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Tashan-e-Ishq 10th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Tashan-e-Ishq 10th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Scene 1
Kunj is sitting in his room and says finally Twinkle got what she wanted, she must be happy to listen about her admission, i have hurt her so i can do this for her happiness. Flashback shows Kunj saying to principal that i will train your students but you denied Twinkle’s admission, i want you to give admission to her, principal agrees, Kunj says dont let Twinkle know that i helped her with admission, he nods. Fb ends, Kunj says even today Twinkle’s happiness is my happiness, i hope you are happy.
Twinkle says to Leela that i want to move ahead in life and want to concentrate on my education, Leela says as you wish. Twinkle gets flowers delivered to her by courier guy, Leela asks who sent it? Twinkle says Kunj must have sent it, she gets irritated, she says why he


doesnt understand that i dont want to talk him? i have to talk him once, she calls Kunj and says i told you that i dont want to do anything with you, why did you send flowers to me? why dont you understand? you think that my decision will change with flowers? Kunj says but i didnt send any flowers to you, Twinkle is stunned and ends call, Kunj says bl**dy Yuvi. Twinkle says its must be Yuvi then, she gets angry. Yuvi comes there a little sad, Twinkle says you.. Yuvi says i know what you will say, listen i have not come to give you stress but to take away your stress, you want me to go away from your life? fine i will go away from your life forever, i just came to say final goodbye, i will take your leave now, i am gonna miss you a lot, Twinkle is speechless, Yuvi leaves, Leela is in tears and looks at Twinkle, Twinkle thinks.
Kunj sees Yuvi outside Leela’s house, he says you wont budge? Yuvi looks at him, Kunj says you sent flowers to Twinkle right? you dont understand that Twinkle wants to be away from us, why you stick to her? why you keep running fast? slow and steady wins the race, Yuvi says thats why i call you loser, from where did you get these quotes? this is 4g world, you make plans but i will win Twinkle’s heart, Kunj says you are 4g world but still dreaming, in your bl**dy dreams, you can try but i have already predicted that Twinkle was always mine and will be mine always, Yuvi says just wait and watch baba loser-nath, you dont know whats best, they stares each other and leaves.
Its morning, Leela says Twinkle have to go to college and i got up late today, Twinkle comes to her and says i have eaten breakfast, Leela thinks that my daughter has grown up, earlier i used to wake her up for hours and now she is waking me up, Twinkle says will you send me with tears? wish me luck, Leela says i will apply tikka to you, she brings aarti plate, Twinkle says i am not going to war? just college, Leela pouts, Twinkle allows her, Leela puts tikka on her forehead and says i bless you to move ahead and make us proud, Twinkle says everything will be fine, i have to leave now.
Twinkle comes on road and says thank God there is no one, i dont want Yuvi and Kunj’s drama today. She strikes with Babee, Babee gives her parsad and says i pray that your all problems get solved, Twinkle says i just need your blessing, Babee says my blessings are always with you, Twinkle leaves.
Pallavi is working in kitchen with Usha, Usha says dont work, you are our guest, Pallavi says i thought i am a family member, let me work, Usha says sure, can i ask you why you didnt marry till now? i mean you are so nice girl, Pallavi says we dont get good guys these days, Usha asks what kind of guy she wants? she says just like Kunj.. i mean he is perfect, he respects girls, he cares for his family, i mean if i get a guy like him then i wont let him go anywhere, sorry to say but Twinkle doesnt value him, if i get a husband like him then i will accept him happily after 10years too, Usha gets tensed listening this, Pallavi smirks.

Scene 2
Twinkle enters college and smiles looking around. She gets Yuvi’s call, she says i am busy, Yuvi says i just want to say that i am going away from your life, i dont want to pressurize you, as they say that if you love someone then set them free, if they comeback then they love you else they were never yours so i am letting you go, just remember i will always love you, i will always accept your decision, he ends call, Twinkle says Yuvi got away from me for my happiness, he is giving me freedom and there is Kunj who doesnt understand that i just want some time and space. Yuvi smirks thinking that his plan must be working. Twinkle asks one student about class, they take her as teacher, Twinkle says no i am student, they make fun of her age, one student says that when you were Miss Amritsar, i was kid, Twinkle says dont worry, its okay everything is fine. she sees some boys bullying a nerdy guy, nerdy guy tries to leave but bullies stop him, nerdy guy says my father is in police, i will complain, bully says sing then leave, they pressurize him but Twinkle comes there and says leave him, what is all this? Nerdy guy turns out to be Yuvi in disguise, he is dressed as sardar.

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Update Credit to: Atiba

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