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swasan: justice is for everybody…(part-9) SS

thankuu soo much guys for reading and commenting  sorry I didn’t replied because now-a-days im bzy in finding a job for killing my wailapan ? because I already completed my MBA in MAY soo im waili from almost 3 months because nobody is their accept my parents because my all three sisters are happily married <3 … and my mom said if we didn’t find soo don’t take tnsn u can go and doo the “hisaab Kitaab” of the small store which is near our house:P sometimes moms are too much funny isn’t it guys???


let’s start:-


all four came back home and sitting in the launch….


Sanky: guys who is the second beast??

Lucky: his name is sahil kapoor the season son of the raj kapoor owner of kapoor industries and K& sons malls…

Swara: I seeee it seems its his time to payback… said with a smirk…

Ragini: ya but what about rajat?? I mean what about naina??

Sanky: u don’t worry swara will work only for few days after dat she goes rajat chapter is finished till then we focus on sahil after that both will pays for their deeds….

Lucky: enough of serious talks guys sanky u both knows about our love story u didn’t tell us about your story

Ragini: ya guys please tell us naaa plzzzzzz….

After listening swasan looks eachother and starts laughing…

Ragini: what’s soo funny guys???

Swara: because our story starts on a funny note…

Lucky: soo tell us soo that we can also laugh

Swasan starts telling their story:

Past (swasan story):

Swara is doing cycling it is the time after ragini’s departure…. Swara is riding a cycle with lost somewhere because she is missing ragini badly…. Soo she didn’t saw the new family who is settling next to their house and she also din’t notice a boy who is carring a bag is walking towards the house swara hits him with her cycle and the boys fall down in the mud which is due to the rain…. The boys whole face covered with mud while swara also fall down on top of him due to which his full body covers in mud….the boy stands up with a bang and before swara could say anything he throws the mud toward her face and pushes her also in the mud ?

Swara fumes in anger after seeing this and starts fighting with him by listening noise both parents came put and first shocked after seeing the scenario but after that start laughing on seeing their children condition…

Parents together swara/sanksar stop rite there….

Both who is pulling each other’s hairs stop at the moment but gave each other death glare and goes after stamping their foot….later at nyt swara’s parents invite sanky and family for the dinner because they are also business partner while swasan are enemiesss… they always doo fights with each other… they both are school fellows sanky is 2 yrs senior then swara they used to fight in school also but one day…. Swara is going to the school ground but in middle the goons type student of the school block her way and starts mis behaving with her but our sanky saves her from them because he is black belt in karate…. From there the love story of swasan starts….. even family members become shocked after seeing their patchup but the also liked it…their frndship grew to that extent that even swara tore the tickets of sanky because he is going abroad but after seeing that parents decided to snd swara also with him because they came to know that the didn’t live without each other…when the complete their studies there parents decided to shift abroad but swasan denied soo it is decided that swasan both get married and will live in india while the parents shifts to abroad like thissss our childhood story ended and our married love life started by saying this swara ends their story…

Past end….

When the finished the saw toward lucky who is crying by putting tissue on his nose while ragini is giving “ ye nhe sudhray ga look”

Sanky: why r u crying lucky?? We didn’t told u any emotional story our story is just sweet and simple…

Lucky: abby pagal ye tou khushi k ansu hainn..

Swasanrag: what???????????? Khushi k ansu???

Lucky: yes there is no villain in their story like usss he said with a sad face…

All become quite after listening him…

Swara: lucky ur love story may not completed but your love is with you naaa

Sanky: ya swara is ryt look ragini is always with u and tolerating u even after the death he said with a naughty tone…

Ragini with a sad tone yaa sanky u r rytt I have to bear this monkey don’t know for how longggg.. and wipe her fake tears…

Lucky who is looking with open mouth go to hell you both im going to have the ice cream…

And all together bhukkar….

Lucky: whatever…..

Next day sanky is in office he received a call and become happy after listening this lucky who iss sitting on the revolving chair and moving round and round said what happened why r u soo happy??

Sanky: have patience and he called swara and told her to came to his office after half hr swara and ragini came..

Swara: what happened why u called us??

Sanky: I got the news about sahil he is in Singapore from many years.. and now he is coming back to india for some business purposes…

Swara: it seems god also wanted to give punishment to them…

Sanky: yesss now our next target will soon become our prey he said with a smirk and screen freezes on determined faces of four….

Precap: sahil’s confession and past revealed…

please doo comment guysss luv u all <3

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