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swasan: u r only my true love (few shots) 2nd part


Thankuu: tamana, ashwini,khushii,,soujanya,anu,shan,rosey,mahajabeen,s,G,chandu,vyshu and all the silent reader thankuu soo much for liking and reading……


1st Part Here

Shot – 2

Next day in uni there was an announcement that there is a party after 2 days at night for all the seniors and freshers…. swasan saw eachother and smirks after listening to the announcement while raj is continuously seeing swara with rage and planning to take revenge from both of them….

At night sanskar goes to meet swara…. Swara’s mom sumi open the door…

Sumi: arrey sanskar beta come

Sanky: hello aunty hw r u?? and where is swara??

Sumi: I’m fine beta and she is in her music room go meet her I’ll snd something for u…

Sanky nodes and goes to swara’s music room… where swara is playing guitar with full rage that she didn’t even know that her finger got a cut…sanky saw this and shouts on her…

Sanky: what the hell swara? How many time I’ve to tell u that please be calm..

Swara: how can I calm sanky?? After seeing both my soo called best frnd evry day my anger reaches its peak my blood bolis after seeing them both by saying this she starts crying while hugging sanky

Sanky: pats her head and said shona only 2 days after that they both meet the real hell u don’t worry everything will be fine…

Swara: sanky thanku soo much for being here for me always…. If u were not there before 5 yrs I’ll be finished that day..thankuu sooo muchhh and I luvvv sankyyyy

Sanky: luv u too shona and I’ll always there for u its other thing that we always fight with each other but that day I came to know my luv for u when you show trust on mee… by saying this he hugs her tightly and starts remembering the day before five years…

Flashback of 5 yrs before:

When swara was going from a corridor she stops after listening her name from a classroom she peeps in the class from the open window and shocked after seeing the scenario….

Raj and nisha were there and kissing each other swara feel betrayal its true that she is only raj gf but she is very sincere with this relation may be she don’t love him but she respect him and that relation after seeing both her best frnd like this she shattered she is going backward and strike with someone she turns and saw a boy is standing there she is about to say something but the boy stops her from talking and signals her to stay silent and listen their talks in the classroom raj and nisha were talking about swara

raj: nish darling I think we have to close this swara’s chapter

Nisha: yes raj u r saying right we only do frndship with her due to her money

Raj: yes and I’m behaving like her bf because I want to enjoy on her money but in actually I luv u only by saying this he again start kissing her…

Nisha: but swara is such a dumb she didn’t realized that we are not her well-wishers… stupid girl..

Raj: everything is going perfect but that bl**dy swara is too much sanskari that she is saying that we have to tell our parents about our relation bl**dy hell…

Nisha: calmdown baby tomorrow there is a party in our school naa soo there we end her chapter and smiles evilly…

Raj: yess baby u r right don’t forget to bring that video and I’ll see all the arrangement.. by saying this both start romancing again… whereas after listening all this swara shattered

she is going to scream but the boy put his hand on her mouth and drags her from there and brings her in the other vacant class whereas swara is crying bitterly….. boy removes his hand and said swara calm down relax please..

Swara: how can i calm down sanskar?? (yes the boy is sanskar) how can i?? did y see how my both best frnds betrayed me??? I know I don’t luv raj…. After listening this sanky feels happy somewhere in his heart but said nothing..

Sawar: but I respect this relation how can they both doo like this??? Chi….

Sanky: swara sshhhh… relax please stop crying nothing will happen naa please trust mee

Swara: I trust u sankyy….

Sanky after listening this overwhelmed and hugs her and said I know we didn’t share a good bond of frndship since childhood but we also didn’t do anything which harm both of us I promise that I will nothing let happen to u…

Swara: I’m not going to attend the party she said while crying..

Sanky: u r swara..

Swara looked at him with a shock

Sanky: swara u r going to attend the party but without telling anyone..

Swara: but how sanky??

Sanky: u forgot that party is a masquerade party everyone is having mask… is raj know that what u r going to wear??

Swara: no I didn’t told him yet

Sanky: okay if he ask told him something else and wear something else okay??

