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SwaSan: Love and happiness the most beautiful feeling ( Prologue)

Hey guys Katrina here a diehard raglakian writing my first swasan ff. So here I start the story.

Many people say money can’t buy happiness. But in this story it is total opposite of that saying. A boy who wants to trap a rich girl and marry her for him money is everything without money we are nothing and a girl whom for happiness is everything despite of having so much money bungalows whatever she wants she can buy it but she just wants happiness in her life nothing else.
So what happens when these two people cross each other’s path?
How they will meet each other?
Which is important money or happiness?


To know stay tuned guys to this ff. Hope you guys like it. It’s my first try on swasan so please forgive me if you don’t like it and I have another concept I am just giving you description of it now only if you like it then I will continue.
In this story swasan love each other but for making career sanskar leaves for abroad and one day swara calls him and asks him to tell her family that they love each other but sanskar says that he met a girl named kavitha and fell in love with her so he is ending the relationship with her means swara. Swara becomes shocked numb and starts crying badly. The rest of the story moves on like that I can’t tell you the whole story if you liked this one also then I will continue.
Bye everyone take care love you all see you soon.

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