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swasan: u r only my true love (few shots) last part

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Part 3

Shot -4 (last part)

After finishing the whole drama princi thanks sanky of winding up the whole mess which is running in their uni while swara is continuously seeing sanskar with lots of love and tears in her eyes…

Sanky turns towards swara and said why r u crying shona??

Swara: noo sanky it’s the tears of happiness by saying this she hugs him and said thankuu soo much sanky for coming in my life thankuuu sooooo much

Sanky: no need of thankuu swara its my duty because u r my life… now its enough let’s go to the party

Swara: party?? Sanky but its already 11:55 the party must be finished

Sanky: not so soon darling by saying this he blind folded her

Swara: arreeyyyy what r u doing???

Sanky: just relax baby by saying this grab her hand start walking outside… now im going to unwrap the cloth but u opened your eyes when I count till 10

Swara nodes..

Sanky: 1,2,-10 now open

Swara open her eyes but before she react the whole hall listened a huge sound

Happy birthday swaraaaaaaa

Swara shocked after seeing the whole scenario

In the hall whole clg is present and wishing her happy birthday she turns to look for sanky but didn’t find him….. in the mean while she heard his voice from the stage…. She look towards the stage and find him standing there with a mike in his hand….

Sanky: shonaaa my love happy birthdayyyyy

Swara smiles and said thankuu with her eyes…

Sanky: I know it is not the first birthday which we are celebrating together from last 5 yrs we are celebrating your birthday together but in your every birthday I always wish to give back your genuine smile…. I know how u slept crying every night by remembering thet dreadful day when your best frnds stab on your back… I know u always smile in front of me but I know that smile is not from the heart.. I always feels helpless for not getting anything to cheer u up soo that u forget the incident by I promised to myself that one day I will give back your true smile I hope today I succeeded?? He said while looking towards swara while the whole clg is seeing them with love in their eyes…

Swara nodes with a happy smile and tries to go towards him but he stops her..

Sanky: not so soon shona many things were left… by saying this he address to whole clg and said dear students thankuu soo much for beging here for us now I would like to request u all to please come to the screen I want u to show all something by saying this he goes toward the stage while swara gave him a confuse look…

Sanky: guys I prepared a gift for my lady love and I want u all to look and tell how the gift…was

All hoots and nodes their head….

Sanky starts a video on the screen

In the video there are the pics of swasan when they go abroad…… every pic has a different story….

There is a one pic in which sanky is sleeping and swara is applying cake on his face it was sanky’s b’day….

Other pic is about swara in which sanky is pulling her hairs because she mixes ink in his shaving cream….

Next pic is sanky giving swara a basket full of chocos as the penalty of pulling her hairs….

Next pic in which sanky is pasting some paper behind the teacher’s back because that teacher scolds swara…

In other pic both were preparing dinner but swara put the whole flour pot on sanky because he teases her on her cooking…

Other pics is of swasan engagement in which swara is going to put ring in sanky’s frnd hand because she caught him flirting with her frnd and sanky is seeing the scene like a big O….

Like this many pics were shown in the video with different cute stories of swasan…. sanky is telling the stories with the pics in the video… all the pics were taken from the videos which are having the swasan beautiful journey till know…

Everybody hoots and claps on showing them a very beautiful video….

Sanky: swara I know u bear a lot alone from the last 5 yrs… but now in front of the whole clg I promised u that I will try my best to make u happy for the whole life.. by saying this he goes toward her and grab her hand while swara is all the time seeing him with love in her eyes…

Sanky: now it’s cake cutting time my love…

Swara saw the cake and become shocked… because it’s a six story jumbo size chocolate cake with pics of swasan on every layer.. swara saw sanky with wide eyes and in the next moment she hugged him tightly and said I luv u sooooooo much sanky..

Sanky: luv u too shona first cut the cake other things later

Swara cuts the cake and feeds sanky first… like thiss the birthday party got over in uni but sanky said there are many more surprises for u but u have to wait till morning… swara first makes a sad pout but later agreed…

Next moring swara is sleeping peacefully after 5 yrs with a bright smile on her face…. Few people came in her room and one person saw her face and smile came on his face after seeing her smiling in sleep….

After few seconds all the people shouts happy birthdayyy swara/shonaaaaa…. Swara woke up with a jerk first she didn’t understand but later she becomes happy after seeing
sanky and his parents and her parents standing with a gift in their hands… and wishing her with a bright smile… swara jumps from the bed and hugs everyone and take blessing from the parents…parents left after wishing her but sanky is standing there..

Swara: sanky my gift??

Sanky: what gift I’m standing here it is not enough for u??

Swara with a pout: u r very bad

Sanky smiles and hugs her and said: my jaan few hours more than u get your gift it’s my promise…

Swara smiles and pecks him on lips and hugs him

Sanky: noo get ready fast for the party…. By saying this he kisses her on her forehead and left… but came back and peeps and said your party dress is in your wardrobe by saying this he runs..

Swara goes towards the wardrobe and became happy after seeing a beautiful full sleeves gown.. with matching shoes and accessories… she got ready and after 2 hrs the party begins…

Swara: sanky but why u held party in day time??

Sanky: have patience’s my love.. swara nodess..

Sanky goes on the stage and said ladies and gentlemen u all are thinking that why today we held party in day time because we always held the party in night but today is a very special day for which u have to come 2 times to our home… everybody gave him a confuse look same as swara…

Sanky: because in day u have to attend swara’s bday party and in evening u have to attend the haldi ceremony of mine and swara’s marriage… everybody claps on this announcement whereas swara become shocked after listening this she is staring sanky with shocked expressions with open mouth..

Sanky: close your mouth shonaa

Swara came back in her senses and said what is this sanky?? How can u announce our haldi without telling our parents?? Without any preparations??

After listening this sanky gave her a naughty smile and said shona darling everybody knows about this axcept u and we are going to get married after 3 days….

Swara shocked more after listening this and said u all hide such a big thing from mee she makes a pout and turns around in anger…

Sanky goes to her and turns her towards him and said I want to give u this surprise on your bday..

Swara first show anger to him but later smile and hugs him with excitement and starts jumping but later realize her position and stops and hides her face in sanky’s chest while everyone laugh on seeing her excitement…

Like this all the functions related to their marriage got over and finally the day of marriage came…

Both get married and after getting married swasan said to each other u r only my true love sanskar/swara… their journey of struggle till their marriage came to an end and now the new story of their love has begun with new promises and with lots of trust and love to each other….

Swara’s pov:

When my frnds ditched mee in the enxt moment I got a true frnd in the form of sanky… I know we didn’t share any good bond but that day when sanskar supports mee I feel that he only belongs to mee… he never left mee in any case sometimes a behave rudely with him due to that day but he only supports mee.. when we came to uni after seeing raj,nisha he is the one who gave courage to mee… he is the one who always tries to make me smile whole heartedly… and when on my birthday he gave that surpize to mee a begame astonished after seeing too love for mee in his eyes… that day he returns my smile… his respect increases much more…. When he gave the surprise of marriage I first become shocked but later I become soo much happy and realized that he is the only one in the whole world who loved mee soo much more than mee… and after 2 yrs of our marriage we are living a peaceful life with our son ansh but with the passing days sanskar love is increasing more towards mee… he always ready for fulfilling my demands even he is in an important meeting or not… he is the only true love of my life….

The end

Thanku guys for reading and please do comment… 

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