Swara: okay but what u r going to do??

Sanky: u came to know tomorrow know stop crying and behave normal and let’s go its time for going…

Swara holds his hand and said: thankuu sankyy I know our families knows each other we also knows each other but we always doo fights kaash u were my best frnd instead of those cheapsters…

Sanky: what if I was not your best frnd don’t worry from now I’m your best frnd and always remains your best frnd by saying this he forward his hand towards swara but swara jerk his hand and take him into a big bear hug….

Sanky smiles and respond to the hug tightlyyy….

(sanskar maheshwari swara’s childhood frnd come enemy both always fights,,both were studying in the same school but in different sections,, when swara listened to raj,nisha talks sanky is also going from the same corridor that’s why he also listened to them and supports swara)

Finally the party night came…

Raj,nisha and gang were talking and discussing something

Raj: nisha call swara and ask when she is coimg??

Nisha: I called her but her cell is out of reach…btw what she is wearing today??

Raj: she told me that she is wearing red clr gown..

Nisha starts searching a girl with red clr gown but didn’t find any..

Whereas on the back of all the gang two people were standing with mask on their faces.. those are swasan.. swara is wearing royal blue gown and sanky is wearing black suit…

Raj: guys let’s discuss the whole plan come here all…

Raj on laptop starts some video… (yes vyshu your guess was right ?

In the video there is swara is changing dress…. Swasan become shocked after seeing this and look each other… swara become teary eyes and remember that that video is of nisha home where she change her dress because nisha split juice on her dress.. sanky put hand on her shoulder and calms her..

After seeing the video all start laughing and said what a video yr…

Raj: not only video there are pictures also… by saying this he shows picture to them in which swara is in imitate position with random guys… the pictures were actually of nisha with raj but they boy change the face of nisha as swara and raj with random guys…

Raj: how is it guys??

gang awesome yr one boy from the gang I just hope that I got an opportunity to spend a night with swara by saying this he laughs evilly..

Nisha: don’t worry after tonight u got that opportunity very easily because today swara’s reputation will spoil and nobody will ever trust her…

Raj: yes dude and we also get rid with her…

Swasan is listening all this and were having tears in their eyes…

Sanky: let’s go back swara I only came here to got to know about their plan..

Swara walks with him like a lifeless body but she breakdown when they came in the car..

Swara: sanky why they doo this?? If raj don’t want any relation with mee he should told me na?? then why they play and plan such a dirty game?? If u were not there then today I’ll be finish sanky… she said while crying bitterly..

Sanky console her and said: swara nothing is happened naa but both the gang will have to pay for their deeds one day but it is not the time we have to go abroad for higher studies tomorrow soo from now we don’t discuss dis matter anymore promise me??

Swara promised him and hug him and said I’ll try my best sanky and thankuu for giving the suggestion for higher studies in abroad and ya I’ll take my revenge from them but on the right time.. she said with a smile..

Sanky: not u we will take the revenge…

Flashback ends…..


Sanky is still hugging swara and realized that she sleeps while hugging him he laid down her on the couch and pecks her forehead and goes..
While driving sanky stops his car near the cliff and came out…

Sanky: raj and nisha due to u and your soo called gang my swara cries everyday but she didn’t show mee but I came to know always by seeing her swollen eyes everyday… u did very wrong with her I’ll promised her that we will take revenge from u all one day and know the time has came in which u all will have to pay for your deeds.. I know that nothing happened with swara 4 yrs before but u all scratched her heart break her heart into pieces very brutally by breaking her trust.. I saw her broken for more than 1 yr… after going abroad may be we both wer in the same flat but she always lost in her thoughts.. I have to doo many struggle for taking out her from dreadful day but it doesn’t mean that I forgot all he r tears… we both got engaged 2 yrs before and that day I promised to my self that I’ll marry her aftr taking revenge from u all… I luv her and got very happy when came to know that she didn’t luv you.. and she also luvd mee… I’ll make everything normal once again I know she is not happy truly today also because after seeing u all after 5 yrs her wounds scratched once again but this time u all will feel its pain.. not my swara this is my promise…

To be continued…

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