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Tashan E Ishq (Tashan vs Love) Episode 55

Next day Usha decides to take Twinkle for shopping so that Manohar can talk to Kunj. Before leaving she informs Manohar.
Usha: Suniye…pachtavey ke chakkar me sab kuch na bol dena…Pata chala, bahu lane nikle the..aur bete se hi haath do baithe… (Don’t get emotional and tell everything to Kunj out of regret. You will loose Kunj too, if he gets to know the entire truth.)
Manohar: Hmm…
Usha: Thoda dhyaan se… Yuvi ko aaj tak kaise rok rekha hai ye sirf me jaanti hun… (Please be careful… I only know how I have stopped Yuvi till this date…)
Manohar: I know. The way you were talking about Kunj and Twinkle’s marriage proposal, I thought you won’t support me in this.

Usha: I still believe that she would have moved on. I am just supporting you in this so that you can get out of this regret after talking to Kunj.
Manohar: I hope she is not.
They left for shopping. Manohar has prepared evening tea and called Kunj. Manohar is pouring tea into tea cups and by mistake tea cup with tea falls on Kunj’s hand. Manohar rushes to take tissue and wipes it and is worried.
Kunj: Papa, relax… I am fine. Tea was not that hot…
Manohar (hugging Kunj): I am sorry…
Kunj: That’s okay..It didn’t hurt me.
Manohar (hugging and crying): I am sorry Kunj…I never thought of hurting you…I have hurt you so much.
Kunj is perplexed to see him in that way. Kunj tries to make him comfortable and relaxed. But Manohar huggs him tight and still is murmuring. Kunj separates him forcefully and console him.
Kunj: Tell me, what happened? I understood it is not the matter of tea. Yesterday at dinner also, you were upset. What’s the problem? I promise I will fix everything. Don’t worry…
Manohar: Yahin to fark hai Kunj…Tum aaj bhi mere khushi ke liye kuch bhi ker guzarne ko ready ho…Aur ek me hu…tumhari ek lauti khushi cheenke tume hamesha ke liye gam dediya…
(Actual problem is me only..Now also you are concerned about my happiness and is ready to go through anything to make me happy. And what have I done? The only happiness which you needed, I have taken that away from you.)

Kunj: Papa?
Manohar: I am sorry..I ruined your love life…I shouldn’t have done that.
Kunj: That’s over. Let’s talk something else. I don’t want your health to be hindered thinking about it.
Manohar: Still you are worried about my health. You are a good son, Kunj.
Manohar gets chocked up. He stays silent for a moment and then.
Manohar: I should have accepted your wish. I wish I said yes to your relationship. I don’t know what made me think the other way.
Kunj: Are you serious? But you hate non Punjabi girls to be daughter in law.
Manohar: I used to…But not now. I have realized that these things don’t matter.
Kunj: I don’t believe you. You are so stub born that you never change your opinions about people. How come your thoughts have changed this much?

Manohar: Trust me Kunj…RT made me think about it. But it was Twinkle who unknowingly demonstrated me that how much wrong I was…I tried to keep a distance from Twinkle too thinking she is a south Indian girl. Just like how I kept you away from your love. Eventually Twinkle made this house her own and us, her family. She made me feel that it is the feeling which matters….South or north doesn’t.

Kunj thinks in mind… “Meri sherni…” He feels proud of her.
Manohar: Now I think I should have met your girl once and talked to her… I am sure she is a good girl. After all she was your choice…I regret rejecting her. I wish I could meet her once and say sorry.
Kunj (murmurs): Papa, You meet her everyday…Wait for another half an hour. She will be here.
Manohar: You said something?
Kunj: Nothing.
Manohar: Are you still in contact with her?

Kunj: Not really. But I know her number.
Manohar: Kunj, I am sorry.. I have hurted you so much…I have made you go through all this pain… I know there is no point in talking or regretting about it after putting you into so much grieve.
Kunj is happy with the fact that Manohar has realized that Kunj was deeply hurt. Kunj is just listening but with a less interest.
Kunj thinks. “Papa, what is the point in discussing this matter? Anyways your ultimate decision would be that your DIL has to be a Punjabi girl. I think after all these talks, you will end up with a new marriage proposal for me. Whatever..I will never get married to anyone else…That’s final…”
Manohar: You seem lost in thoughts?

