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swasan! you r my life!! (season-2) – episode-10


It was a blissfull morning the birds were chirping …the trees were dancing to the rhythm of cool breeze with a lovely sunny


our Divine beauty is sleeping peacefully all alone on the bed with a angelic smile but where is our cute handsome hunk?????

The sunray falls on our sleeping beauty or divine beauty Swara Sanskar Maheswari
….she cuddles and puts her hand on the other side of bed to find her cute hubby
Sanskar Maheswari …but….but he wasn’t there ….thz made her to open her eyes
…………she opens her …..looks at the other side of bed

Swara:(confused) Sanskar ….where did he go ….

she looks at the washroom ….walks towards it ……finds that he wasn’t there also ..

Swara:he is not in washroom …then where did he go …… he never goes anywhere without informing me naa ….(hits her head) ooh swara u r over thinking he might be in hall (smiles)

just then her eyes falls on a card with a smiley on it ……….sticked to the mirror
Swara goes towards it and takes it

Swara:(wonders) wat is thz …hmmm lets open ..and see

She opens it ….and was suprised …happy to see tat

Jaan i know u might be worried not finding
me beside u …don’t worry ..there is an imp meeting so have to go …. i don’t wanted to wake my jaan b’coz she was sleeping peacefully i don’t want to disturb her sleep today as she is tierd naa so dnt inform u……..and haan have ur break fast ..take ur medicine okay …..i will be back soon ….take care ….Love u …

Reading thz there was a bright smile on swara’s face ….and was lost in her thoughts thinking abt her cute lovely hubby ….his care ..love towards her now wat she want …god gave all to her …but will thz happiness stay for long ?????

Her thoughts was disturbed by a knock on the door …she smiles …walk towards the door and opens it

Swara:(smiles) haan dolly aunty ..
Dolly:vo swara beti …come have ur bf …
u know sanskar baba asked to me to make sure tat u have ur bf and take ur medicine
Swara:(smiles) yeh sanskar bhi na (shakes her head) hmm okay i will come
Dolly:(smiles) haan come soon
Swara:okay meri dolly anuty
Dolly smiles and leaves from there


swara was ready….she was dressed in green loose top with a white jegins
she was looking stunning even without any make up ….just a pinch of sindoor on her maang and a mangalsutar in her neck was adding more glow and beauty to her

She haves her bf and takes her medicine as her hubby asked to do

Swara:waise dolly anuty aloo paratha was soo yummy ….thank u for making it
Dolly:hahahahahaha beti it wasn’t made by me …..suresh made it
Swara:wow suresh u r awesome ..thank u
….and haan dolly anuty i think he should get married now ..hai na
Suresh:(blushes) Swara bhabhi aap bhi naa
Swara:(chuckles) arrey suresh y r u blushing
dolly giggles
Suresh:swara bhabhiiiii (blushing)
saying thz he leaves from there

Dolly:hahahahahaha beti …see he went
Swara:hahahahahaha lol dolly anuty did u see his face …hahahahaha redisshh tomato hahahaha
dolly:haan …hahahaha.

just then

A voice:Swara …..
she stops laughing . …..turns ….was suprised and happy to see them

Swara:(happy tone) Kavya….Rishi

she goes towards them ….hugs kavya

Swara:(smiles) hi kavya…
kavya:Hi swara (breaks the hug) hw r u
Swara:(smiles) like always super duper fine (looks at rishi) hi rishi
Rishi:(Pale face) hi swara ..
Swara:hey y r u looking sad …
Rishi:coz u r not there na ….
Swara:(confused) wat!!
Kavya:(covers it) vo swara iska mathlab hai ki without u we r bored hai na rishi(squeezed rishi’s hand)
Rishi nodes sadly

Swara:hahahaha so tho hai ..as all loves me sooo much ……
Swara:(smiles) okay leave tat….come have a seat …..
they nodes and sits

Swara:(to suresh) suresh…
Suresh:haan bhabhi ..(comes there)
Swara:plz serve snacks to them
Suresh:(smiles) okay bhabhi

later he serves snacks to them

Kavya:waise swara …when u r gonna come to clg
Swara:hmmm i don’t know ..kavya
Rishi:y swara ..any problem …
Swara:nothing rishi …is just after tat river incident …i don’t know if sanskar will send me to clg
kavya:swara if u don’t mind shall we talk to him
Swara:no kavya …..i will only talk to him

they invovles in talking

after sometime

voices: Swara / Bhabhi

swara was happy to hear their voice …she immedeatly turns only to see Ragini and uttara standing there ..
they walks to her

Swara:uttara …ragu (happy tone & hugs them)
uttar:ooh swara bhabhi we missed u soo much
Swara:i too missed u all ..
Ragini:,waise swara hw was business camp haan….(teases) or Romance camp with jiju haan …
Swara:(blushes) ragu …tho bhi na
Ragini:wat !! me …
Swara:nothing leave tat……where is ur hubby dnt he came..

