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Swasan – Love behind the Lust (Episode 30)

Thank you again for you amazing response. So the most awaiting chapter is here and this chapter is one and only swasan romance. Here you go with next chapter

Swasan – Love Behind the Lust (Episode 30)

Swasan sleeps peacefully in each others embrace. Swara feels that finally after a loooong struggle she reached her destination. She hugs him tightly and hides herself in his embrace and inhales his breathing in her. Sanskar smiles when she is pushing herself more into him and he too tightens his grip on her waist and sleeps happily.

Next morning the first sun rays falls on swasan’s face. Sanskar is still n deep sleep but swara wakes up and looks at her love so closely with a cute smile. She just moves her head back and looks at his face with so much of love. A tear drops from her eyes and immediately sanskar pulls her to him and kiss on her eyes where the tears dropped. Swara is shocked by his act and again moves her head back and asks, “You awake?”

Sanky without opening his eyes smiles and nods, “I will get to know everything about you if am not awake also”

Swara smiles and pulls his nose which makes sanskar opens his eyes and looks at the smiling swara. He gets emotional seeing the love in her eyes and kisses on her forehead.

They stays in the same position for sometime and swara tries to get up from him but sanskar did not release his grip and starts tickling her. Swara giggles like a kid and somehow frees herself from his grip and runs to washroom. Sanskar laughs seeing her and lies on hugging the pillow again.

Swara takes bath and forgets to take her dress and hesitates to call sanky. She wears the bathrobe and peeps her head outside to check what sanskar is doing. She sees him sleeping again by hugging the pillow, she gives a sigh relief and moves to wardrobe to pick her dress. She is confused to select which dress, suddenly a hand comes from back and takes a beige color anarkali set. Swara gets shocked seeing sanskar behind her and more than that she is numb seeing him removing the knot of her bathrobe. Within a fraction of seconds she gets hold of the dress pushes him back and runs to washroom and locks the door. she smiles herself thinking about sanky’s act and hides her face in dress due to shy.

After sometime, she dresses herself neatly and comes out. Sanky is on phone and stuns seeing her so fresh and very beautiful. She avoids his gaze on her and combs her wet hair standing infront of the mirror.

Sanskar cuts the call and comes to hug her from back but she stops saying, “First take bath”

Sanky stops and replies, “So after bath shall i?”

He stops and winks at her, she gets shy and says, “First you go, take bath then we will see”

Sanky stares her and goes to washroom to get freshen up.

Swara just shakes her head seeing his unbelievable act and gets ready. The very first time she wears the mangalsutra happily, keeps the sindoor with full of love thinking only about Sanskar.

Sanskar comes out after bath and searches for Swara but she is no where in the room. He keeps his hand on his hips and says, “I will not leave her now”

He gets ready fast and goes to kitchen to catch her but stops seeing AP and Swara cooking for breakfast. AP sees him and asks, “Arey Sanskar beta…come what you want?”

Sanky glares Swara stands behind AP and says, “Nothing maa…i have some work so i am going to office now. I dont want food”. He gives one glare to swara and goes out.

Swara did not expect this from sanskar and gets worried. AP notices both and smiles seeing their cute cat fight.

@ Maheswari Office

Sanskar just lost himself in swara’s thought and remenisces their togetherness from yesterday night till today morning. Automatically a cute smile appears in his face and he murmurs, “You are making me crazy Swara…i really don’t know how can i love someone like this. I am completely blown for you. You not only became my wife…but my life. I am so lucky to get you as my everything.”

He thinks to finish his work soon and plans to surprise her by going early to home..for him if he comes home early that will be surprise for her but he did not know about Swara’s surprise to him.

In the evening, Sanskar finishes his work and postpones the late night meetings to next day and leaves home. He reaches home and gets shocked seeing no one in the house. He starts calling for Swara, Laksh, ragini, AP, kaka and Kaki. But no response, he gets tensed and runs to his room. He gets restless of not seeing swara and is about to go out but his vision falls on a chit on the table. He takes the chit and reads it , “Come to Terrace”

Sanskar runs to terrace and opens the door there and finds it complete dark. He steps on the floor and finds it so soft. He couldn’t see anything and calls for swara. He keeps on moving and stops suddenly when the light gets lit up, he is stunned, awestruck, dumbfolded, speechless and what else…seeing the decorations there. A small tent is made there with white and red combo cloths, and every corner is supported with a stand and a flowers fixed on top of it. He too stands on the rose petals on his path and is mesmerised seeing his life standing at the center like icing on the cake.

Swara wears a complete black color transparent gorgette designer saree and matching black color bangles, a cute diamond simple and elegant chain with S&S pendant and a cute diamond earrings which makes her more shining and beautiful. He is dumbstruck seeing her sparkling and gets confused whether she is shining coz of diamond or diamond is shining coz of her. LOL ?

Swara gives her a charming smile to him and signs her to move forward. He moves to her and she extends her hand to him. He too gives his hand and follows where she goes. She takes her to the table and makes him sit opposite to her. She prepares all his favourite dishes and serves him. Both feeds each other and shares a lighter moment. Sanskar is literally in loss of words and don’t know what to say. He gets to know that to how extent she can go to make him happy and he never expected this happiness so soon.

