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swasan ss: Story of Revenge/Hatred/Lust (episode 7)

guys.. I know some of you may disappointed with this twist.. but trust me I’m a swara fan and will not do injustice to her.. I’m very sorry if I hurt you by this twist. if you want swasan romance I can wrote it.. but I believe that a story will not move on only with romance and happiness. . a few shocks twists and turns will make it interesting. . once again I’m sorry for hurting you guys. .

here is the next part.
sanskar saw swara sitting in the floor as a lifeless body.. a tear drop falls from his eyes.. he turn his sight away from her..
“kavita will you please go away from here with this girl? we want some privacy” sanskar said rudely..
swara stood up from the floor. . she goes towards sanskar and lookef in to his eyes sharply. . he couldn’t face her eyes. . he turns his sight..


” thank you mr. sanskar maheswari.. for making my life a hell.. thank you so much . in this whole world no one could give me this much pain. are you a human? I hate you. never ever show your bl**dy face to me.. ” swara’s words was like fire.. it burns sanskar’s heart. . swara run away from there. . kavita follows her..

sanskar looked meera in hus blood shot eyes..she was enjoying the whole scene. .
“now you and your boss win.. now for god sake leave them. If anything happens to them I will burn you and your so called boss alive” sanskar shouted at her.. his pain and anger echoed in his voice
” ohh.. cool down sanskar sir.. I can’t believe. . This much love for your wife’s family that you can hurt your wife to the core for saving her family. . I’m impressed” meera said mockingly. .
” I said leave them right now.. ” sanskar’s voice was scarey. . it was the voice of a man who lost everything. and he can do anything. . meera understood it..

she dialled a number. .
” ha sir. . our job is done.. now swara will not be a part of sanskar’s life.. our plan is successful. . now you can leave them.. ”
she cuts the call.. after some times a middle aged couples and a young boy of 12 years comes to room.. sanskar rushes towards them and hug them.
They are shekhar , shomi (swara’s parents ) and swara’s little brother swayam ( for saving them sanskar did this.. else they may be killed by meera’s boss)

shekhar: sanskar beta for saving us why did you do this? let us die.. our daughter will be happy. . you sacrifice your life..
sanskar: it was my duty papa.. if anything happens to you how could I live happily with swara?
Their conversation interrupted by meera..
” sanskar sir you may go now.. I will drop them in their home.. ” meera said
” no way.. I can’t believe you. . you cheat me .. now I can’t let their life in risk.. ”
sanskar take them with him.. meera had an evil smirk on her face..
In car sanskar was about to call swara. but shekhar interrupted. .
” beta you are going to house na.. you can convince her.. don’t try to call her it will make the situation worst” shekar said

” but how will I convince her? I can’t say the truth to her.. then they may again hurt you” sanskar’s voice was painful..
” beta she will come to our house.. then we will slowly convince her without letting her know this” shomi said..
” I’m not getting it. why they are doing these cheap things.. I think my enimies may playing behind it.. I’m going mad.. because of them I hurt swara too.. don’t know what is happening in my life.. damn it.. ” sanskar’s voice filled with frustration. .

shekhar and shomi looked each other and convey message through their eyes which was unnoticed by sanskar..
sanskar drops them in their house.. and drive fastly in to his house. . but no one was there.. sanskar screamed swara’s and kavita’s name but they were not in the house. . sanskar try to call swara but her phone was switched off. . and kavita didn’t take his call..
sanskar became mad by the things happening around him.. he goes to swara’s house. . shomi opened the door.. her face was serious.

” maa.. swara here? ” sanskar asked “ha ” shomi said coldly.. sanskar felt a change in her behaviour. . but didn’t take it seriously. .
“I want to saw her maa.. let me” sanskar said
“no. you can’t you hurt her feelings.. you betrayed our daughter. . now you have no place in her life.. so please leave” shomi’s words shocked sanskar like hell..
“maa.. why you are saying like this? you know very well why I do that.. then why you are behaving like this maa” his words was broken..

” what you mean mr? you wanted to enjoy with some other girls. and you betrayed our daughter. . and you are dragging me in it? get lost from here” shomi’s words made sanskar loss his control..
” shut up.. enough. . better stop your drama and call swara.. ” sanskar said in dangerous voice. .
“maa said him to leave.. I don’t want to see him” swara ‘s voice . shomi turned back and saw her daughter. sanskar rushes to swara and bow down in front of her.
” swara please believe me. . what all you saw their and I said to you was not truth.. someone kidnapped your parents and asked me to do this. for saving them I did it.. Please believe me swara” tears fall down from his eyes..

” swara beta he is crazy.. no one kidnapped us.. this boy has some mental problems. . first he married you for torcher you. and now he cheats you with some other girl and cooking a new story and blaming your parents.. ” shomi added fire in swara’s mind..
” swara please. . believe me swara.. what all I said is truth.. Please” sanskar pleaded to her..
” why you are giving this much pain to me sanskar? what was my fault? your revenge not fulfilled? then kill me sanskar.. if you have any humaniy in you then please stay away from me” swara’a voice was painful and it comes from a broken heart..
she runs towards her room.. sanskar stood their helplessly. . tears fall down from his eyes..

guys it was a rushed update. . sorry for that.. and if you don’t want twists then please say to me.. I know you may don’t like this.. but please trust me I saw some happy moments before ending this ff.. and if sawsan lived happily without any sorrows then ff will end there.. Once again sorry for hurting you all.. thanks alisha for understanding me.. your comment made me write this today itself. . it really touch my heart.. love you so much. . guys I will unite swasan for sure. Please have patience and support me.. love you all

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