The sun brightly gleamed looking at the couple. Both were surrounded with pain and darkness but when they met, there was a spark, the darkness moved away and light glistened..
Both stood their hugging each other..

SANSKAAR- I want to take you somewhere .. Will you come?


SWARA- where?

SANSKAAR- surprise!!!

He took her to a room and SWARA’s eyes filled with tears looking at the room.. She felt so lucky.. The room was filled with some paintings of SHOVA together, some of SWASAN together and others were just her potraits..

SWARA- you made all this.

SANSKAAR- umm.. Yes.. You liked it?

SWARA- this is so good sanskaar..

SANSKAAR- when you weren’t with me, these paintings made me feel your presence..

SWARA- I love you Sanskaar..

SANSKAAR- look at these paintings SWARA.. SHONA was more cuter than you and you look more fat also than her..

SWARA- what .. ???(She started to beat her with her hands).. I look fat to you.. Par wait VARUN also looks more handsome than you.. You look aged..

SANSKAAR- huh.. I look aged.. All the girls are after me at college and.. (Holding her hands, whispered in her ears) I am after you..

They had a cute eye lock and bursted out laughing knowing that they were getting jealous of themselves..

They spend their whole day with each other, laughing, teasing each other and enjoying, not aware of the time… But then came the dark night to haunt the happiness..

SANSKAAR looked at the rising moon.. He was loosing his control on him.. His hands were transforming.. He asked SWARA to go..

SANSKAAR- swara, go from here.. I’ll hurt you swara.. Go from here..

SWARA held his hand..

SWARA- SANSKAAR, we will face this together.. I trust you, you won’t ever hurt me .. You can’t..

SANSKAAR- I have already hurted you SWARA.. I can’t hurt you more.. I am sorry..

He jerked her hand and in flash of second, he went away somewhere..

SWARA cried.. She felt extremely sad but didn’t loose hope and went to meet ragini..

Shocked.. I know you all were badi shiddat se awaiting for this chapter.. I wasn’t going to write the chappy today but this chapter on janmashtami treat but I don’t know if after reading this u all are going to throw all sorts of slippers on me.. But don’t do so because I am extremely happy as my family has already reached Zurich airport and next to London.. I am so happy, I was feeling so homesick and then rakshabandhan.. Love you ???. Happy janmashtami to all of you and kanha Ji happy birthday for you.. Stay in suspense for some time..


Ragini looked at the shining moon and thought of sanskaar’s state.. She flinched thinking of swara and there she came running into her..

RAGINI- SWARA what happened?

SWARA- take me to SANSKAAR.. Ragini please take me to him

And she bursted out crying.. Ragini could notice that her tear stained face was now being again covered with fresh tears.. She knew that it was the best yet the worst to take her to SANSKAAR but she would do it..

Sanskaar’s legs and hands were cuffed… He was tied to a metal chain in a dark room where only two, three lanterns are lit.. His condition seemed vulnerable.. Ragini and SWARA reached there.. SANSKAAR was unconscious.. Swara went and held his cheeks.. Ragini tried to stop her but she didn’t listen.. Suddenly, SANSKAAR roared wildly.. The beast came.. SWARA fell aback in horror.. He roared out loud and loud.. SWARA looked at his eyes and he was again not her SANSKAAR.. He was someone else but today she would finish this matter.. She would bring back her SANSKAAR forever..

SWARA- Ragini.. Where can I meet kavita?

Swara’s determined face reflected her need to set all things in its shoe..


SWARA- yes now.. Tell me ragini..

RAGINI- take this SWARA.. (She gave her a dagger).. With this only you will be able to end that Kavita..

SWARA went away to the place told by RAGINI while SANSKAAR was coming back a little to his normal state..

SANSKAAR (in a feeble voice)- RA.. Gi… RAGINI.. Where is SWARA?

RAGINI- she has gone to kill kavita..

SANSKAAR- what are you saying RAGINI?

RAGINI- bhai , she wants to end this darkness..

SANSKAAR- ragini.. Pls open me.. I have to go.. My heart says that her life is in danger.. RAGINI.. Open the chains ..

RAGINI- I am sorry bhai., I’ll not be able to open it..

SANSKAAR- ragini..

RAGINI- don’t you trust your love bhai.. Trust her.. She is our savior..


SWARA was standing in between a dark forest facing kavita.. The winds were blowing at its fullest.. The world and the nature was going to witness either the victory of good over evil or evil over good..

SWARA- KAVITA.. Leave away everyone’s soul..

KAVITA- do you think I am a fool to do that?

SWARA- no kavita.. I don’t think, infact you are a fool..

KAVITA- SWARA.. Your tounges moves a way too fast.. Control it.. Your death is infront of you and being a human .. Will you be able to save yourself? Poor soul.. You are too beautiful and too innocent too that is why a vampire like SANSKAAR fell for you.. How many days I kept watch on that SANSKAAR and then came to know about you.. Ready to die..

SWARA- SANSKAAR only loves me and I am not a normal human being.. I Ma the snow queen..

KAVITA- swara… Snow queen then You have to definitely die.. If you live then you will prove a barrier in my mission..

SWARA- kavita… You will not be able to do anything.. You are forgetting who I am..

The both have a fierce fight… Kavita’ face suddenly starts changing .,, her fangs starts appearing from her mouth and she inserts it in Swara’s neck… With every drop of blood falling, Swara is becoming more weak but she takes out a dagger from a sheath and inserts it in kavita’ stomach… Both of them fall down on the ground with a pool of bed surrounding them..

SANSKAAR (shouting)- SWARAAA!!!!!


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