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Tashan E Ishq (Tashan vs Love) Episode 40

Hi Friends,
I am so sorry…Today I am too late…Light went off from morning and my laptop was out of charge with half of the episode written…So sorry..I don’t know when this episode will get posted..Hope it gets posted soon…

Next day
Twinkle has come to Kunj’s cabin to discuss about the team fund.
Twinkle: Now that Alisha’s team is also mine. I can’t see them starve on month end night.
Kunj: Okay..So?
Twinkle: I have talked to the team yesterday in meeting and most of them except Uday were with the decision of team dinner. So I prefer to give them a team dinner on month end night as the majority is with me. Do you give me that permission?
Kunj: Of course.. Right now you are the team lead of their team. You can take any decision for the betterment of your team. I will always be with my team leads if it is for the team.
Twinkle seems happy.
Twinkle: Thank you so much Kunj.
Kunj: Now call Sanjay…We need to discuss and implement it.
Twinkle calls Sanjay and they are talking.
Kunj: Sanjay, Twinkle has chose team dinner for both her teams as per majority. You already have given me the same opinion for your team. So let’s plan for the team dinner on month end night. Any objections?
Sanjay: Nothing Kunj.
Kunj: So I will send a mail to Antony (AM) and ask his permission for giving team food at the desk. He probably will take it to HR Natasha.


Sanjay: Kunj, it is not that easy…We have 2 problems.
1. Antony is travelling and won’t have access to mails. If at all he has also, he will be more bothered about the client meetings and business. He would be least concerned about this team dinner. I don’t think we will get an approval easily from him. He will at least make us wait for a week for his approval. I am sure. I know him very well.
2. By any chance, we get a permission from Antony, HR people are gonna send 10 mails as to they can’t alter their rules for any process. Then you will have to convince them which will again take 1 more week’s time as HR people won’t get easily convinced.
Kunj: Damn…
Twinkle: We don’t have 2 weeks time. Next week is the month end week.
Kunj: What if I ask Antony to convince the HR people?
Sanjay: Honestly, that will work. HR people can’t go above managers and they will readily accept. But in our case, Antony is right now more concerned about the business coming in. He won’t bother to take such tensions in between…
Kunj: In short, we won’t able to do the team dinner for this month end. I will make sure that permissions get granted by the next month.
Sanjay: Kunj, The entire team is in hope that we won’t make them starve at least this month. I don’t know how we will inform them.
Kunj: That’s true. But what to do now? Even I am sad about it. How can I ask my team to work hard when I know that my team is starving?
Twinkle: Ek idea hai… What if we don’t let anyone know that we are providing food at desk on that night?
Sanjay: It is a huge risk…If HR comes and finds it, we both are finished.
Twinkle: I know. See… HR generally remains in day shift. Very rare case she takes a night shift and that to if she has any urgent work. She comes to the process floor only if she has something to discuss with the team member or for funfridays.
Sanjay: That’s true.
Twinkle: We have 95% chance that HR won’t come to the floor. 5% chance as per me is fair game to take risk…I think we can take this risk…
Kunj: What is your thought Sanjay? I will go with Sanjay…Out of my 3 team leads, you have a better decision making sense.
Sanjay: I agree with Twinkle. We do have 5% chance. Kunj, I think we can take risk for this time…From next month onwards, we will get the permissions.. Let’s go for it Kunj…
Kunj: Okay.. Let’s do this… But don’t forget 60 team member is a huge number… You are taking a very huge risk…Make sure you convey this to your team and keep it within the team…
Twinkle and Sanjay: Sure Kunj…
They leave the cabin and have a team meeting with their teams. Twinkle first took a meeting with her team and then with Alisha’s team.

