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Swasan consummation
Sanskaar woke up early the next day. He looked up at the ceiling, then turned and saw Swara. She was sleeping contentedly with a slight smile on her face. Sanskaar smiled at that and whispered to her.
Sanskaar (gently kissing the top of her head) : I love you! Sleep well, My dear!
He got down from the bed, went to the washroom, freshened up and went out. It was still early enough that no one except for his mothers were awake and they didn’t notice him go into the studio. Sanskaar took a chair and sat in front of the portrait Swara had made.

Sanskaar : Good morning Bade Papa! How is it over there? It must be nice na? All apsaras dancing, having nectar whenever you want. Is it truly paradise there? Are you having a good time?
He remained quiet for a while and then again continued.
Sanskaar (quietly but happily) : You know something, though? I feel like I’m in paradise as well. Swara…. (He exhaled deeply and eyes softened) I thought love was the enemy of the dying man.. I thought that if I ever fell in love, it would destroy me. Bade papa, I don’t know if God just favoured me or if you sent her to me, but I know now that I am saved. My Shona, My Swara saved me. I was such an idiot na? I kept ignoring the signs.
He chuckled and smiled at the portrait.

Sanskaar : I don’t know if I will die when I turn 42 or whether I’ll die before that. Maybe even after. But I’m not going to think about it. I’m going to be grateful as each day passes by. I have a perfect family. I have my business. Everyone’s happy. Adarsh has found Sakshi, Ragini Karan. Uttara is still a bit young. Laksh.. Well, Laksh will not have a problem finding a girl. We both know that (a teasing glint in his eye) Ma, Mom and Badi Ma are well and happy as much as they can be, I suppose. Yes, I have a lovely family. And I’ll never let anything happen to any of them. Just as you took care of all of us, I shall too. Swara drew this portrait to show me how I was like you. How you live through all of us. I won’t let your legacy down, I promise!
He waited for a moment longer, then came back to the room to find Swara still sleeping. He grinned and went and knelt next to her.
Sanskaar (whispering) : Madam?
Swara murmured something, but didn’t open her eyes.
Sanskaar (again) : Swara?
Swara (sleepily, eyes closed) : Mmm?

Sanskaar (louder) : Swara! Wake up!
Swara (grumbling) : Kya zabardasti hai yeh? Sanskaar, Go away! Let me sleep..
Sanskaar : You must be the first wife in the world who would rather sleep than be romantic with their loving husband.
Swara : Yeah, I must. Par I’m not too sure about the loving part. Surely my LOVING husband wouldn’t be so mean and wake me up.
Sanskaar (chuckling inwards but acting indignant) : What? I’m hurt! (dramatically wiping his nonexistent tears) This Tuesday will go down as a black day in the life of Sanskaar Maheshwari! His wife thinks that he doesn’t love her….

He probably would have continued his rant, but Swara had opened her eyes wide and was looking at him like she had seen a ghost.
Sanskaar (stopping mid-rant) : Swara? What happened?
Swara : What did you tell?
Sanskaar : Ummm? His wife thinks he doesn’t love her…
Swara (impatiently) : No, Before that! You said that today is Tuesday?
Sanskaar (His brow crinkling in confusion) : Yes! Today is Tuesday, the 9th!
Swara got down from the bed in a hurry and began searching her cupboard in earnest while a confused Sanskaar stared at her.
Sanskaar : Ummm… Swara?

Swara (in a distracted fashion) : Haan?
Sanskaar : What are you doing?
Swara (impatiently) : What do you think I’m doing? Do you even what today is?
Sanskaar (bewildered) : No! That’s why I’m asking you.
Swara : What sort of a husband are you? Today is my first day at work and you forgot? I start my job today, Sanskaar! I have to get ready soon. I can’t believe you forgot!
Sanskaar : Accha ji! I forgot! But even you didn’t remember!
Swara (still searching in the cupboard) : Haan! But that was to be expected. I forgot our engagement day, I forgot..
Sanskaar (shocked) : You forgot our engagement day?
Swara (not noticing) : Finally, I found you, Yellow top! Now come on, I have to iron you then leave immediately.
Sanskaar : You forgot our engagement day?

