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Tashan E Ishq Ends

Hi all tei fans……a very sad news for everyone…..tashan e ishq is coming to an end on sep 16 ? its really heartbreaking for all die hard like each one us…but its true…..all 3 naman,jasmin,and Zain confirmed about this……the writers don’t want to drag the serial…so they decided to shut down the show which is really sad :'(

We all loved Sidmin more than zamin and namin…..but we wont get back our sidmin as twinj


Please guys watch our tei everyday and atleast enjoy these last days which are coming ?

I also heard that twinj will unite in last……I am happy about it…..if sidhant was there we there would be only twinj fans and because of naman some want yuvle and not twinj….but please guys appreciate their hardwork and watch the show….now that’s what we fans can do for them ?

Don’t forget the amazing actors of our tei…hope they soon get good projects again <3 We will keep showering love on them ?
Thankyou for reading this

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