Just then laksh comes there

Laksh:(smiles) i’m here
Swara:lo bandar ka naam liya aur bandar hazir …
Ragini and uttara laughs
Rishi and kavya looks at them confusedly

Laksh:oh hello shut up daayan ki rani ek thi dayaan ki khaani ..
uttrag laughs
Swara:oooohhh shut up dare u call me tat
Laksh:sach hamesha kadwa lagtha hai (smirks)
Swara:(puppy eyes) raguuuuuuuuu
Ragini:laksh….stop teasing my siso ..(looks at kavrish confusedly) waise swara who r u they ….
Swara:(looks at kavrish) oh i frgt to introduce them ….(to kavya) she is kavya (to rishi) he is rishi …both r my clg frnd
and rishi …kavya …(to ragini) she is ragini my sis cum devrani ..(to uttar) she is my sister in law ..sanskar ki behen and (to laksh) he is laksh my devar cum frnd cum jiju …(chuckles)

Rishi and kavya:oh hi …
raglak & utt:(smiles) hi nice to meet u both

uttar was just staring rishi and wss lost in him ..

uttara:(in mind)wow he is soo handsome
…..i wish i could get a husband like him (blushes and hits her head) arrey wat r u thinking (smiles)

Laksh:waise u both r human being right
Kavrish:(confused) wat?????
Ragini: r u gone mad laksh
Laksh: no i just asked …coz i was thinking ki hw can a human being became a friend of a Dayaan (looks at swara) hahahahahaha lol
Swara anglily glares at him
Uttara:oh bhai stop laughing okay …if u r thinking tat …then i guess u r also bhabhi’s friend tat too best wale …then r u not human being haan
Swara:(gives hi-fi) hahahahaha lol …uttara
Laksh:(glares at her) uttara ki bacchi

uttara hides back of ragini

Ragini:(glares at him) laksh stop it
Laksh:but sweetheart…….
laksh pouts

Kavrish smiles seeing there bond and adorse their relationship

Uttara:(to swara) bhabhi where is Sanskar bhaiya …u know i missed him soo much
Swara:vo uttara…………just then sanskar comes there

Sanskar;(smiles)oh soo my lil angle
ws missing me haa
Uttara turns with a happy smile
…..runs to him ….hugs him

Uttara:bhaiya ..
Sanskara:(smiles & release the hug) hw r u my angle
Uttara:(smiles) i’m fine bhaiya

Sanskar looks at others and walks towards them

Sanskar:hi lucky boy …
Lucky:hi bro(hugs him)
Sanskar: (smiles) hw r u lucky
Lucky:was fine still i saw ur wife (dramatically)

Kavrishi ws suprised they tought sanskar will get angry after thz as he loves swara very much but for their shock opposite to it happen

swara gives a angry look to him

Sanskar;(smiles) is tat so …then i can’t help with tat …..coz i’m not a mental’s specialist u know …
Laksh:hahahahaha u r right
Swara gives a confused look later she understood wat does he means

Swara:(angrily) oh really i’m mental right i will not talk to u ..(hits sanskar) u always tease me with thz joker ….i will not talk to u (pouts)
Sanskar:(smiles) Thank god (to ragini) ragini do one thing take ur sis with u …wat she will do being here ….she doesn’t want to talk me also …atleast mujhe kuch keliye non stop radio se chutkara milega
Swara:(angrily beats him) wat did u ….chutkara haan….see now i will irritiate more by my talks..idiot
Sanskar smiles and pulls her by waist

Sanskar:(pulls her cheeks) tats like my jaan
Ragini:(teases) oooh jiju …hum bhi hai yahan so control ….(laughs)
Swara:(blushes) sanskar leave
he leaves her and scartches her head…smiles

Rishi’s eyes became moist seeing thz ..kavya looks at him sadly …he just gives a fake smile

Laksh:waise bhai ma..chachi …all asked u to come home ….today
Sanskar:today??? y??
Laksh; actually ur soo called bau ma is coming from lucknow today so asked u to come
Sanskar:(happy tone) wat!!! really bua ma is coming oh god
Laksh makes faces …:yes
Sanskar:laksh thz is too much …y u hate her …
Laksh:u very well know tat bhai
Ragini:but we don’t know …

Uttara:actually bhabhi bua ma always irritiate laksh bhai (giggles)
Laksh:(glares) bass kar …don’t talk abt tat old lady ..
Sanskar:(shakes his head) leave it ….(just then his eyes falls on kavrish and looks at swara) Swaraaaa
Swara:vo sanskar they r my frnds
Sanskar:i know tat but……
Swara:they came to meet me
Sanskar;okay …
Kavrish:hi MR SM
Sanskar:(gives a smiles) hi…well nice to meet u both…
Swara:arrey kavya..rishi y r u both so formal .(minmics) MR SM …(holds sanskar’s hand) call him Sanskar .naa
Kavya:but swara…
Swara:ooh don’t worry he won’t get angry …u r my frnd then u both r his friend also(looks at sanskar) hai na sanskar my sansku cutiee (takes her hand to pull his cheeks but he holds her hands and looks at all)

Sanskar:swara not again ….

all:laughs except rishi but he was happy seeing swara happy

Sanskar:(smiles) Jaan serve them lunch …lucky might be hungry ……i will fresh up and come okay(pats her cheeks)
Swara:(smiles) okay …
Laksh:(smiles) come soon bhai …we should also leave to MM naa
Sanskar:(smiles) okay

Sanskar leaves from there …
swara serves them lunch ….kavrish refused to eat but after soo much insistence by raglak,swara,uttara they also join them …after sometime sanskar also comes and joins them

Later kavrish leaves from there

after sometime …..Swasan ,raglak,uttara
also leaves to MM

So how was the episode guys sorry for late update …i know thz episode was not sooo good but still i ask u to comment …
and thank u all for commenting on my ff sorry for not replying ..i was busy

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