Meeting with Aisha’s team
Twinkle: Team, we will be getting the permissions for team dinner from next month.
Team seems sad as they realized that this month end also they have to starve.
They start murmuring to each other..
Twinkle: Listen guys, I know you are sad.. But we are thinking of providing you pizza at your desk on the month end day… This is a huge risk which we are taking for you team…HR is not aware of it..If at all she comes to know about it, we all are finished…I hope you understand the situation…
Team: yes…
Twinkle: Don’t share this to anyone… Not even in your dreams… This should be within our team.
Team is now happy and agrees to Twinkle. Uday smirks…
Team feels that higher management is concerned about them and is happy that their TL and AM are taking such a risk for them…

5.30 PM
Twinkle has denied Kunj for chat break due to his health. He had no other options other than going on tea break with Sanjay and Twinkle.
Kunj is in his cabin and is about to leave for tea break.
Kunj thinks. “Sanjay saath hai to, Twinkle se baatein to hone se reha… Kamse kam ek nazar dekh to paunga Twinkle ko bina work pressure ke…Chat break nahi to tea break hi sahi…”
(Now that Sanjay will be with us, I can’t talk to her much… At least I can have a glance of her peacefully…At office, we do meet, but both of us have our own work tensions…)
Sanjay told Kunj and Twinkle that he has some work and can’t go for tea break. Kunj could not control his happiness… Sanjay could make out that from Kunj’s expression…
Sanjay: Tum bhi kya yaad rekhoge…Kunj Sarna…Kis dost se pala pada tha…Kuch kaam nahi hai phir bhi tum donon ke liye kaam ka bahana ker reha hun…
(I am free from work. Still I am pretending to have some work. I want you guys to spend time together and understand each other’s feelings…I know Kunj you are so happy that I am not coming…Enjoy my friend…)
Twinkle and Kunj are having snacks and tea.
Twinkle: Acha hua Sanjay nahi aaya…(Thank god, Sanjay didn’t come.)
Kunj thinks. “Jo me soch reha hun vo ye kyu keh rehi hai…Kahi mind reading to nahi aati isse..”
(How can she read my mind? I was thinking exactly the same.)
Kunj: What?
Twinkle: I mean I wanted to talk to you alone about something.
Kunj thinks.. “Itni jaldi pat gayi…Muje toh laga ta ek aur hafta lag hi jaayega…Acha hai…Jaldi bolo…”
(I can’t believe this. She is in love with me…I thought it will take one more week for me to convince her..Ohh…god…I am so happy…I am waiting for you to say those words…Come on Twinkle…)
Kunj sits straight and tries to set his hair by his hands… He makes himself fresh and is ready to hear those words.
Twinkle: I didn’t want Sanjay to hear this. So According to you, Sanjay has a better decision making. That means I don’t make better decisions..Ha..?
Kunj: What?
Kunj sits like he has lost everything. Now he seems to be a like a balloon which has been opened from its knot and the entire air has gone out…
Kunj: Really…? You wanted to discuss this with me?
Twinkle: Yes… Give me the answer. Anyways what else is there to discuss?
Kunj: Nothing…
Kunj makes himself composed.
Kunj: Yes, I do think that he has a better decision making. You sometimes take decisions abruptly when it comes to your team. You don’t think much about the consequences which is very bad for your career. This is what I was making you understand that day…Remember Do dhari talwaar…
Twinkle: Okay.
Kunj: On the other hand, Sanjay thinks twice before making a decision. He analyses what all can happen. This as a Team lead is a very good quality.
Twinkle: Understood.
Kunj: As an AM, I need to appreciate my TL’s good qualities and make them aware of their bad qualities… I was just doing my job as AM. By the way, why are you miffed with me on that sentence?
(Tume itni mirchi kyu lagi? Me toh sirf apna job ker reha tha…)
Twinkle: Kisne kaha muje mirchi lagi…Me toh sirf samaj na chahti ti ku tum kya sochte ho…(Who said I am angry on you.I was just trying to know what you meant…)
Kunj (with a hidden smile): Acha ji…(okay)
Kunj thinks… “Chupalo jitna chupana hai Twinkle…Per ab me bi janta hun ki tume farak padta hai ki me tumare bare me kya sochta hun…Ab zyada intezaar nahi kerna padega muje…”
(Continue your hide and seek game dear…But I have understood that it does matter to you that what I am thinking of you…I know soon you too will admit it…)

How was it guys? This team fund converting to team dinner part is a bit official. But it is necessary coz Twinkle starts connected with Kunj due to dinner issues at this month end..

Jisha ?

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