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Swasan – Love behind the Lust (Episode 23)

How was the previous episode guys..okay From now you can see swara’s love on sanskar.

Swasan – Love Behind the Lust (Episode 23)


Next Morning, Swara wakes up first and finds herself in a tight embrace and feels so much on her body. She lifts her head up and finds sanky’s leg on hers and he covers her tightly and sleeping peacefully. She some how succeeds in taking his legs from her and now movig him away from her. She gets up and it is good that sanky did not get up and is in deep sleep. She goes to washroom with her clothes and after sometime, she finishes her bathing and comes out. She dries her wet hair and and puts sindoor on forehead, while doing so she looks at him via mirror and finds him in sleep still. She then goes out and moves to kitchen to prepare for breakfast.

Latha kaki also helps her in kitchen and soon both finishes the breakfast and keeps everything in dining table. Sanskar also gets up and coming down after getting ready. He looks at swara who acts as busy in arranging the dining table.

He sits in the chair and adjust his throat to make her realise his presence. Swara keeps the plate and serves him the food. Sanskar takes a bite and looks at her saying, “Hope you remember that you have only today to tell me the reason”. Swara stares him and moves to kitchen. She did not come out till he finishes his BF.

Sanskar also leaves to office without meeting her after that.

Swara gets herself busy in arranging the things in the house everywhere. Kaki also helps her in that. Swara is arranging sanskar’s study room and suddenly she hears something is fallen in the floor and broken down.

Swara turns and gets shocked seeing Shaini standing there in the verge of angry. Shaini looks at her in a disgusting way and says, “How dare you come back here? And who gave you the permission to enter into his study room? Don’t you have any shame swara? You ran from here and again you came back and i am sure now it will be with some motive? Tell me what you need to go out from his life?”

Swara is shocked and finds words to reply her. She did not understand what she is saying and why is she saying like this.

Swara calmly, “Shaini..i..i dont understand what u r trying to say? And why u have to give something to me?”

Shaini interrupts her, “Just shut up. How cooly u r saying that u did not understand anything? First tell me who allowed you to enter in this house and y u r in sanskar’s study room?”

Swara is about to say something but kaki says, “She is married to Sanskar beta and she is the owner of this house now”

Shaini is hell shocked hearing this and starts throwing things here and there in anger and shouts, “How dare you marry my sanskar? What the f**k you did with him?”

Swara gets shocked and angry too, “Mind your words Shaini…you are crossing your limits”

Shaini comes forward and says, “Don’t raise your voice against me…” she holds her by her shoulder and says, “I already made you run away from him na..then y u come back in his life again and torturing me”

Swara gets confused now and asks, “You made me run away”

Shaini in angry, “Yes..i made you run away by faking that audio call. I made my brother to mimic like sanskar and played it to you. So that you will go away from his life. And my calculation got wrong and you came again to spoil my happiness.”

Swara is extremely shocked and holds the table for her support. Kaki comes to her and holds her to support. Swara with teary eyes, “Why u did this to me? What sin i have done to you?”

Shaini smirks at her and says, “What sin? You tried to snatch my sanky from me? Isn’t that enough to throw you out?. See now again you did the same which i was scared of..you snatched my sanky from me”

Swara gets angry and moves towards her, “Enough. No more words. What did you say? I tried to snatch him is it? It was your imagination and to tell the truth he never likes you”

Shaini becomes numb seeing her replying and swara continues, “You know why? Coz he loves me…only me. Becoz of you i doubted Sanskar’s intention on me…i never understand his true feelings on me. I hurted him so much for loving me…Now nothing will stop me and i will tell everything to him about deeds”

Shaini laughs and says, “Silly girl. Do you know about him anything? No na..now hear me…First of all Sanskar hates the person who doesn’t trust him at all and you did that with him. He hates them to the core and ignores them from his life. So r u ready to tell him everything?”

Swara keeps silence, shaini smirks at her but soon both gets shocked hearing a voice from the door, “No need to tell”

Swara is shocked and gets shiver seeing his red boiled eyes in anger. She holds kaki’s hand for support and she too gets scared seeing him like this. Shaini is shivering like anything seeing him and steps back. Sanskar stares Swara with extreme hatredness and pain in his eyes. Swara feels his pain through his eyes and cries seeing his hatred in his eyes.

He comes and looks at Shaini who stands beside swara, “I should not see you in this house in another 5 mins. If i see you then you will not be alive for sure” that’s it shaini just flies from that place.

He then looks at kaki and she gives a look at swara and silently leaves from there. Now it only Swasan in that room and he stares her angrily. He holds her wrist tightly and she winces in pain but kept quiet. He drags her to their room and smashes her on the floor in full angry.

Swara gets up and tries to say something but he stops her, “Just say yes or No for my questions”

Swara becomes silent and he continues, “Whatever she said is that true?”

Swara stammers, “Yes”

Sanskar, “So you thought i have a wrong intention on you and believed that audio was true?”

Swara cries, “Yes”

Sanskar folds his fist in anger, “You ran away because u believed her words and did not trust me?”

Swara gulps and says, “Ye…Yes”

Sanskar, “I did not expect this from you swara. I loved you from the bottom of my heart and you did not trust me at all. All those days you weren’t believed me and just for the name sake you lived with me. It’s a shame for me swara”

Swara, “Sanskar…pls just listen me once”

Sanskar shouts in a high pitch, “ENOUGH”

Swara gets scared and moves back, he continues, “Enough…i don’t want to hear any convincing words from you. Everything is finished when i came to know that you did not trust me at all. Trust is the basement for love and you failed in that”

Swara tries to hold his hand but he jerks it off saying, “Don’t dare to touch me. I don’t want to see your face only”

He leaves from there and all she hears is only his car sound, coz she becomes numb after hearing his accusations. She cries and cries all over the day.

Precap: Sanskar in drunken state, ignores Swara. Swara makes all effort to convince him.

So how is this episode guys. Hope you all like it. Pls let me know your comments.

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