aapne reject kiya tha apni bahu banne se…Jisse bina dekhe, bina jaane, ye sab titles se nawazaa gaya tha…Me wahi hun, jisse aap ka beta aaj bhi tut ke pyaar kerta hai….
(You forgot…Okay…Let me remind you…I am the same girl whom you rejected a year before. You gifted me with these titles without even meeting me once or atleast knowing me. I am the same girl, with whom your son is still deeply in love with.)
Manohar and Usha are hell shocked and they both look at Kunj. Kunj gives a yes sign.
Twinkle: Ji…Me wahi hun…Aap ke bete ko paison ke liye phasane wali…
(Exactly…I am the same girl who was after your money and..)
Kunj: Twinkle, please stop it…
Twinkle: Aaj muje mat rokhna Kunj…Iss din ke liye pichle ek saal se maine intezaar kiya hai…
(Don’t stop me today Kunj…I have waited for this day….I have worked hard for the entire year for this day…)
Twinkle: Aur kya keha tha aapne…Haan…Muj jaise ladkiyaan ladkon ko apne maa baap se cheenke le jaana chahti hai…Agar me chahti to, ye bohut aasani se ho jaata…Bus ek baar…Bus ek baar…apna dil ka haal suna deti, Kunj ko…Vo bhagta hua aata…Aaj bhi aayega….Utna pyaar kerta hai mera Kunj mujse…
(And what did you say that day…Ohh yes…I am that kind of a girl who separates the boy from his parents and take him away…I could have easily done that…Uncle…I just needed to cry my heart out once in front of Kunj. He would have come leaving everything behind…I am 100% sure about that…I know my Kunj loves me to that extent.)
Twinkle wipes the tear drop which is coming out… Kunj is also choked up and in tears.
Twinkle: Bus yehin galti thi hamari ki humne aap sabki permission ke saath ek hona chaha… Aur ye baat humne pehle din hi decide ker liya tha ki aap charon me se kisiki bhi na ho toh hum shadi nahi karenge…Alag ho jaayenge ek dusre se…Chahe fir zindagi bar ke liye ek dusre ke yaad me jeena pade…
(We both wanted to get married with the permission of our parents…And we have decided it earlier itself that if any of you don’t agree to this relationship, we will never get married. We will get separated… Even though we will be grieving for the rest of our life.)
Usha is stunned to see Twinkle like this.
Twinkle: I left my home to be with Kunj and then Kunj called me and said that Papa had rejected our relationship. I was shattered completely… I thought it is the end of my life… I never thought of a life without him. But my parents stood by me and took me home back. They gave me strength to face the reality…Though I expected Kunj’s calls initially to explain what exactly has happened…Later I also decided to move on…because that’s what we both had decided if at all our parents deny to our love.


Manohar has a guilty face.
Twinkle: Two months later, Alisha came to my house before leaving from Mumbai after her resignation…She told me what all happened that night. And the titles which you have given me and my family… I am the only child to my parents. They had complete trust in me that I will never let them down. They allowed me to pursue my dreams. They always told me that I am their pride.
Twinkle gets choked up and remains silent for a while.
Twinkle: But that day when Alisha told what all you have talked about me… For the first time in my life, I saw my parents head down… I could see the pain in their eyes. I knew it was because of me and the words you used for me without even knowing me. You pointed finger at my parents for the upbringing they have done…That day I decided to come to Amritsar and show you what kind of upbringing they have given me and what I am. I came to Amritsar and stayed back here for these many months only to gain it back. Today I won…I have shown you what I am and what my parents are and which type of family I come from…

Manohar is tensed and can’t look at Twinkle.Twinkle smirks…
Twinkle: This marriage proposal proves that I have proved you the kind of culture which my parents have taught. Otherwise you won’t wish me to be your DIL.
Manohar: I am sorry…Beta…
Twinkle: You should be…Uncle…Aapne bina dekhe, bina jaane..ye kaise samaj liya ki me characterless ladki hun… Jo paise wale ladkon ko phasatey hain…Aur kya kaha tha…Aise maa baap apne betiyon ko yehi sab sikhate hai… taki ache paise wale ladke dekhte hi pyaar ka natak kere aur unhe jaal me phasade…Aur dheere dheere ladkon ko apne gharwalon se alag kero aur pura paisa apna bana le…Aur…
(You should be…Uncle…How can you judge that I am a characterless girl without even meeting once or knowing me. You thought I am a girl who traps boys for money…And what did you say about my parents? They train me how to trap well settled boys…And once that boy has fallen in love, I will separate him from parents and then get his money…And ..)
Manohar: Twinkle…Please…
Twinkle: Dard ho reha hai na Uncle? Muje bhi hua tha…Isse hazaar guna zyada…Aur vo bhi tab, jab tume ye sab apne maa baap ke saamne sunna pade jo tume apna gurur samaj ta ho… Jo maine apne parents ke aankhon me uss din dekha tha…Usse bura feeling kuch bhi nahi ho sakta ek beti ke liye…
(It hurts…Right? I too got hurt…1000 times more than what you feel right now. Because I was hearing these words infront of my parents, who considers me as their pride. What I felt or sensed that day in their eyes was the worst feeling any daughter could have gone through…)
Manohar looks down.
Twinkle: Abhi toh jo aapne kaha ta uska aadha hi bola hoga…Itni jaldi thak gaye…muj jaise ladkiyan sirf ghar tod sakti hai…ghar ko jodna toh aata hi nahi…Me bus yehi dikhane aayi thi ki muj jaise ladkiyaan kya kerna jaanti hai…Aap ne ek general opinion leke muje aur mere family ko judge kiya…Jiska nateeja aaj me aur Kunj bhugat rehe hai…Khair…Me bus yehi samjaane aayi thi Amritsar…Aaj mera yahaan aane ka maksat pura hua…
(I have not even said half of the things which you have said that day. You are tired by hearing this much…You said girls like me don’t know how to keep a home intact…Girls like me only knows to break houses… I came here to show you that what girls like me can do and what are we upto…You judged me and my family with a generic opinion, which was so wrong…Me and Kunj will be suffering the pain for the rest of our life for your wrong judgement…I came here to make you realize your mistakes. I have made it and I have achieved what I wanted to.)
Twinkle composes herself for a sec.