After the dinner, she takes him to the tent and makes him look at her. Then she moves back little and bends on her knees by extending her right hand to him saying, “You were my saviour at first, then became my bodyguard, then boss, then friend, then husband and now you became my soul. I never been this much happy being with my family also. And you always makes me feels so special and luckiest one in the earth. I know i married you unwillingly but i want to give myself to you willingly. I don’t know you remember or not…once you told that you will not touch me till i am ready to give myself to you. Now i am saying, i am ready and all yours. Pls make me yours completely. I don’t want anything in the world except your closeness and i want to mark myself as Mrs.Sanskar Maheswari. So i am here asking you Mr.Sanskar Maheswari…WILL YOU MAKE ME YOURS AND MAKE THIS NIGHT MEMORABLE AND SPECIAL FOREVER”.

Sanskar is overwhelmed and a happy tears oozing from his eyes..coz he never experienced this much love from anyone and now he is getting all at one shot from his love Swara.
He makes her stand and hugs her tightly by expressing his love. He starts kissing on her face everywhere and leans on her lips. Swara just closes her eyes by giving signal to him and he places his lips on her and starts kissing her gently. There is no rough and tough kiss…its all expressing a pure and a selfless love between.

They both kissing each other passionately, softly, lovingly and sensuously. All kind of emotions are flowing between them in their kiss. They share long passionate one. And their kiss is like the most eloquent silence since their two lips are busy meeting in a kiss.

Swara’s POV while kissing:

“I still remember the feeling when we first kissed, because there is nothing more beautiful than sharing the first kiss with our beloved ones. I was so in love with him then i broke his heart but still he did not move on and again when i hurted him i got only love from him nothing else. I got a selfless love from him forever. I promise now that i will never ever in my dreams also to hurt you Sanskar. I loved you, I love you and I will love you for eternal.”

Sanskar’s POV while kissing:

“I never get this much immense love from anyone else. I am becoming so possessive about her..no no..not becoming actually to be frank i became possessive about her when i saw her first. I don’t want anyone else to have her heart, kiss her lips, be in her arms, be the one i love and i don’t want anyone to take my place in her life. I want to love her forever…I want to hug her forever…I just want to be wrapped in her arms forever…I need her all my life…I just need her near me….You are the best thing happened to me Swara..I will never leave you for my lifetime. You are so precious and i will keep you as my treasure”

Both are apart from themselves and breathes heavily. Swara lowers her gaze due to shy and moves to the tent. Sanskar also smiles and follow her by removing his coat and throws on the floor.

He too goes inside the tent and looks at her showing her back standing near the corner. He rolls his finger on her back skin which makes her shiver and gets goosebumps. She closes her eyes and clutches her saree tightly. Sanskar hugs her from back, moves her hair to oneside and starts kissing her neck, collar bone sensuously. Swara starts breathing heavily and her chest is moving up and down seductively which makes him go mad at her. He twirls her to face him and starts kissing her neck and give hickeys to her. She moans in pleasure and holds his shirt collar tightly. He starts pushing her more and more to him and she too reciprocates the same sensation to him. He then unpins her saree without moving his lips from her neck, the saree slides down from her shoulder and gives him a clear picture of her cleavages. He moves his hands everywhere in her body and squeezes her flesh gently whereever he can.

She moans in pain and pleasure and often whispers his name. He then gives some break and looks at swara who becomes reddish, he then carries her in his arms and puts her on the bed gently. He too lies on top of her and keeps on kissing on her delicate skin. Her soft skin makes him want her more n more n more.

Swara turns to other side when she gets a small gap from him and hugs the pillow tightly. Sanskar again moves closely to her and removes her blouse dori and opens her blouse completely from back. She is tightening her grip on the pillow of unable to bear his touch. He then moves his palm over her bare skin and starts kissing everywhere on her soft skin.

He then turns her to him and removes her dress completely from her. She clutches the bed cloth to control her shyness…Sanskar’s eyes are getting a visual treat on looking at her without any barriers between them. He too removes his clothes and leans on top of her. One side the rough skin and other side the soft skin…these two are making that night very special in their memories.

Swasan spends a quality time in foreplay and he slowly tries to enter into her. She screams in pain and he gets scared seeing her tears, but swara smiles and signs him to move on further. He continues kissing her everywhere to soothes her pain and after a little struggle he reaches their extreme level of happiness. Finally Mr.Sanskar Maheswari makes her a complete woman and she becomes Swara Sanskar Maheswari with so much delightful acts. She becomes his forever. Now no one can seperate them ..no one dare to do that. A drop of happy tears comes out from her eyes, sanskar notices this and kisses on her eyes and says, “I LOVE YOU SWARA”

Swara with overwhelming, “LOVE YOU TOO SANSKAR”.

They both again share a soft kiss for sometime and he slides beside her and hugs her tightly. She too hides her face in his chest and kisses there in hot chest. They both soon dozed of under the blanket with each other’s tight embrace. Apart from these two, the another witness of their love is one and only the Moon which is sparkling like never before after witnessing their lovely consummation..might be Moon also gets shy seeing them close.

*****Marriages are made in heaven and consummated in Earth********

Precap: No idea…thinking to end up after reuniting Raglak too….what say

HOw is this episode guys, hope u all like it. Pls comment it and next episode will be on Thursday.

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