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Tashan-e-Ishq 11th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Tashan-e-Ishq 11th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Scene 1
Yuvi comes in class, Twinkle is there too. He looks around, someone puts foot between his way, he is about to fall, everyone laughs. Kunj sees his from window, everyone makes fun of yuvi. Twinkle says Jassi come sit with me, Yuvi sits beside her on bench. Teacher comes in class, lecture starts, Kunj leaves. One girl is looking at Kunj’s pictures, she passes it to other girl, girl says Rocky is hot, other girl says boxing class is in next class, lets go, they start leaving, all girls leave accept Twinkle. Yuvi looks Twinkle and admires he beauty, he smiles at her, Main hoon na plays, Yuvi stares her but Twinkle is busy noting lecture, Yuvi finds picture in his notebook, Twinkle asks if she is his girlfriend? Yuvi says i am zero not hero, i dont have girlfriend, Twinkle says its


not about looks but good heart, you are no less. Teacher sees all girls gone, she says they all must have gone behind Rocky, nobody wants to study from the time Rocky has come, she says class over, she leaves. Twinkle says my class got destroyed because of Kunj. Twinkle says lets go to canteen, Yuvi nods. Peon comes and says Rocky has called Jassi, Twinkle says why did Kunj call Jassi?
Yuvi comes to Kunj, Kunj says people bullied you right? i will make you strong, he gives him gloves, Yuvi wears it, Kunj says hit me, Yuvi says i cant hit you, Kunj says just hit me, he lightly hits Yuvi, Yuvi says i dont like violence. Twinkle comes there and says stop, he doesnt want to learn, you want to make everyone aggressive? Kunj says i am making him self defense, why you are taking is personal? Twinkle says you are invading my personal space, Kunj says i am just here for training, Twinkle says yes in same college and same time as me, Yuvi says dont fight please, Kunj says stay out of this, he pushes Yuvi away, TYuvi falls down on floor, he cries, and leaves, Twinkle says you hit deliberately, Kunj says i was just making him strong, Twinkle says you dont like that he is my friend but dont hurt him again, she leaves.
Twinkle comes to Yuvi, Yuvi says everyone bullies me, i dont have any strength, i am zero, i have power, Twinkle says no, she holds his hand and says not only power is needed, you are cute and sensitive and i like people like you so dont be upset, Yuvi smile and holds her hand in his hands, Twinkle feels weird, she takes her hand away and asks what were you doing? Yuvi says i am happy that atleast someone is with me, Rocky Sir was right, i have to become strong boy, Twinkle says dont stress yourself, lets go to class, they leave.
Yuvi is in his car. Twinkle’s car from front, he smiles and says i will leave now, he leaves, Twinkle is tensed. Yuvi’s car is stopped by Kunj’s bike, they stares each other, Yuvi says one great guy told me that girl’s no is no, i understood it, girl’s no is no, if Twinkle said that she wants space and time then why you are following her? guys like you are called stalkers, and its crime. Twinkle is listening all this from far, Kunj says i know you must be planning something too, Yuvi says you are asking me directly? i am not doing anything, and i am advising you to not do anything too, Yuvi leaves.
Twinkle comes to Leela’s house, she greets Leela, Leela asks how was your day? did you talk to Yuvi or Kunj? Twinkle says please, Raman asks if she made friends? did anyone bully you? i will beat them, tell me, Twinkle says i can handle bullies, i made a friend, Jassi, he is cute, Pinni says thats great, this is good news, tell me his details, if he is good boy then we will take things ahead, now Yuvi and Kunj are out of picture and jassi is in, Leela says what are you saying? Twinkle says Jassi is my friend only and i dont want to talk about Kunj or Yuvi, she leaves.
Usha is talking to Pallavi. Kunj comes there, Usha says meet Pallavi, he smiles and greets Pallavi, he says i will freshen up, he opens his bag and Twinkle’s ID card falls from it, Pallavi sees it and says Twinkle’s ID card? you are in same institute? Kunj says yes, Pallavi says dont mind but as a friend i have to say that you are international boxer, why you are teaching in small college? Usha says i know you have taken this job because of Twinkle, why she doesnt leave you? Kunj says Twinkle forgot her ID so i took it, i will return is tomorrow, dont make it a big deal, he leaves. Pallavi says to Usha that Kunj is innocent but Twinkle is playing with his feelings, i am sure she must have left ID card deliberately so Kunj would go behind her and beg her and she would throw tantrums, some girls like make boys run behind them and Twinkle is one of them, Usha gets tensed.
Leela says to Twinkle that i am proud of you for not giving up and trying to find way to live life, its really good to see you working hard but this society never allows woman to live alone, people keep asking about husband and all, i am biggest example of this, i created big business and raised you but people keep asking me about my husband. Twinkle says dont worry, i am your daughter, i know how to answer people, you are also with me, you are my strength and role model, we will handle everything, i know what i want, Leela says remain strong and trust yourself, God is with you, she kisses Twinkle’s forehead, Twinkle smiles.

PRECAP- Pallavi slips and falls in Kunj’s arms. Twinkle sees this, Kunj looks at Twinkle and gets tensed, Pallavi smirks.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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