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SwaSan! you r my life! – (Season-2) (Episode – 18)



It was a beautiful and a blissfull morning for our heavenly and lovely couple swasan
Yeah it was so coz thz morning is expressing some hope …some shine … to lighten their life again with same love not same may be more than tat …..

The sun rays falls on our cute handsome sanskar (opps Solly not OUR only mine hehehe) disturbing his sleep he opens his eyes only to see his love his life sleeping but something Is missing he stared her to find out wat ……yeah her peace …her angelic smile which he used to see every morning is missing …he got confused…
Touched her face with all her concern and love for her

Sanskar: jaan ….(whisphers)


Feeling the touch swara open her beautiful eyes only to see her love her sanskar who was looking at her with a love filled eyes ….
Her body was paining due to last night incident ….. He tightens his grip on her …. As he was sleeping on her ……coz of his grip on her ….her body started paining more badly …..

Swara:(winces in pain) aaahhh

He immediately got up ….

Sanskar:(concern and cups her face) jaan wat happen. …..r u fine

Swara liooks at him…..remembers the last night ….she gets teary eyes ….thz pain is nothing infornt of the pain her heart .is going through …she is hurt by his last night act ….. Yeah she is hurt …she doesn’t want to talk to him …… But his care his love which now reflecting in his eyes …..overpowers her pain …coz his love is more than her pain …..

Swara:(smiles faintly) nothing sanskar
Sanskar:but jaan….. (His eyes falls on the marks over all her bare neck ….he gets shock ……touchs the marks with concern)
Swara wat is thz ….

Swara:(confused ) wat???
Sanskar: thz marks …

She realises it …and immediately wraps herself in a bedsheet …not letting him to see her body as there were marks over all …coz she knows tat if he comes to know
abt tat it is done by him .the consequence would be worst

Swara:(fake smile and covers it) nothing sanskar ….it is just I got some allergic ..
Sanskar: (concern) ..swara u should have told me right ….it might be paining (anger) how many times should I tell u to take care of urself but no ….tume tho kuch…..

Swara:(avoids eye contact) I have to fresh up …..

Saying thz she immediately getsup …adjust bedsheet on her and leaves to the washroom …without letting him to say further ….coz she doesn’t want him see her tears …which she was hardly controlling
All thz time.

Sanskar:(confused) oh god …did I overreacted ….no ..but she should have told me right abt her allergy …but no …
She doesn’t care of herself ….

Shakes his head …..walks towards wardrobe takes his clothes …

Sanskar:I will talk to her later….let me fresh up 1st …

He leaves to other room to freshup

After some time ….

He walks towards their room ….busy speaking at phone

Sanskar: haan Dr Leo … Will meet u soon

Saying thz he hangs the call…. He was standing at the door of the room…. He looks up and scans the room…
Only to find swara who was standing in front mirror combing her hair …
But he was at her in surprise …with a amazed look ….he looks at her from top to bottom ….then he looks at her face… She also looks at him via mirror …but again avoids eye contact. ..

Sanskar:(smiles in mind) oh madam is angry …hmmmm

He walks towards her ….she observing his actions via mirror but keeps quite …
He stands at her back ….was looking at her lovingly …back hugs her …placing his hand on her belly …and chin on her shoulder …

Sanskar:mmmm jaan wat r u wearing …
Swara:can’t u see …
Sanskar:yeah I can ….but I’m surprised to see u in thz Indian wear
Swara:huh! dnt u saw be before in India dress …
Sanskar:yeah I saw but not at our house ….hmmm waise (tightens his grip) waise my jaan is looking beautiful… (Smiles and kisses her shoulder)

She was dressed in a anarkali type dress which was covering her whole body from neck …..she wearing so….to hide her marks

She breaks the hug ….was abt to go ..but
Sanskar helds her wrist

Swara:sanskar leave me ..
Sanskar pulls her and back hugs her yet again

Sanskar:y r u soo new today swara …. Y r u avoiding me ..

She realises …..tat she is avoiding him ..
But wat she can do…the last night flashes r coming her mind seeing him …..

