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Tashan e ishq in my views

Tashan e ishq in my views
Hello…Angita here…whether twinj or twiraj fan pls read and it’s okay if you want to bash me up afterwards…

So of course I’m gonna talk about the couple….both Kunj and Yuvraj are equal to me…even though my mom think zain is much more to her liking…..but here I think the CV’S are going in a wrong way by making yuvi and Kunj both seem like a villan….we use to to love watching this show……and the precap?? Same everyday!!

So Kunj and yuvi actually equal for twinkle….Kunj saved her from all problems and yuvi supported her…through 5 years…same right….but forgiving yuvi for all that he done…plotted so Much….doesn’t that make Kunj slightly higher than yuvraj…but leaving twinkle for 5 years that’s not acceptable either…but that is smaller than forgiving yuvraj… I’m confused…
But I seriously think that twinkle will choose yuvraj…though I’m not so happy with it..that’s what going to happen…as Kunj will say in the precap that I’m her first love…actually no….she loved yuvraj first right??…so I think she’ll choose yuvi… What do you guys think of it??


Its just that this all was running in my head and I wanted to share it with you guys….twiraj fans…but can we go together.. When this show first started we all took twiraj as a couple and Kunj was a villan…actually I was quite sad that zain was the villain until I started knowing about sidhant sir….became a very big fan of him…and it had to be spoiled by the CVS
That’s all chappal rotten veggies eggs are welcomed…just not on my head as I just washed it?

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