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Swasan – She’s Not For Me


It is said, That in every life, there is a moment. A moment so tremendous that one feels as if one’s had all his breath knocked out, and one knows, absolutely knows without the merest hint of a shadow of a doubt that one’s life will never be the same.
For Sanskaar Maheshwari, That moment was when he saw Swara Gadodia!
As a man who had charmed scores of women and beguiled them with his seductive personality, but never allowing his heart to fall prey to them, he was finally brought down to Earth by one woman.
He took one look at Swara Gadodia and fell so fast and so hard into love it was a wonder he managed to remain standing. Unfortunately for Sanskaar, Swara was not going to be a Gadodia for much longer.


He had laid eyes upon her during the occasion of his cousin Laksh’s wedding.
To Swara Gadodia!
Swara was going to be SANSKAAR’s relative.
Life was ironic that way. Sanskaar preferred the term when he felt polite. But he preferred an entirely different term when he wasn’t.
And since his favourite cousin was married to the woman he loved, He didn’t feel polite often.
Sanskaar hid it well. He couldn’t act different. Then some annoying perceptive person would ask him how he felt and he would have no idea how to tell them.
He was a casanova and he especially prided on having the reputation now. The entire society knew him as THE CHARMING CASANOVA and he took solace in the fact that no one thought that he could love someone.

After all, He loved Swara.
He loved Laksh’s wife.
Laksh’s wife.
Laksh, who had been more than a cousin. More than a brother. His best friend. The man who understood him more than anyone else could.
Oh well… He didn’t need to do this to himself.
Sanskaar was going straight to hell. He could spend an entire fortnight cataloguing the reasons why he would go to hell for choosing his cousin’s wife to love. But that wouldn’t be enough.
But all the reasons wouldn’t change one simple fact.
He could never have her.
He could never have Swara LAKSH Maheshwari, nee Gadodia!
Sanskaar : Chin up, Sanskaar! She’s not for me.

Guess who?
And how is this plot?

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