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Tashan aur twists (episode 29)

Hi guys.. how r u all.. n did u get shocked.. yes or no.. ok watever get ready for sme more shocks.. bt b4 dat i wanna thnk all those who commented n also all d silent readers.. i request d silent readers to comment at least on my last episode… coz end is very near now.. i know u wld b thinking der r still twists n even twinkle is missing so how can it end bt.. i request to comment.. at last at least.. plzz ok so 4 all those who commented…

Rashi.verma- thnk u so much..
Angita- thnx 4 ur comment..
Misha- thnk u so much 4 liking..
Kruti- thnk u dear 4 ur support.. n here u hve d episode.. n yea IF u r comfortable can u please tell me frm wer u belong..


Manu- my dear sissy manu.. i dnt know how d episodes r getting posted.. actually wen i registered.. it shows dat account is already der.. bt donno it doesnt get logged in.. bt still d episode is getting posted.. i really donno.. anyways.. thnk u fr ur support.. sweet sissy.. n as i said earlier.. manu is my nickname too.. so same pinch.. n yea.. still i wld end my ff asap.. as i really cant trust tu.. coz it may stop accepting so..
Sidhanshi- thnk u dear..

Srija- dear srija.. thnk u 4 ur comment.. bt abt twinkle u ld get to know soon..
Sayeeda- oh my dear sayu… how r u.. n thnk u so much 4 ur comment.. n m from bilimora.. gujarat.. india.. n m waiting 4 ur ff eagerly… do pst soon.. n again thnks sissy.. love u too…
Purnima.agrawal- oh my dear puru.. u r shocked!! Actually more shocks r still upcoming dear.. thnk u so muchhh 4 ur lovely comment.. do keep supporting.. as far as dis ff goes on.. hehe..
So now here we go… 4 sme more shocks… hehe..

Kunj n d trio hugging eo.. crying n missing twinkle..
Kunj wipes his tears.. n breaks d hug n their tears says.. plzz baccha dont cry.. plzz.. u want ur momma to b peaceful wer ever she is.. dont u..
Yess.. said rohan wiping his uncontrollable tears..
Ok dad.. we wont cry.. i wanna let momma to b in peace.. she is d bst mom.. I bet der wont b any other best mom as her in dis universe.. said kia..
Di is absolutely right.. der can b no 1 as her.. not even u dad… said tara…
Kunj was shocked to hear tara..

K- i agree dat der is no 1 like her.. even not me tara???
T- coz best dad suits on u.. not best mom.. hehehehehe.. n she starts giggling..
Kia- dats right.. ok i need to go dad.. umm… actually my frnds r waiting 4 me in my room.. bt any tym u call me i wld b back to u..
R- dad… so i shld also leave.. coz a slight mistake in d decorations n.. m gone..
T- dont worry dad… let di n bhai go.. m here only wid u..
Kunj side hugs tara n says.. dats like my girl.. n yea u 2 may leave..
K n R- thnks dad..

Rohan leaves 4 his work.. n kia to her room..
Kia moves inside her room n finds her frnds talking smething n havin a pic of twinkle..
K- hey guys.. wat r u talking..
Sh- kia.. so u came..
An- arre nothing.. come na.. sit wid us..
As- actually kia.. we wanna know.. wat happened to ur mom xactly.. u never told us in detail.. plzz tell na..

K- so guys.. actually i dint wanna remember my past.. dat is I curse dat day.. i really wish dat momma dint go to buy those stupid unlucky chocolates 4 us.. coz dey snatched away my mom.. frm me.. n now I still curse dat day..
An- i know its been 12 years now.. dat u hve beared wid out ur mom.. bt plzz dear tell us na.. how did she die..

K- ok so listen.. 12 years back.. wen me n rohan were 8 n tara was just 5.. actually vacation was approaching.. so mom dad were discussing for a picnic.. mom said 4 goin to amusement park in pune.. n dad told 4 a trip to mumbai.. n dey started fighting wen we trio dat is me roh n tara.. came frm school dat was our last day our last paper.. n went to mom dad n saw dem fighting..

Precap- flashback..

So.. shocked?? Yea maybe.. bt let me know through ur comments.. plzz do comment… plssshhhhhhhh..?????.. n also a request to d silent readers.. plzz make up my day.. coz i m not well n just write to receive comments.. plzzz…

Credit to: Aliza

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