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Tashan-e-Ishq 9th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Tashan-e-Ishq 9th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Scene 1
Pallavi comes to Kunj’s room, he comes out of washroom and says hey, sorry i didnt talk you before, how are you? Pallavi says dont be formal, we have shared alot in last five years so we are not formal friends, i want to say something, i think Usha aunty is right, Twinkle is important but she is making you dance to her tunes, you have career, business, you should concentrate on it than Twinkle, Kunj says please, i dont want to listen anything against Twinkle, you have no idea what true love is, when two people love truly then they pass all obstacles, i know we have problems but Twinkle waited for me and didnt give up so now i wont give up on her, i will give up everything for her, i will pacify her at any cost and will wait for her for life, he leaves. Pallavi thinks that he thinks i dont know what true love is? i gave up my career, gave him Revant’s face, took his side, what was all that if not love? i will make you mine Kunj.
Leela says to Yuvi that wait till Twinkle takes decision, Yuvi thinks that i cant wait much, what if Kunj wins over me, Leela says where is Twinkle now? is she still in Masuri? call her, Yuvi calls her.
Kunj comes to Twinkle’s room and sees his and Twinkle’s marriage photo on bedside table, he sadly looks at it, he keeps it down and is worried, he says Twinkle is alone in Masuri, i should check on her. He brings out his phone and calls to hotel reception, he says call to Twinkle Taneja, receptionist says she went out of hotel with her friend Sonia for Amritsar in morning. Yuvi calls reception and gets same message, Yuvi says why she didnt come here till now? he ends call, Leela says i am worried about her, Raman says we should go to Masuri, Pinni says it will be good vacation, Yuvi says i will call my man, he will check up on Sonia and Twinkle.
Usha asks Kunj to eat something, he says i have to find Twinkle, Usha says she will come, she is not a kid, he leaves to find her. Yuvi calls his man, he is shocked and ends call. yuvi says to Leela that my man told me Sonia is drug vendor and she is going to do something big in city college, Leela says Twinkle is with her? Yuvi says yes, we have to go to college and save Twinkle before anything happens.
Sonia is driving, Twinkle is sitting on passenger seat and asks where are we going? Sonia says i am taking you to some place, its surprise, you will feel that it is magical place once we go there, Twinkle smiles, Sonia smirks.
Kunj says Twinkle is not in Guradvarah too, she is not picking her phone too. He sits in his car and drives away to find Twinkle.
Sonia stops car at signal, Kunj’s car is beside them but he doesnt see them, some fans cover Kunj’s car and says Rocky please one selfie, Twinkle doesnt see him, signal opens, Sonia leaves, Kunj drives away too.
Some Man is outside college, he calls Sonia, Sonia says do what i said, she ends call and says to Twinkle that you are my first project in Amritsar i am excited, Twinkle laughs. They enter college. Yuvi and Leela comes there too and is finding them. Yuvi spots Twinkle, he shows her to Leela, Yuvi calls out her name, she sees them. Leela comes to Sonia and slaps her, Twinkle is stunned, everyone turns to see drama in college, Leela says to Sonia that arent you ashamed? you are on wrong path and wants to indulge my daughter in drugs too? Twinkle says what are you saying, what drugs? Yuvi you said it? Yuvi says she is drug peddler, Twinkle says shut up, have you gone mad? Sonia came here to help me, i will tell you everything. flashback shows Twinkle saying to Sonia that i am fed up of Kunj and Yuvi, i have decided to continue my studies, i want to make my career and prove that i dont need a man to live life, but problem is that its not semester’s start so i cant get admission, Sonia says i know someone in college who can get to get admitted, fb ends. Twinkle says Sonia was just here to help with admission, Yuvi says the Sonia who is drug peddler, her photo is about to come on my phone then confusion will get cleared, Photo comes on his phone, he sees its someone else photo, Twinkle says why you keep trying to help me Yuvi? i dont need your help, Yuvi says i am sorry, i did mistake, i was just worried for you, Leela says to Sonia that i am sorry, Twinkle is my only daughter, i was just protective, i am really sorry, Sonia says its okay, Twinkle and i have become very good friends and i would so happy if Twinkle gets admission here. Twinkle says sonia has asked her contact to talk to principal for my admission, i hope i get it.
Kunj comes to college but he is surrounded by fans. Sonia says to Leela that till when we will keep waiting here? lets go to canteen, we will have tea, Leela says okay. They start going to canteen, Sonia is talking with Leela and Yuvi. Kunj is coming from other side, he passesby them but doesnt see them.


Scene 2
Sonia’s man who called her says to principal that Twinkle is very hard working, she is working for wedding planning business, give her admission, Principal says we cant give her admission in middle of session, she can get admission next year, man okay and leaves. Kunj comes in principal’s office with his fans, principal says Rocky teach students few thing,s Kunj says i have to go somewhere, i have to leave, he leaves office.
Kunj is leaving college when he sees Twinkle in college, he says what is Twinkle doing here? he sees same man who was in principal’s office is talking to Twinkle now, he says this means that man was talking about Twinkle’s admission? she wants to get admitted here?
Kunj comes to principal, his fans look on.
Twinkle is at Leela’s house, Leela says to Twinkle that dont worry, they rejected you and its their loss, there are many other colleges, i will call my contacts and you will get admission, after all you are Leela’s daughter. Sonia calls Twinkle and says guess what, my man who talked to principal called me and told me that you have got admission, Twinkle thanks her and says you dont know you have done huge favor on me, i love you, she ends call, Sonia is happy for Twinkle. Twinkle says to Leela that i got admission because of Sonia now i can move ahead in life, Leela says i told you everything will be fine, you really want to get admission? i mean you are doing good business, Twinkle says business is not reliable, i want to get my education, i dont want to compromise on it, i dont want to rely on any business or person now, Leela says as you wish daughter, Twinkle thinks that finally i can look forward in my life, i dont want to think about Yuvi or Kunj.

PRECAP- Twinkle gets flowers delivered to her, Leela asks who sent it? Twinkle says Kunj must have sent it, she gets irritated, she calls Kunj and says i told you that i dont want to do anything with you, why did you send flowers to me? why dont you understand? Kunj says but i didnt send any flowers to you, Twinkle is stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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