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Swasan – Love behind the Lust (Episode 27)

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Swasan – Love Behind the Lust (Episode 27)

Swalak is laughing in the kitchen silently, Sanskar is restless thinking about swara and he decides to talk to swara about last night. He comes out from the room and encounters with ragini on d way. He ind s about to say something but ragini stops him saying, “No need to say anything. I am worrying for swara now” by saying this she makes face and goes from there. Sanskar dont know what to do and stands there itself.

Here in kitchen, Laksh is still laughing, swara stops laughing but still gives him a gentle smile and preparing breakfast for them. Ragini also comes to kitchen and the trio shares a lighter environment by teasing sanskar. Swara feels bad of cheating him and gets worried.

Laksh notices her face reaction and says, “Bhabhi..i know what you are thinking now. Sanky bhai needs this kind of treatment to realise your love otherwise you can’t get hold of him. Its just for short time only na..we are with you no worries”

Ragini also said the same thing what swara says but laksh convinces both the ladies and helps them in the preparing the food.

Sanskar gets ready and comes down to the dining hall where he heard Raglak laughs, he too goes to kitchen and sees them smiling and helping swara in cooking. Laksh sees sanskar and signs ragini to be quiet. Sanskar with some attitude, “Laksh, i have to talk to swara, can you and ur wife wait outside for sometime?”

Ragini thinks to tease him and comes forward saying, “Why u want to talk to her? And what you gonna talk to her?”

Sanskar gets angry now and says in a cold tone, “I said i want to talk to my wife and i don’t need your permission. Do you get it? Lucky”

Ragini gets scared and steps back and she blinks at him, laksh smirks seeing ragini’s scaring face, he takes her and goes out from the kitchen.

Sanskar looks at swara who shows her back and busy in cooking or we can acting to be busy.

Sanky moves to her and swara feels his each move and she gets so much of nervous and tension.

Sanky slowly, “Swara”

Swara got jerked off by his voice so closely she drops the plate from her hand and looks at him with fear. That’s it, Sanky is speechless seeing the fear in her eyes instead of love which he always seen in her eyes for him.

Swara’s thought is different that whether he will find her lie, but Sanskar’s thought is different that he is thinking that swara is scared of him coz of last night’s incident.

Swara gains some courage, “Wha..what Sanskar?”

Sanky comes to his sense and says, “Nothing…i need a cup of tea”

Swara, “I will get it now”

Sanky just nods and goes out from kitchen without saying anything. So many thoughts are going on in his mind, he goes and sits in the dining table and there again he see Raglak sits just opposite to him and stares him all the while.

Sanky gets irritated and asks, “What’s written in my face? Why r u starring me like this?”

Ragini gulps seeing his anger face and holds his hands tightly for support under the table. Laksh also holds it back and pats it for assurance.

Laksh, “Yes, it is written. Guilty feelings”

Sanky widens his eyes and looks at laksh silently. Sanky, “Laksh woh..actually…” before he says something, swara gets tea for him and keeps it in his table.

Sanky silently takes it and drinks it without saying anything. Raglak winks at each and smiles seeing sanky behaving like a good boy.

Inside kitchen, swara is so nervous and tension and worries thinking about sanky’s reaction if he comes to know about this drama. She prays god to give her some courage to handle her angry bird husband.

Outside sanky is floating in lot many thoughts how to start the topic and what to talk, he is completely blank and even he never expected this kind of behaviour from him that too to his wife. He feels so restless and goes out immediately after having the tea.

Swara carries the food bowl and blank of not seeing sanky. Ragini gets the bowl from her hand and keeps it in the table.

Swara, “Ragini, where is sanskar?”

Rags, “He went”

Swara, “Went means?”

Rags, “Went means went. I mean he went to office”

Swara, “Without having breakfast?”

Rags, “So what?”

Swara, “You are so mean”

Rags, “what?”

Laksh interrupts them saying, “she said you are so mean” having something in his mouth. Swaragini looks at him in shock seeing him start having breakfast without worrying about them.

