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Tashan E Ishq (Tashan vs Love) Episode 56

Next day Manohar has gone outside. Kunj thinks it to be the right time to talk to Twinkle. He pulls Twinkle inside her room and closes the door.
Twinkle: Have you gone mad? Aunty will find us and we will be in big trouble.
Kunj (Keeping hand on her lips, whispers): Don’t make noise. Mummy is on phone and I saw her walking towards terrace.
By then Kunj hears someone’s footsteps coming towards her room. Usha knocks the door.
Usha: Twinkle, you are okay? I heard some noise. That’s why I came back.
Frustrated Kunj sits in bed leaving Twinkle.
Kunj looks towards up and murmurs.. “Kyu ker rehe ho mere saath aisa… Acha nai lagta me.. Hmm? (Ohh..God…Not again..Why are you doing this to me?)
Twinkle: Ji aunty…I am fine…My bag fell down. That’s it.

Usha leaves talking to her friend on phone. “Arrey wah…Acha ladka hai…Ghar bar bhi acha hai…Chalo phir…Alisha ko bhi jaldi hi bulalo…Aur bata ladke ke bare me…”
(Groom is well mannered…And the family is also good..Wow…Then call Alishato India and let’s fix the marriage. Tell me more about groom.)
Kunj and Twinkle could hear Usha’s voice getting reduced as she is moving towards terrace.
Kunj sighs… “Uff…Ab ek ghante tak mummy Anita aunty se groom ke details mangegi aur mere paas time hi time hai…baat kerne ke liye…”
(Thank god…Now at least for an hour she is not gonna come back. She will be busy discussing about Alisha’s groom. I will get enough time to talk to you.)


Twinkle: Now tell me. I have seen you struggling to talk to me from yesterday. What’s the matter? Anything serious? You could have messaged me, if it was urgent.
Kunj gets up from the bed and walks towards Twinkle in a naughty way…
Kunj (with a wink): Agar message kerta toh, ab jo me dekhne jaa reha hun, vo nazaraa miss ho jaata…Or vaise bhi kuch cheesey aise hote hain, jinhe sirf face to face bola jaata hai.
(I could have messaged it, but I would have missed these upcoming moments. Some special talks are to be done face to face, and not on phone.)

Twinkle looks at him as she has no clue what is going on. Kunj reaches close to Twinkle and pulls her by waist and hugs her. Twinkle didn’t expect it at all…
Twinkle: Tum paagal ho gaye ho kya? Koi aa jayega…Aur waise bhi hum ne uss din decide kiya tha ki hum ek dusre se jitna ho sake door rahenge…
(What are you upto? Someone will find us…Besides that we have promised each other that day, that we would stay away from each other in every possible manner.)

Kunj hugs her more tightly and cares her hair. He gets closer to her.
Kunj: Ab inn dooriyon ki koi zarrorat hi nahi hai meri do dhari talwaar…Uff…Maine ye sab kitna miss kiya…Meri sherni, meri do dhari talwaar…Zubaan tak aate aate rok na padta ta…Har nazar tumhe hi dhoondta tha…Phir bhi yun dikhana padta ta jaise tumhare hone se fark hi nahi padta ho…
(My love, Now we don’t have to be in barriers…Meri do dhari talwaar, Meri sherni…I only know how hard I have controlled myself from calling you those names. Every time my eyes would long for a glance of you. But still I could never show it to you that I want you to be around me…I had to pretend as if your presence doesn’t matter to me.)
Twinkle breaks his embrace and sits in chair.

Twinkle: Relax… You are talking on and on for the last 10 minutes. Have water… And then tell me what happend.
Kunj (with a beautiful smile): I know… But I can’t control myself…I feel like screaming at the roof top. Kunj to himself (Twinkle too can hear): Okay..All excitements aside..Let me come to the point…

But Kunj can’t control his excitement and he still has an immese pleasure in his face. He tries to calm down for a second and take a breath and is ready to break the good news to Twinkle.Kunj explains his talks with Manohar.
Kunj: Papa has realized that we are made for each other and he wants us to be together. He asked me to call you and know your take on it so that we can come to your home with marriage proposal…Everything is sorted….It feels so good na…

Twinkle: It’s so nice to hear that Uncle has realized his mistake and is regretting.And about my take…It will be the same…We have broken up and it is over… So there is no question of marriage at all…
Kunj: What?
Twinkle: Hmm
Kunj: See, Twinkle..I am in good mood..But that doesn’t mean you crack a joke at this time…
Twinkle: Joke..Who said it is a joke? For me, it is over and that’s what I said.
Kunj: But why? Everything is sorted so well. You still have grudges against Papa, coz he denied our relationship earlier. That’s why you are behaving like this?
Twinkle: No, I don’t have anything against Uncle and Aunty. They denied our relationship once and now they have agreed. I only have issues with you, the person whom I loved the most…whom I trusted the most…