Swara (finally focusing on him) : I’m sorry, What? Our engagement? Ofcourse I didn’t forget. I was just a bit woozy after waking up that morning. Just like today!
Sanskaar (chuckling) : Swara, I swear there’s no one like you.
She smiled and he walked towards her. Seeing his predatory look, Swara walked back until her back hit the cupboard.
Swara : Sanskaar….
Sanskaar walked forward until he was about a foot’s distance apart from her.
Swara : Sanskaar!
Seeing his intense look, she gulped and choked back her words.
Sanskaar (drawling) : Yes?
Swara : Voh… Voh… Let me go!

Sanskaar : Let you go? But I’m not holding you or touching you. What do you mean?
He took a miniscule step towards her. Swara couldn’t tear her eyes from his now.
Swara (breathing heavily) : San….
She stopped as Sanskaar took her mouth in his and kissed her softly, but with full passion. She could feel her insides melting as he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her towards him.
Finally, they grew apart for air and Swara looked at him.
Swara : What was that for?
Sanskaar (smriking a little) : Mr Maheshwari just wanted some morning romance!
Swara chuckled and put her arms around his neck.
Swara (softly) : I love you Sanskaar!
Sanskaar : I love you too. But you’ll have to leave me now.
Swara (astonished) : Why?

Sanskaar rolled his eyes. His wife knew everyone’s schedule and made sure that they remained punctual. Except in her own case.
Sanskaar : Mrs Maheshwari! Job! First day! In 2 hours! Run!
Swara (horrified) : OH bl**dy HELL! I will be late… I’m going to take bath… It’s almost time for Aarti! What will Badi ma say… Swara.. you..
Sanskaar : Are you going to keep talking? Or are you going to get ready?
Swara : Haan haan, I’m going na! Don’t nag.. That’s the wife’s job.
Sanskaar : Swara! Do you ever stop?
Swara (hurriedly shaking her hair loose) : Stop what?
Sanskaar : Talking!
Swara (indignantly) : So now, I talk too much?
Sanskaar (crossing his arms, grinning) : Yes.
Swara : How mean! Jao, I don’t want to talk to you..
Sanskaar : Accha?
She turned the other side and looked away. He smirked evilly and came and stood behind her.
Sanskaar : So Mrs Maheshwari is not going to talk to me, Is it? I, on the other hand disagree. She will talk to me within the next twenty seconds.
Swara just snorted.
Sanskaar : You laugh now. But you’ll soon see my greatness! Ready Swara?
He picked up Swara and began walking towards the restroom.
Swara (shrieking) : What’re you doing? Put me down!
Sanskaar began laughing.
Sanskaar : Didn’t I tell you?
Swara : Put me down! PUT.. ME.. DOWN.

Sanskaar set her down gently near the shower and pouted.
Swara : Aww.. My loving husband! Pout mat karo! I’ll not stop talking ever. Might as well get used to the idea now.
Sanskaar : I shall, My Shona! Accha, Now go get ready. No more distractions.
He went outside the washroom and was closing the door when he heard Swara shout.
Swara : Best husband ever! Ummmaaahhh!
Sanskaar (grinning) : I know right! There’s no one like me!
Before Swara could give an appropriate retort, He closed the door and went out chuckling.
Uttara (sleepily) : Good morning bhai!
Sanskaar : Gudiya! You woke up.. That too.. So early? How come?
Uttara : I don’t know. Bas I woke up.. Where is Swara?
Sanskaar : Getting ready. Today is her first day at work.
Uttara (her eyes growing wide) : Oh! That’s right. I’ll talk to her later then. She’ll be busy now.
Sanskaar : Talk to her? Kuch serious hai kya? Uttara! What is it?
Uttara : Nothing bhai! Relax.. Come on! Even you’ll be late otherwise. Go get ready in Laksh’s room. Chill.. There’s nothing wrong with me.
Sanskaar was persuaded and he went to go get ready.
Uttara : I don’t know if I can talk to Sanskaar about this. Better to talk to Swara first.

PRECAP : Swara screamed in terror
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