Ragini, “Chalo swara, we will also have food. Come”

Swara,”No ragini, i am not feeling hungry. You both have it” she leaves to her room. Ragini looks at the way worriedly and stares laksh angrily.

Rags, “LAKSH”

Laksh, “Mmmm”

Rags, “LAKSH”

Laksh, “Tell na”

Rags, “First stop eating and look at me”

Laksh looks at her face and says, “Ok..now tell me”

Rags, “Don’t you feel that swara is not happy with this drama”

Laksh, “I know she is not happy. so what now?”

Rags, “Then y u asked her to play like this?”

Laksh, “Ragini, everything is for their good only. Some people need some shock to realise their love on others. Now sanky bhai needs this kind of shock, so now he will realise the pain of bhabhi and behave nicely with her”

Rags, “But what if he gets to know the truth then?”

Laksh, “Mmmm, even i am thinking about that. we have to make him understand that how much swara bhabhi loves him, so that though he gets to know that we cheated him, let him angry on us but not on bhabhi. That’s what i am thinking. Don’t i am there na..y worry..now just eat something then only we will be able to do any planning”

Ragini sighs seeing and swallows something in her mouth.

Swara in her room, sits in the balcony and stares outside nature and thinking about her meetings with sanky from day 1 till last night.

Swara in her mindvoice, “Sanskar, i think i am repeating the mistake by troubling you. I m sorry sanskar, i can’t put this drama anymore and can’t see u in guilty. I will tell you everything today. I will accept the punishment whatever u give to me”

She decide something and rushes down, there she meets raglak in the hall and they look at her suspiciously. She goes to laksh and says, “Laksh, give me a promise”

Laksh, “For what bhabhi?”

Swara, “First promise on me”

Laksh, “ok I promise on you now tell me”

Swara, “I am gonna tell sanskar about everything”

Laksh, “What? everything means?”

Swara, “About last night drama”

Laksh and Ragini is shocked and tries to stop her, but swara reminds him his promise and says not to stop her today.

Raglak is helpless and dont know what to do and they too worries for sanky’s reaction.

Swara gets an auto rickshaw and tells him the place where to go. Before that she messages to sanskar.

Sanskar is restlessly sitting in his office and lost in some thoughts. He gets a message tone, he sees the name and immediately reads the message.

“Sanskar, i have to talk to you something important. I m coming to your office and we will go out somewhere to talk”

Sanskar reads the message and wonders what she wants to talk. Immediately he goes out, takes his car from parking and waits at the entrance for her.

It’s been an hr since swara messaged sanskar and he is also waiting patiently for her but she did not come yet, no messages and no calls too.

Sanskar also tried calling her but her number is not reachable. He thinks to wait for some more time, like this it’s been 3 hours and now he gets panic thinking about her where she would go without meeting him. He calls laksh, “Laksh, is swara there ?” in a serious tone.

Laksh worries whether swara told him or not, “No Bhai…she left home long back and she supposed to meet you..you dint meet her still?”

Sanky is at his extreme worry replies, “No Lucky, she messaged me 3 hours back and i am waiting for her from that time, she did not turn up here…where she would go?”

Laksh is also worried by seeing rags also gets panicked. Laksh, “Bhai…looks something serious…We both will go and search her.”

Sanky disconnects the call and tries to call her number again but still is not reachable. He gets pissed off and bangs his hands on the car door and drives off. On the road he looks at both the sides and looks for swara and says, “Swara, pls yar..don’t go away from me. I will die without you. Where are you swara and what you want to talk to me?”

The screen freezes on Sanky’s worried face.

Precap: Sanlak search for Swara everywhere but there is no clue about her. Ragini blames laksh for swara’s disappear. Sanky gets to know the truth.

So, do you all like the shock in today’s episode. Pls don’t scold me for this. It’s just gives the way for swasan romance and i promise you all tht a very pleasant romance is on d way. Hope you all like today’s episode and pls pls give your comments.

Thank you so much for your wishes and i have done the interview good and they are also happy. Now the final level of interview is there next week and i hope i clears that too.

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