Kunj: No, I am listening.
Kunj thinks. “I very well know what you are going to talk next. I am sure you will say it is painful to have a break up after 5 years.”
Manohar: I know you both were in an intense relationship of 5 years. I can imagine how hard it would be for you and that girl to go through a break up.
Kunj looks at him with an expression of I know…
Kunj thinks. “Now you will say your relationship had a cultural difference which will be difficult to overcome if you were married.”
Manohar: I had this belief that you both are from different culture which will create huge problems after marriage. And this relationship won’t work.

Kunj looks at him with the same earlier expression.
Kunj thinks. “Now the ultimate decision of Hitler Manohar Sarna wrapped up in a chocolate wrapper of whatever happened was good for your future.”
Manohar: I have seen you in pain for the entire year…I thought that you will be sad for sometime and move on…And whatever I have done to you was good for your future.
Kunj (sarcastically): Ji…

Kunj thinks. “Now you will concludeit with some sweet words to polish me for the new marriage proposal…it is been a year and you should move on and blah blah…”
Manohar: I thought you will move on..But I was wrong. You still love her and want to be with her. So I have decided to talk to her parents and get you both married.
Kunj (without an interest): Ji…
Manohar was expecting a different expression and was taken a back.
Kunj thinks for a minute and then realizes what Manohar has just said.
Kunj (with an elated voice): Wait a sec. What did you just say?

Manohar: I said I have realized that you both are made for each other. No one can separate true love. I want to talk to her parents so that you both can get married.
Kunj is so happy that he doesn’t know how to express it. His eyes are filled with tears and have a beautiful smile on his face.
Kunj: Papa, please pinch me…And make me realize that I am not day dreaming.
Manohar is also happy to see Kunj smile from the bottom of heart after a long time.
Kunj: You are the best..I love you..I love you so so much…
Manohar: Wrong…You are the best son anyone could ever have got…I love you too…
Manohar: Don’t be so happy. Are you sure she hasn’t moved on? It’s been a year. She is still waiting for you? First talk to her.
Kunj: She won’t. She is mine forever. But yes, I will talk to her and let you know.
Manohar and Kunj have a happy time together after a long gap of 1 year. Usha and Twinkle comes back from shopping.
After sometime, Twinkle is busy with Usha in kitchen. Kunj makes some noise and tries to get her attention. Twinkle makes an expression of what.Kunj signs her to come to room. Kunj is already in her room. Twinkle is heading towards her room.
Manohar: Twinkle, have you paid the electricity bill?
Twinkle: Ohh..I forgot.

Manohar: Today is the last day of bill payment. I will also learn to pay it online. Teach me today.
Kunj hits his head with hand. Twinkle is worried as Manohar will find Kunj in her room. Twinkle tries her maximum to stop him by making excuse. But Manohar is not at all interested in those talks and is in a jolly mood (as he made Kunj happy and brought Kunj’s smile back). Kunj somehow jumps out of the room through window. He waits for a while and realizes that ‘online bill payment education course’ is gonna take a longer duration.He leaves from there.
After sometime, Kunj finds Twinkle going near by Yuvi’s room (for the time being his room). He pulls Twinkle inside and is about to close the door and talk to her.
Usha: Twinkle, come to kitchen fast..I need your help. It is urgent.
Twinkle frees herself and leaves to kitchen.
Kunj sits in bed out of frustration.

He thinks. “Sirf 15 min…chalo,max to max adha ghante ke liye muje twinkle se baat ker lene do..I promise puri zindagi vo aapki bahu banke help kerne ke liye ready hogi..Per pehle muje usse aapki bahu toh banane do…”
(Mummy, please… give me 15 minutes…Please let me talk to Twinkle for atleast half an hour. I promise she will help you forever…But let me talk to her and discuss our marriage.)

Precap:- Kunj’s discussion with Twinkle

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