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Swasan, Shivika, Ishkara FF : My Guiding Light (intro)

hi guys.. I’m writing an ff with 3 couples on 2 shows. . swasan from swaragini and shivika and ishkara from ishq bazz..

intro of characters:
shivaye singh obreoi: a great businesses man.. his parents died in his childhood. . he has an arrogant and rude sister ishaana.. she is very proud of her beauty and money. . shiv will die for his sister. . sister is his weakness. . he is a nice guy and genuine person. . but for his sister he can destroy anyone. not aware of the feeling of love..


sanskar maheswari: best friend of shivaye.. he is very cunning and manipulative. . little grey character. . money is everything for him. shivaye wanted sanskar as his brother in law. sanskar is interested in ishaana’s money. but ishaana has a big crush on omkara. so didn’t like sanskar..

omkara mehra: a sweet and handsome guy.. who has a pure soul.. he is a great writer.. a simple guy.. he is very rich.. he dislikes ishaana.. not interested in girls.. adores swara as his own sister.

anika maheswari: sanskar’s cousin sister.. she is a widow . a complex character. . in childhood she loved shivaye.. and now also she has feelings for him in her heart.. but hates his sister ishaana..

swara gadodia: a very beautiful girl . omkara’s neighbour. om consider her as his own sister.. she too consider him as a brother.. smart and confident girl.. who loves and cares everyone. .

ishaana obreoi: sister of shivaye.. she loves om . but om didn’t pay any attention to her.. hates swara to the core . and doesn’t like om and swara’s bond.. highly jealous on swara..


so it is the intro.. if u guys like it then I will continue. . If I got good comments then only I will continue. . so please comment if you like it

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