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Tashan-e-Ishq 26th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Tashan-e-Ishq 26th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in.

Scene 1
Twinkle says running away is not solution, our families will find us anywhere, Yuvi says what should we do then? Twinkle says you cant live without me and this world wont let us live together but we can die together, Yuvi is shocked and says what? what are you doing? Twinkle says you want us together and you have fulfilled my wishes so now its my time, we cant live together but can die together, Twinkle is driving fast, Yuvi says have you gone crazy? what are you doing? you cant take decisions being emotional he sees truck coming and says Twinkle slow down, truck is coming, Twinkle smirks and says i know there is truck ahead. Twinkle is approaching and is about to it but Yuvi takes her hand off steering wheel, Twinkle applies breaks just in nick of time, Yuvi says have you gone mad? we would have died, Twinkle says i am now awake, its easy to promise about love but truth comes out when testing time comes, you failed in love once again, you never loved me, i was just trophy for you, you thought you would say that Kunj beat you and i believed you? i know very well about you and Kunj, i never doubted Kunj for minute, i dont know if Kunj has lost me or not but you have definitely lost me, there was never comparison between you and Kunj but i thought we were friends, you were always there as my best friend but today you have lost Twinkle forever, you have lost Twinkle’s friendship, good bye Yuvraj Luthra, you have lost a friend, she goes out of car and leaves, Yuvi cries,
Kunj says to Principal that for whom i came here, if that person doesnt want me in this college then its no use, he signs his resignation and says sorry for everything, he leaves. Principal says what is going on between Rocky and Twinkle? whats their story?
Kunj comes to Sarna house. Its all dark, he says it seems like everyone is asleep, its good i didnt want to celebrate in this mood. Lights are switched and everyone wishes him happy birthday, his family, friends are there. Kunj touches Usha and Babee’s feet, Babee wishes for his long life, Usha says Pallavi have arranged for this party, she has been working since morning, she is not like Twinkle, who is always hot headed and now have joined college too, Kunj says thanks its nice party, Usha says thank Pallavi, Pallavi thinks Usha aunty is making my work easy by praising me so much. Babee asks Kunj to cut cake, Kunj sees cake and recalls how Twinkle fed him cake, he mumbles Twinkle.. all are shocked. One guest says to other that Twinkle is his wife who left him but he is still drowning in misery of losing her, what a devdas. Pallavi asks Kunj to cut cake, Kunj says thanks for you coming here but i have to go, he says sorry and leaves. Usha thinks that this Twinkle is a pain even if she is here or not, dont know when my son will stop loving her.
Yuvi is in his room and says i am stupid, i thought she was going for accident but didnt know she was going to apply breaks at last minute, forget what happened, i need to buckup now, i will show her now how much i love her, its good that she broke friendship with me, its going to be only love now, he smirks.
Kunj is driving car and sadly recalls how Twinkle said that Yuvi is winning their so called competition. He comes outside Twinkle’s house and says sees Twinkle i even unconsciously comes at your your doorsteps Twinkle, what is the need now? she said herself that she doesnt need me, she doesnt even want to look at my face.
Twinkle is sitting in her room and crying silently, Main tainu Samjhawan ki plays, she recalls how she danced with Kunj in fest, how she fed him cake, she is in pain and weeps. Leela knocks Twinkle door and asks if she has come? Twinkle says leave me for sometime, Leela asks if something happened in college? Twinkle says what to tell you maa, the more i try to make way for my living, the more i get tangled in situations, wish Kunj could understand whats in my heart. Door bell rings, Leela says who has come at late night? She opens door and sees Kunj there, he says can i talk to Twinkle? just for minutes, she says try it but i dont think.. he says i know and goes in.
Yuvi comes to Twinkle’s room through window, he says Twinkle, she says you are shameless, even after so much you have come here? Yuvi says i know you are angry with me but people get angry on people whom they love, i know for fact that you love you. Twinkle says seriously? in which language should i tell you that i dont love you? just get lost. Kunj comes outside Twinkle’s door and listens them bickering. Twinkle opens door and pushes Yuvi out, she sees Kunj there and claps, she says so Mr. Sarna is there too, let me guess, you have come with a sacrificial speech to tell me to live happily ever after with Yuvi, you left me earlier too like that, you would have thought that i want to be with Yuvi when i took him from dispensary, you dont care what i am thinking, what i feel, you just make decision and leave me suddenly, one side there is yuvi who can do anything to get me and one side is you who doesnt even care about others thoughts, you both are impossible, why dont you both just leave me and give me some peace, she closes her door on their faces and cries. Kunj hugs Yuvi and says thank you, Yuvi pushes him away, Kunj says what my pleading and requests couldnt do, your stupidity did it, now soon our Tashan-e-Ishq will be just Ishq(love) only and you wont be able to do anything, Yuvi angrily stares him, Kunj says today i got to know that my wife is miffed with me but doesnt hate me, now i will do anything to make up to her, thanks for making me realize that this is only love story of Twinkle and Kunj where there is no place for you, i will make this fairy tale love story for her now. ,, he leaves.
Pallavi is waiting for Kunj and says he must be missing me thats why he called me here. Kunj comes there and says thanks for coming, i needed my best friend to pacify Twinkle, she is stunned but says what you want? Kunj says she is angry with me but you are a girl, what should i do to pacify her? Pallavi says i know Twinkle is a strong girl so she would like a guy who is stronger than her, a macho man?
Twinkle says to Leela that man is someone who understands his woman, i hate these macho men, i want someone who is polite with me and is always there as my best friend, old Kunj was like this but new Kunj is totally changed, he is acting like macho man and all strong Rocky type, have i lost my old Kunj forever?
Kunj says are you sure Pallavi? Pallavi says i am a girl and i know girls like strong guys, the one who can control us and are little aggressive, Kunj says will twinkle like me aggressive? Pallavi says you were sweet, polite with her till now but she didnt come to you, now try being aggressive with her, she will come to you. Kunj says you are right, maybe i should change my attitude and Twinkle might like Kunj’s new style, Thanks Pallavi for being great friend, she says anything for you, he leaves. Pallavi thinks if you keep listening me like this then Twinkle will hate you and then it will be only you and me exactly as i wanted.


PRECAP- Kunj comes to Twinkle’s house with palanquin and says I Kunj Sarna want to take my legal wife Twinkle to come back with me, i am saying this infront of everyone to hold my hand and come back or else i will slap you and will take you away by putting on my back, Twinkle is shocked and confused to hear it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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