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Tashan-e-Ishq 5th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Tashan-e-Ishq 5th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Scene 1
Kunj says even if i have to take bus, i will reach Twinkle. yuvi says Kunj cant stop me, i will reach Twinkle by hook or by crook, if Yuvi makes some decision then nobody can stop him.
Sonia says to Twinkle that i love food, we can have varieties, i know a restaurant near, they have desi food and its tasty and not costly. some guys are eyeing Sonia in a bad way, they drink wine and comes to Sonia and Twinkle’s table. They sit around their table and says can we join you beauties? Twinkle says no, Sonia says we are enjoying each others company, boy says this is small town, if two girl roam around alone here then it becomes scandal. Sonia says i will tell you what scandal is, Twinkle says relax, lets go to my room, boy says why dont you both come to our rooms? you both will be bored with each other, we have games to play. Twinkle and Sonia are going to their rooms but boys keep following them, they say its awesome view of seeing girls fully, they select one for each.


Twinkle comes to boy’s room and says we mistakenly came to your room so why you dont you let us in? Boys gets happy thinking that girls agreed to come in their room. Lights are switched off, Twinkle and Sonia takes their sandals in their hands, one guy takes off his shirt, Twinkle sweetly ask them to turn on lights, when they do, Twinkle and Sonia shows them sandals and says now we will show you result of harassing girls alone, we will make scandal now, they beat boys with sandals and take off their pants too.

Kunj and Yuvi comes to hotel where Twinkle is living. Kunj says to receptionist that she is my wife Twinkle Sarna, Yuvi says tell me her room number. Twinkle and Sonia brings boys there and is beating them, they say sorry sister, wont do it, Twinkle shouts now i have become your sister? Yuvi and Kunj sees her beating guy, they hide their faces. Yuvi thinks that she is in her fighting mood, if she sees me then dont know she will beat me. Kunj thinks boxing is other thing but on one can save me from Twinkle’s wrath. Sonia and Twinkle have hi-five with sandals and says girl power, Sonia says to Twinkle that i will come to your room later, Twinkle leaves, Kunj starts going behind her but Sonia stops him and asks why he is following her? Yuvi comes there and says to Sonia that i am impressed the way you beat those cheap guys, Kunj says yes i was saying same, i was totally impressed, Sonia says its good see boys supporting, she leaves. Kunj says to Yuvi that you are trying to impress Twinkle’s friend, Yuvi says you are my copy cat, Kunj says its about love, i will get her, Yuvi says you leave her alone anytime, Kunj says buzz off, he leaves from there.

Sonia is in Twinkle’s room and says i didnt know you can beat guys like that, Twinkle says you think i am girly and scared type of girl? these cheap boys need to be set right, all boys are cheap, Sonia says no all boys are not same, some are ver respecting and can actually supports girl power, i met two boys like that in lobby, they were handsome and chivalrous, Twinkle asks their names, Sonia says i forgot to ask. Twinkle sees Zee’s new horror show’s promo, she says i saw ghost earlier, Sonia says dont be scared.

Scene 2
Twinkle is sitting in restaurant, Sonia comes there with Kunj and Yuvi. Twinkle frowns seeing them, Sonia introduces them and says these are boys i was talking about, meet Kunj and Yuvi. Kunj and Yuvi places order for food. Twinkle says i will eat in my room, she leaves, Sonia goes behind her. Yuvi and Kunj are tensed.

Twinkle comes to her room and says they came here too? cant they just leave me for once, maa wouldnt have told them that i am here then who told them? cant they leave me for a little while? Sonia comes there and asks what happened? Twinkle says view is good from this room, lets eat here, Sonia says okay cool.

Twinkle comes in lobby, Kunj asks her to listen, Twinkle says you lived without me for years and now you cant live without me for a moment? Kunj says i lived without you for so long that i dont want it now, cant you give me one chance? atleast have one coffee with me? Twinkle says okay one coffee, Kunj takes Twinkle from there. Yuvi sees this and thinks that his drama started again, i will not let him succeed.
Kunj comes to cafe, manager says cafe is closed, Kunj says but how can it be close? Twinkle says let it be, we will have coffee later. Yuvi comes there and says to Twinkle that pub is open, Twinkle lets go there, its good environment there. Kunj says its good idea, lets go there, Yuvi says its my idea, why you are always copying my ideas? Twinkle will go with me, Kunj says but i talked to Twinkle first and she agreed to come with me so i will take her, Yuvi says i will talk to her first, Kunj says why? i am going to talk first, Twinkle is frustrated to see their argument and leaves from there.

Yuvi says you irritated her, Kunj its you who did it. Yuvi gives money to manager, Kunj says it means it was your plan to close cafe? this is cheap, Yuvi says you thought that you will spend time with Twinkle and i will be tourist? Yuvi says it will be me only who will talk to Twinkle first. Kunj says nice try but she will talk to me first, Yuvi says we will see, Kunj says we will definitely see, they stare each other.

Twinkle is in pub and sitting by bar. The guys she had beaten earlier eyes her. They make waiter give her drink, Twinkle takes drink. Boy says she disrespected us earlier now we will take revenge, just wait and watch. Twinkle drinks juice given by waiter. boy says her drink was spiked, she will be inebriated now. Kunj and Yuvi comes there. One geek guy comes to Twinkle and asks if he can dance with her? Kunj says no bl**dy not, Yuvi says how dare you dance with my.. Twinkle says you both stop, i can answer him myself, she says to geek guy that ofcourse i will dance with you, Kunj and Yuvi are stunned. Twinkle seductively holds guy’s hand, she brings geek guy on dance floor and freely starts dancing, due to inebriated state, her head spins but she dances with Sonia and guy. Kunj is tensed. Twinkle feels dizzy.

PRECAP- Yuvi brings roses for Twinkle, he says Twinkle wont deny her friend this time, Kunj comes there and says i am her first love, she will choose me. Twinkle looks at them and says my decision is final.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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