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swasan: justice is for everybody…(part-8) SS


Guys please read the end note after story and give me your suggestions…


Thankuuu vidhi,anu,tamanna,purvi,sumeeta,swasan,s,khushii and all the silent readers…..


Sanky and laksh came back home and saw swaragini were talking and laughing after reminding their childhood memories….

Sanky: if your both talks were over please come for the dinner im very Hungary…

Lucky: yes im also

After listening his statement everyone looks at him in a shock

Swara: lucky how can u eat?? After all u r dead na??

Lucky: soo what im dead it doesn’t mean that I not feel hungry he said by making funny faces…. N we are different souls (hehehehehehe)

Everyone laughs on seeing him and settle down on the dining table…

Lucky grabs the full dish of biryani and starts eating really like a bhukkar….

Swasanrag looks at him with open mouths.. lucky saw them and said what??? U don’t know how much I missing biryani don’t know from how many yrs he said all this in a dramatic tone..

Sanky: dramebazz…

Ragini: have some shame lucky nobody believe that u r dead soul after seeing u eating like a bhukkar…

Swara giggles after listening thiss…

Sanky: now enough of talks let’s discuss the main topic….swara r u sure u can do this???

Swara: I’m 100% sure sanky and don’t worry ragini will always with mee…

Ragini: ya sanky u don’t get worried about swara I’ll always there for her and guide him..

Lucky mouth full of biryani said I am also

Sanky: first eat the rice lucky then talk anything…

Lucky made a puppy face…..

After 1 week the project has started and rajat already on the site and waiting for sanskar and the new architect..

Sanky came and hand shakes with rajat and said soo u r ready mr. rajat??….rajat nodes and said where is the new architect sir??

Sanky: she must be coming any time….

Rajat: what is the name of her??

Sanky: u yourself ask her… lokk there she iss

Rajat turns back and saw a car came he is eagerly waiting for the new architect while sanky is observing his expression and giving him a disgusting look…

New architect came down from the car and turns… rajat become shocked after seeing herr… he starts sweating after seeing her… while she starts walking towards themmm and stops in front of the rajat and said while forwarding her hand

Hi,,, im architect naina sharma and u must be mr. rajat??

Rajat (in mind) how is this possible how she is alive?? But composed himself and said nice to meet you mis naina

Sanky: I hope u both share a good bond mr. rajat u please go and check all the arrangement.. by listening this rajat runs from there while sanky laughs on seeing his condition and turns toward naina and hugs her and said all the best jann… when he is talking to naina a voice came from behind

Oooo don’t u dare to hug my wife….both turns toward the direction…

Sanky: wife???

Person: yes wife

Sanky: lucky k bachay I’m hugging my wife not yours.. idiot…

Lucky: noo u r hugging my wife look see her face from which angle she is looking your wife??

Sanky: lucky if u r not dead before u must be dead now with my handsss I swear…

Lucky: oooooo u murderer he said with a funny tone..

Sanky: luckyyyyyy

Lucky: sankyyyyyyy

Before they start more naina shouts and said stop u both and lucky im sanky’s wife I only put mask of your wife and look your wife is at your back….

Lucky turns and saw ragini is standing by giving him death glare and said lucky u r too much now please u both stop your non sense for sometime..

Ragini: swara I mean naina all the best yar and u r looking exactly like mee I must say sanky’s idea is too gudd by giving u the face mask of my face…
(guys i calls swara as naina when she is working with rajat soo don’t get confuse)

Sanky: with proud thanku thankuu know swara imean naina let’s goo inside.. and u unlucky fellow if u do any mischief inside than I will kill you by showing nimbuu mirchii to uu….

Lucky while dancing said okay okay don’t be hyper like a pressure cooker by saying this he disappears… while all three laughs on his antics…

Naina starts working with rajat but rajat always get scared with her and always tries to maintain distance with her but naina always act like she needs his help… after working for

continuously 1 month now rajat came to know that naina is not the real ragini only she is having the similar face soo now he tries to be friendly with her…..

One day all four discussing about the further plan while our lucky is playing with the tennis ball by throwing the ball towards the wall and catching it again and again finally sanky spoke up..

Sanky: what the hell lucky??? It doesn’t look like for any side that u r a dead soul I think u r the most irritating soul on earth ever he said with irritated face while swarag giggles…

Lucky not affected with sanky taunt and said: sanky darling I’m a free soul like free bird soo don’t u dare to stop me again warna I’ll became angry bird and throw bomb on uu he said all this by rolling his eyesss….

While sanky open his mouth wide whereas swarag starts laughing on lucky comment and sanky statee…

Swara while laughing enough of u guys its enough for today okayyyyyyy….

Ragini: yes soo both u jokers stop your non sense and pay attention to the next plan…

Sanlak make faces and starts discussing….

One day naina invite rajat to her home which is actually a flat not swasan home……

While raglak and sanky were hiding inside the room of the flat…. Naina give the soft drink to rajat.. in which they mix a drug…. With the effect of this drug the person answers all the question which is asked from him…

All four ask the detail of that dreadful night and records rajat confession (which will reveal later)

Sanky after recording give him the most disgusting look while swara is crying and raglak is giving no expressions…

Sanky: we have his confession but we punish him with the owner’s son together only… tomorrow rajat didn’t remember anything we only show that he faints in naina house and naina’s driver drops him at his home nothing else….

Swara: ya right owner son and rajat both do that crime together na so they both have to face hell together

Raglak smiles after seeing love and care for them in their frnds eyes they four share a group hug…

Lucky: okay guys stop being emotional I’m feeling very thirsty by saying this he grabs the full jug of juice while all three gave him unbelievable look…..

Sanky: ragini I’m helping it’s just because of u not for dis idiot bhatakti aatma

Swaragini laughsss…………….

To be continued……

Precap of next few episodes……

1. next target….

2. Owner’s son confession

3. and revealing the confession part…..


guys confession of the past I’ll right in a complete separate episode soo that’s why I told nothing in rajat confession and don’t worry both the culprit will pay for their deeds…. Now im asking you 2 questions please answer them…

1: u want the culprits punished first by

a. swasan/raglak or only by court?? (b) by both

Question num 2: u want the story of

(a) swasan story in next episode or (b) the plan for the next target…

please answer both the question and u can answer in option a or option b but please answer both the questions thankuuuu 

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