Twinkle: Jaanti hun Aaj umru ka lihaaz na kerte huye bohut kuch keh diya hain maine..Muje maaf kerna Uncle, Aunty…Magar aaj ye na kehti to, phir zindagi me kabhi apne maa papa se nazrey milakey baat nahi ker paati…

(I know I have talked a lot forgetting the fact that you both are elder to me and I am sorry for that…But this was needed..If I don’t talk at least this much, I would never be able to look into my parent’s eyes for the rest of my life…)
Twinkle turning to Usha who is literally stunned to see Twinkle in this way…
Twinkle: Sorry Aunty, I know you will be the most hurt and shocked to hear all this. But I had to do this for my respect and for my parents. I just wanted to prove my point and I am done with it. The moment I got your proposal, I realized that I have reached my destination. The official work which I had done was sending my resignation to office. You all will have to bear me for one more month…I mean till my notice period ends. If you are not comfortable, I am ready to move to any ladies hostel.
Twinkle is about to leave and gets up. Manohar and Usha are shocked to hear that she will be leaving.
Manohar: Beta, Me tumare maa papa se milna chahta hun aur unse mafi maangna chahta hun… Muje bhi pata hai maine bohut galat kiya hai, tumare saath, tumare parents ke saath aur sabse zyada mere kunj ke saath…
(I want to meet your parents and apologise to them…I know I have done a huge mistake…)
Twinkle sits back.

Twinkle: Ji…me phone pe aapki baat kera dungi… (Sure..I will call them and you can talk to them on phone.)
Manohar: Agar vo muje maaf ker sake to kya hum iss rishtey ke bare me aage soch saktey hai?
(If at all they can forgive me, can we think of this proposal?)
Twinkle (with a smile): Muje nahi pata vo mere aur Kunj ker relationship ke bare me kya sochte hai…Per itna zaroor janti hun ki vo aapko maaf ker denge…Jab me yahaan ke liye aa rehi thi to mere parents ne sirf yahi kaha tha ki unhe yeh prove ker ke aana ki tum ghar todne wali ladki nahi ho…Jab me yahaan aayi thi to, Kunj iss ghar me ya Amritsar aane ko taiyaar nahi tha… Aap ko apna beta lauta ker jaa rehi hun Uncle. Aapki family ko jodke jaa rehi hun…Apna vada pura kerke jaa rehi hun…

(I really don’t know what they think of our relationship. But I am sure that they will forgive you. When I was leaving to Amritsar, my parents asked me to promise them that I will prove you guys that I am not a girl who breaks house, instead I am one who makes a house to home. When I came here, Kunj was not ready to come home or to Amritsar…Today I have made your relations as it was earlier. I have completed your family..I am returning your son back…I have kept my promise..)
Manohar: Betaa…

Twinkle: Rehi baat hamare relationship ki toh…Me khud hi nahi chahti ki ab yeh rishta ho…isliye nahi ki pyaar kam hua hai…Me bhi janti hun ki hum donon ek dusre se aaj bhi utna hi pyaar kerte hai..Aur shayad uss se kahin zyada pyaar kerte hai…Bus itni yaadein hi kafi hai mere liye, baki ke zindagi kaatne ke liye…
(And about our relationship…I don’t want to continue this relationship.Not because we are out of love…In fact I know that we still love each other deeply…But this much memories are enough for me to live the rest of my life.)
Manohar: Per kyu? Ab sab tikh hai…Phir kya problem hai? (But why? What is the issue? Everything is solved now…)

Twinkle (with a sad smile): Hain kuch…Bus vo mere aur Kunj ke beech me hain…Jo me kissi se bhi discuss kerna nahi chahungi…Me ne Kunj ko bata diya hai…Aur vo samaj gaya hai…
(There are some…Which is between me and Kunj…I don’t want to discuss it…I have told it to Kunj and he has understood it.)
Twinkle leaves from there.

Precap:- Surprise…Surprise…

Jisha ?

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