Kunj (perplexed): But what have I done?
Twinkle: Exactly…What have you done… You have done nothing to save our relationship…You just said fine Papa when he denied our relation and sat back as if it doesn’t matter to you at all… You never tried to convince them.
Kunj: Who said I didn’t try to save our love? I fought like anything…
Twinkle: Don’t lie..Forget it Kunj…You won’t be able to explain it..
Kunj: You didn’t know what happened that day…Actually that’s my fault only… I never explained you about that day…In fact Yuvi also asked me to clear it. But I deliberately chose not to. I am sorry.
Twinkle: Don’t be. I expected an explanation from you…that night, that week or at least within that month…I waited for you. You didn’t turn up. Now I don’t need an explanation. That’s over.
Kunj: Twinkle, listen to me first…That day…

Twinkle: And one more thing…I know what happened that day…Don’t bother to explain… Anyways what are you gonna tell. I am sure you will hide whatever Uncle has talked about me and my parents. Just because I love you, Uncle doesn’t have any right to talk ill about my parents.
Kunj: How do you know that? Yuvi?
Twinkle (smirks): Alisha…Have you forgotten? Alisha was also there at that time. After resigning the job and before leaving Mumbai, Alisha came to me and told everything. You just stood calm and heard all the blames which Uncle was showering on me…Wow..Proud of you, my love… You didn’t stand up once against Uncle. Now you are talking about our marriage.

Kunj: Ohh..So she is the one…Listen Twinkle…She is trying to make misunderstandings…She is lying…I have fought with Papa and that’s when…

Twinkle: Ohh..Now you will say she is a lier..Fine…So Uncle didn’t talk anything ill about me and my family?
Kunj holds his head with both hands as he understood that this is going on another track…
Kunj: I agree… I agree that Papa talked bad about you and your family. But…
Twinkle: That’s it Kunj. End of discussion…
Twinkle: Let me conclude it this way….We had a break up because your parents didn’t agree to our relationship. I was fine with that…We both agreed to each other at the beginning of our relationship itself that we won’t go against our parents. And now that they are okay with our relationship, there is technically no problems left. But why should I trust you who don’t have this much guts to stand up and say that she is my girl and you can’t talk rubbish about her?
Kunj (hitting his fist hard on the wall): You are getting it all wrong… Twinkle…
Kunj tries to compose himself and then.

Kunj: And what about the love with which we are connected? You can’t hide that from me? I have seen you feel for me, cry for me and care for me…Damn it…Admit it.. That you still love me….
Twinkle: I do…Yes, I love you….From the bottom of my heart, till the last breath of my life…I love you Kunj Sarna… But I don’t trust you anymore…I will prefer to be single forever and stay away from you….It is better than being married to you and still have a fear in mind that at any point of time you will leave me for your father, mother or say for your brother…
Kunj: I love you Twinkle…Don’t do this to our relation…

Twinkle: You love me…Fine… Tell me…What have you done for our love? You came and talked to Uncle. Uncle said no and you sat back giving up. I came here and made him realize that you can’t have generic opinions about people and take decisions based on that… I made him think. Now after one year, Uncle understood it and has agreed to our relationship..So your love is back… At least I tried to change his concept and make him realize his mistake.. What’s your role in saving our love? Sitting back and grieving… That is not what I expect from my man…
Kunj: Twinkle, I fought with him for your respect and our love. I tried my level best…And that’s when Papa got heart attack…That’s when I stopped trying.
Twinkle: Don’t give me that crap, Kunj Sarna…I have been here for almost 10 months. I am taking care of Uncle and Aunty. I know his health condition and medical history more than you…
Kunj is deeply hurt to hear that from Twinkle.
Kunj: You think I lied… I can’t believe this.

Twinkle: I am sure you lied. You understood that you can’t convince him. So this is the easiest option to get rid of me. Uncle had a heart attack. I also can’t force you anymore.
Kunj: You don’t trust me?
Twinkle: That’s what I said. I don’t trust you anymore… Kunj Sarna…I am done with you… It’s over…
Kunj was in a shock that Twinkle believes that Kunj could lie to her about Manohar’s health…
Kunj: Fine… If you really feel so, then I am sorry, you never understood me. And yes, there is no point in discussion…It’s over….
Kunj leaves the room banging the door…

Precap: – Kunj telling Manohar his reply about marriage and Twinj argument

Hi Friends,

I am so so so…sorry….I know you all expected something good and a beautiful surprise…And I gave you this terrific shock…Not to all of them, I think 3 of you guessed it right in comments…
Trust me guys, this is a scene which I have written and scripted in mind way earlier…I mean when I started this ff itself, I wanted this to happen.
Twinkle is not an ordinary girl…She is do dhari talwaar of Kunj…A girl with attitude, ego and pride… When it comes to her pride and self respect, she doesn’t give a damn, whether the other person is Kunj, her in laws or her manager…To make you understand her strong character, I have portrayed Sherni Twinkle at the office parts.

Kunj can’t just apologise and get her back in his life… She is fire…He can’t get her so easily…Kunj has to win his sherni back…Hope you all understood.
Love you all..And sorry if I hurted you…

Jisha ?

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