Sanskar:swara …

Her thoughts were disturb by his sweet and soft voice …she turns and looks at him

Swara:(fake smile) who is avoiding u haa
…no one is doing tat
Sanskar:(not satisfied) swara r u hiding something..from me
Swara:(avoids eye contact) no …sanskar nothing like tat…
Sanskar:(makes her look at him) Swara…

Just then his phone rings….he takes his mobile …was abt to cut the call but swara eyes falls on the caller id ..

Swara:(in mind) dr Leo
(She thinks something and stops him from cutting call) sanskar it must be imp lift it
Sanskar:nothing is imp than u ..I want to talk to u 1st
Swara:sanskar …hmmm okay I’m sorry
I was just irritating u…(lies and fake smile)
Sanskar: wat
Swara:yes …(hugs him ) plz lift the call
Sanskar not satisfied but keeps quite and lifts it

*on call*
Sanskar:yes Dr Leo ….
Sanskar:hmmm okay I will be there

He hangs the call

Sanskar: (to swara) okay jaan bye …I have to leave now ….
Swara:sanskar ..I will also come
Sanskar:(consfuse) swara I’m going to office…
Swara:yeah I know …
Sanskar:do u want me take u there (amazed)
Sanskar: jaan r u fine…. U want me to take u to office ..the place which hate the most
Swara:but I love u right (smiles) now come let’s leave
Sanskar: (smiles)hmmm okay ..

Soon they leaves from there

S&S company

Swasan enters ….all staff greeted them …

Sanskar: swara u go to cabin ….I have some work ….I will back soon(Pat’s her cheeks)
Swara;no sanskar take me also with u …I want to be with u
Sanskar; but swara……
Swara:(puppy eyes ) plzzz na sanskar
Sanskar:(melts) okay ….come….

They enters a room ….it was a huge room …it is actually a cabin ….a man was seated in a chair with a girl standing beside him ..the man looks at sanskar …immediately stands from the chair

Man:(smile) hello Mr SM (shakes hand)
Sanskar: nice to meet u Dr Leo
(Yeah its Leo) well take ur seat …(to swara)
Swara I have some work …u sit there (points to couch)
Swara nodes…

Leo:Sir she (to swara)
Sanskar:oh I frgt to introduce her..(looks at swara ) meet my wife Mrs swara sanskar maheswari (smiles) and swara he is Dr leo one of best doctor ….
Swara:(smiles) nice to meet u Dr Leo
Leo:the same with me ma’am(signals her something she nodes)

Sanskar:so Dr Leo ….

His head started …spinning …he held
His head ….he felft dizzy . he was abt to fall but Swara holds him

Sanskar:s…w…a…r a …I….

All became dark for him …he closed his eyes …and was abt fall again… But thz
Time two Strong arm holds him

Swara:(tears) laksh
(Yeah its laksh)
Laksh:swara everything will be fine….
Swara:but laksh .. If tat tablet harm him
Leo:no ma’am. ..u don’t worry it won’t harm Mr SM
Rishi comes there
Rishi:yes swara. ..u just made him eat tat to make him unconscious…
Swara:hmm Dr Leo plz check him
Leo nodes

Laksh and rishi makes him sleep on the couch …. Leo checks him

Leo:(to the girl) TANU takes thz give it to lab to examine (gives blood which he took from my sansku body stupid)
Tanu:okay sir(takes it)
She leaves from there

Swara:dr leo ….wat happen …
Leo:ma’am I found something …but once the report i will confirm with it and say it to u
Swara nodes
And looks at laksh and rishi….
They assure her …tat everything will be fine

Guy Tanu is koi rishi vishi ki tanu nahi
….its me Tanu …hehehehehe …let’s see wats my role in thz …waise wat do u want me to be ….I’m was thinking as a sanskar gf but I know if I do so u will surely kick
So no gf …hehehehehehe
Don’t kill me for adding me in thz ff …sorry if anyone dnt liked it….
Guys plz comment yaar ..ehventhough its my exam I adjusted time and wrote it plz yaar comment kardo bye tc love u

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