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Tashan-e-Ishq 4th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Tashan-e-Ishq 4th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Scene 1
Twinkle comes to Babee and Leela, Twinkle says Babee you knew Kunj wanted to impress me? and Leela Maa you knew what was in Yuvi’s heart for me? answer me, Twinkle says great, you both chose sides too, you didnt ask me what i want, whats in my heart, i thought you both would understand me if no one else but you both also.. just tell me cant i stay alone for sometime? cant i get my space? cant i get time in my own life? answer me, Leela is emotional, Twinkle is disappointed and goes to her room.
Yuvi thinks that Twinkle is not ready to listen but i wont lose like this.
Kunj thinks that i should talk to Twinkle again.
Kunj and Yuvi comes to Twinkle’s house, Kunj asks where are you Twinkle? Yuvi says i need to talk to you Twinkle, Raman says what is all this?


Yuvi says where is Twinkle? Kunj says i wanna meet her, Pinni says two heroes are searching her but heroine is gone, Kunj says where? she says she has gone somewhere, Yuvi says you must know where she is, tell me, Raman says we promised her to not tell about her, Yuvi says this is all happening because of you Kunj, Kunj says if you had gotten out of our lives earlier then this wouldnt be happening, Yuvi says you sit here, i will find her, Kunj says she is my wife, i know where she must be, Yuvi says if you knew her so well then why didnt you trust her? Kunj says dont taunt again and again else.. Yuvi says else what. they both charge at each other but Raman says this is not wrestling ring, if you both wanna fight then leave my house, Yuvi thinks i am coming Twinkle, Kunj thinks i will find Twinkle, they both decide to go to Leela.
Kunj and Yuvi meets Leela, Leela says i wont tell you anything. Yuvi brings her aside and says i know you dont wanna tell Kunj but you can tell me about location, Kunj comes there and says i know its difficult for you but trust me once more and tell me where is Twinkle, Leela says sorry i wont tell you both where Twinkle has gone. Twinkle told me about her plan but she has taken swear from me to not tell anyone. Flashback shows Twinkle saying to Leela that i want to spend alone time, can i go out of city? Leela says i will come with you, Twinkle says i wanna go alone, i am strong, independent like you, i will keep you updated, i will inform you everything, in last some years i have been daughter, daughter in law and wife but forgot myself so maybe by spending alone time, i will find my old identity back, let me go please, Leela agrees, Twinkle says promise me that you wont tell anyone where i am going, she promises her that she wont tell anyone, fb ends, Leela asks them to go. Kunj thinks Leela cant break her promise but there is one weak link in this house. Yuvi says i will find truth from that person.
Twinkle is going somewhere while sitting in backseat of car, she recalls how Kunj and Yuvi kept taking decisions for her.
Kunj is massaging Raman’s leg, he says i have comeback from death for Twinkle, tell me where she is?
Yuvi takes knife and acts like cutting his nerves, he says to Pinni that i am warning you, tell me where is Twinkle? tell me else i will kill myself, Pinni takes knife from him and says i will die before you die, i will tell you secret. Raman tells Kunj that Twinkle is in Masuri. Yuvi says where in Masuri? she says hotel Hill view, Yuvi says i am coming for you baby doll, just wait for me. Kunj says Masuri..
Twinkle is in car, car comes to halt, driver goes to check what is problem with car. Twinkle comes out of car and comes to tea stall, she takes tea from him and sees kids playing on street, she smiles at them, kids brings her to center and dances around her, Patakha Guddi song plays, Twinkle becomes carefree and dances happily with them. Driver calls her out and says car has started again, Twinkle nods, she waves bye to kids and smiles, she sits in car and leaves from there.
Kunj sits in his car and says its about few hours only then we will meet again Twinkle. He sees his car wires broken and shouts Yuvi.. Yuvi comes out of his house with wire cutting tools and says to Kunj that you were saying you dont lose? now you will see how i pacify Twinkle and bring her back, just wait, he sits on his bike and tries to start it but it doesnt starts, Yuvi checks there is not patrol in bike, he says how, it can be, there was patrol in bike, that useless Kunj must have done it, he shouts Kunj..
Twinkle comes to her hotel room and looks out from window, its beautiful view, she smiles but becomes sad again. She looks at herself in mirror and says i have come here to spend alone time, i want to get my spirit back, i am not Kunj’s sayappa queen here nor Yuvi’s baby doll, i am Twinkle Taneja here, and i am cheerful girl, atleast smile Twinkle, dont think about anyone, just be yourself Twinkle, she tries to smile.

Scene 2
Twinkle comes to reception, she sees girl taking selfies. Girl takes call and says i cant come rightnow, i cant come to party now, her phone drops, Twinkle gives it to her, she ends call and thanks Twinkle, she says i am Sonia, Twinkle says i am Twinkle, Sonia says you are staying in this hotel? twinkle says yes, Sonia says nice dress, where did you get it? Twinkle says from Amritsar, Sonia says you are joking? you are from Amritsar? I am from there, she offers Twinkle to lets go and have coffee together, Twinkle agrees and goes with her.
Sonia and Twinkle comes to restaurant, Twinkle orders coffee, Sonia asks waiter if he can make it Irish? she points him to give them alcohol, he says no, she says okay give me simple coffee, Twinkle smiles. Sonia says to Twinkle so you are married? Twinkle gets tensed listening this, Sonia says you are married still alone on vacations? dude this is awesome, she hi-fives with Twinkle and says all are getting married and i dont even know what was my last stable relationship, i am not for relationship, Twinkle says they are not so difficult, sometimes we click instantly and sometimes we work harder for it, once you know how it works then you are able to follow it, Sonai says i cant keep up with it, i am a simple girl, i just love food, Twinkle laughs.
Kunj says Yuvi tried to stop me but i made sure that his bike doesnt start, even if i have to take bus, i will reach to Twinkle. Yuvi is standing outside bus and says Kunj cant stop me, i will reach Twinkle and will get her too as Yuvraj Luthra gets what he wants.

PRECAP- Yuvi brings roses for Twinkle, he says Twinkle wont deny her friend now, Kunj comes there and says i am her first love, she will choose me. Twinkle looks at them and says my decision is final.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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