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swasan ss: Story of Revenge/Hatred/Lust (episode 8)

hi guys.. thank you for supporting me in previous updates.. and I want to say one thing. . somewhere I’m feeling bored with this ss too.. so if I don’t get good response I will end it after 2 updates.. I got many comments on this ff I know.. but I’m a person who easily get bored.. only your comments can survive my ss. so please I request everyone to comment. .

here is the next part:
Sanskar was walking through the streets. . he felt horrible. . he felt lonely. . he lost his wife.. and her parents cheated him. he remembered his school days when he used to love swara.. and how he ignored her in his college days. . he made kavita as his girlfriend. but he didn’t love her as he loved kavita. . but when he came to know swara break his and kavita’s relationship he started to hate her.. thought that she is a selfish girl . and married her for his revenge. . he used to torture her. . but when kavita again came to his life he slowly understand that he has no true feelings for kavita. but when laksh said that he will marry swara after her divorce sanskar feels like entire world is in darkness. . he slowly recognised that he still loves swara only.. and now he knows that it is not swara who break his relationship with swara.. he feels ashamed of himself. . he feels pain..


he wanted to rectify his deeds.. he wanted to love swara more and more.. he wanted to care her.. make her feel as his princess. he wanted to say her how much deeply he is loving her.. he was ready to bear all the punishment which swara gives to him.. but he can’t imagine of living his life without her.. but destiny played another dirty game.. to save her parents he made himself as a cheater husband for her.. she thought that he betrayed her.. her parents who knows the whole truth cheated him.. sanskar feels immense pain his heart. . his hurt is burning with pain.. he sat on the road side.. people who are going through through the road stare him wiredly.. he was wearing expensive shirt and jeans. and seems to be rich. but sitting on the road sideand crying like mad person. . sanskar didn’t noticed public. . he was totally shattered. .swara’s words echoed on his mind.. he want her back badly..

He felt a caring grip on his shoulders. . sanskar raised his head and saw laksh standing near him.. laksh’s eyes reflects the concern for sanskar.. sanskar stood up and hugged him.. like a small boy who lost himself on crowd and seeing his mother after a long time.. sanskar hugged laksh more tightly .. laksh shocked by his action and his condition. . The rude, arrogant and strong sanskar maheswari hugging laksh like a small kid . laksh’s shirt drenched by sanskar’s teears..
” I lost everything laksh.. swara hates me. . she will not come to my life again.. ” sanskar said in painful voice. .

“sanskar. . what happened to you? this is not the sanskar whom I knew.. you are some other person. . look this tears doesn’t suits you.. you are not a daily soap heroine to cry like this..” laksh try to make situation lite. . but sanskar was still crying. . laksh got a little angry by his behaviour.

” sanskar what is this? there is no problem without a solution. . there will be some solution for your problem also.. and you will be the first man who cry like this.. at least think what others think by seeing your tears.. it is girly sanskar.. you are a man.. so behave like this.” laksh said serious tone.. sanskar breaks the hug.. he was also in anger, frustration and pain..
” ha. . I’m a man so I can’t cry. I have to keep quit when my wife goes away from my life just because I’m a man.. damn it.. I have to behave perfectly in every situation because society always have keen eyes on me.. what the bl**dy hell.. I’m a man but before that I’m a human. . I have feelings” laksh cuts sanskar’s words..

” sanskar you are a human then what about swara? she have no feelings? when you gave pain to her you don’t think a while that she is also a human” laksh’s words stabbed sanskar’s heart again.. his wounds on his heart bleed more and more.. it came out as tears from his eyes.. laksh feels bad .
” I’m sorry sanskar. ” laksh said in guilt. .

” you are right laksh.. I deserve these pain.. I hurted my swara very much.. I made her life hell.. I deserve this. . ” sanskar’s voice was more painful..
” sanskar be brave.. everything will be fine soon.. but tell me actually what happened yesterday night” laksh asked. . sanskar said everything. . laksh is hell shocked now..
” but why they are doing this? sanskar this is not business rivalry. . they want to separate you and swara.. ” laksh said
“for what laksh? why they want to separate us? only I have business rivals.. I don’t have any issues with anyone in personal life” sanskar said in confidence. .
” we have to confront swara’s parents. . they knows the truth” laksh said..
” laksh if her parents got hurt then swara never ever forgive me. I cannot force her parents to spit the truth.. and moreover they are swara’s parents. . so they are like my parents also” sanskar said. .
“then we have to trap meera” laksh said..

“yes.. but the person behind all this is very clever. . we have to make a perfect plan to trap them.. but laksh my swara.. she will be in pain now.. this thought killing me.. how could we tell the truth to swara?”
“she will not believe anyone more than her parents sanskar .. we have to bring the truth In front of her. then only she will believe us” laksh said
“laksh I want my swara back.. else I will became mad.. I love her laksh.. I will get her back na?” sanskar asked in hope..

” you will.. she is yours. and only yours. ” laksh said in confidence. .

swara’s home

Swara was sitting like a statue in her room.. kavita is also with her. . shomi and kavita try to console swara.. kavita try to defend sanskar shomi didn’t like this.. shomi came out from swara’s room.. shekar was in his room. shomi enter in to the room and lockef the door. .
“shekhar that girl kavita defending sanskar. I’m feeling scared if our swara fall for that girls words and try to give a chance to sanskar?”
shomi said in fearful voice. .

” shomi we have to send that girl out.. we can’t allow her to brainwash swara.. tomorrow I will go to lawyer’s house to talk about divorce” shekhar said
“ha shekhar.. then only we can executive our plan.. ” shomi give an evil smirk to shekhar.. Both laughed. .

so guys how was it.. ? I’m not feeling well so please forgive me if it is boring. .

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