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Tashan aur twists (episode 28)

Hey guys how r ull.. so.. r u ready for d shocking episode… hold on to ur hearts.. as we move to d episode..

Yuki r married happily.. n abt nisha it will b revealed later..


Leap of 1 year..
Twinj r blessed wid twin babies.. a boy n a girl.. n chinki is 7 months pregnant.. 2 mnths later.. she is also blessed wid a baby girl..

(20 years later.. SM
Sarna mansion is decorated so beautiful.. it seems as if it is a wedding house..
A voice comes from a room..)

“So dis was d story.. of my mom n dad.. ie mr. Kunj Sarna n mrs. Twinkle Kunj Sarna..” said KIA KUNJ SARNA.. to her frnds Shaina.. asma.. n ananya..(remember in d intro suspense characters.. nisha kia n rohan.. nisha is uv’s sister.. n kia is kunj’s daughter n m revealing rohan.. he is also kunj’s son… ie kia n rohan r twinj’s twins..)
Shaina(sh)- yaar.. kia.. i really dont believe.. dat its d real story of ur mom dad.. grt yaar..
Ananya(an)- haa kia.. it was really like a movie story..
Asma(as)- i totally agree wid dem kia..
Kia was in tears holding their family picture.. wen a voice comes.. “kia di.. dad is calling u…” n listening dat kia xcused her frnds n replied..”haa sissy.. coming..” she goes down n finds a girl waiting 4 her.. she turns.. it is revealed to b TARA.. twinj’s 3rd child.. who is 3 years younger to kia n rohan.. she says.. arre di wer were u.. dad is calling u in his room..
Kia- ha sissy.. lets go..
Meanwhile a handsome dashing boy comes n says.. hey my behnas.. goin to dad?? (Hope u understood who it is.. yes.. it is rohan)
Both reply- yes bhai(tara)/ bro(kia)..
R- so.. may I join u too??
T- of course bhai.. y not..!!
N they 3 head towards kunj.. n knock d door.. the trio together.. DADD!!
K- come in..

They go inside.. kunj is sitting on d bed.. he is having specks.. n looks old.. (obviously age badhegi to old to hoga hi na..??) bt his charm is still d sme.. hey bt wer is out siyappa queen.. 1st lets hear wat dey r talking..
Ku- so u 3 of u here!!
T- yea dad.. actually u told me to bring di.. n den bhai joined us.. so.. we 3 r here..
Ku- hmm.. i see.. kia.. tomorrow is ur haldi function.. so hve u got ur dress ready.. n 4 sangeet n..
Ki- ahaa dad.. evrything is ready.. dont u worry..
Ku- dats like my girl.. n rohan.. d decoraters.. u told dem d design theme as per our princess.. i mean kia..
R- ohh dad.. y u worry.. i know.. actually we all know dat it is ur princess’s wedding.. bt dont panic.. evrything is done.. n i hve not missed anything.. decoraters.. caterers.. music n band.. panditji.. invitations.. camera man.. lightings.. n most importantly.. ur princess’s wardrobe.. i mean her accessories.. evrything according to her..
Ku- very good.. dats really praiseworthy..
T- bt a very important person is missing- momma.. dad.. m missing momma.. kia di wld hve evrything in wedding.. xcept 4 momma.. n starts crying…
Not only her.. kia rohan n kunj also cry… kunj hugs d 3 tightly.. n says.. plzz baccha dont cry.. plzz..

Precap- ab kaha h twinkle.. kis haal me h.. jaanne k liye intezaar kriye.. mere aglae episode ka.. aur agla episode sirf aapke comments decide krenge.. so comment kijiye aur hamaare sath bane rhiye.. TU pr.. dhaniyawaad…☝☝…

Did u like d episode.. got shocks..?? Do tell me through ur comments…

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