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Tashan aur twists episode 34 – last episode

Hey guys.. haa I know that you might be upset to know that this is the last episode.. bt y waste your time being upset.. read the episode n enjoy the rest of the story.. coz there’s no point in dragging.. like THE EKTA KAPOOR’S SHOW… so here we go.. n yea thank u soooo much dear zakiyah.. puru.. angita.. rashi.. kruti.. sujina.. babes.. aamu.. n all my silent readers.. thank u soo much..

Kia n tarun leaves for Paris n others come back home.. (actually kia’s in laws- sasural is in Paris)


5 years later.. SM..

Kunj is sitting in his room balcony wid his specks on reading his newspaper.. he calls out.. “twinkle… twinkle meri coffee..??”
Twinkle comes wearing a simple punjabi suit of grey n black colour n 2 cups of coffee n says.. “here.. here u have ur coffee..!! Hmm.. ” n hands over a cup to him.. he takes a sip n says.. hmmm.. d same taste.. yaar twinkle 25 saal ho gye par tere haath ki coffee me aaj bhi wahi jadoo h.. sach me.. maza aa gya..
Twinkle- hmm.. ab mai nhi badli to phir mere haath ka kuch kaise badlega..
Kunj- haa bass thodi boodhi ho gyi ho.. n laughs..

Twinkle- haa jaise tum to abhi bhi college wale handsome hunk ho na..(hey u twinkle he will always be our handsome hunk.. sidd!! Hehe..??)
They continue to fight when an angel like cute si pyaari si baby doll comes running to twinj’s room calling them.. “NANII.. NANAAAA..”
They are shocked to hear the voice.. they turn n scream together… “ANAAYAAAA…. MERI BABY DOLL…” it is ANAAYA.. kia’s sweet little daughter.. they hug her.. n then she drags them downstairs.. they find kia tarun n rohan sitting in the hall n having water.. jst wen nikasha (Nisha’s daughter cum rohan’s wife) comes out of her room with an empty jug.. n passes through the hall n finds everyone.. (note- she is 8 months pregnant) she comes to them n greets everyone n they get to know that it was a surprise for everyone abt kia tarun n anaaya coming coz rohan n nishika were to b parents soon.. all sit together n have a family selfie.. n screen freezes…


Sooo how was my ff.. did you like it.. or was a waste of time.. sorry if u r hurt by any of my words.. plzzz forgive me.. n I kindly request all the silent readers to plzzz comment as I dont wen I wld post sme other article.. n thnk u sooo much guys for supporting n commenting throughout the journey of this ff n yea dont forget to comment.. bye.. tc.. love you all.. n will miss u..

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