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swasan: justice is for everybody…(last part) ss

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Sanky calls sahil and offer’s him a business deal but he didn’t call him in his office because there is a chances of rajat being there soo he called him in her house swara is also present there… sahil came to sanky’s home and greet him like this they talk for some time and signs a deal in the meantime swara also came their and sahil saw her and mesmerized and give her a lustful smile which is noticed by sanskar and raglak…

Laksh to ragini: look that bastard is eyeing on my sister

Ragini: sister??

Laksh: yes I make her my sister from the day when we met swasan

Ragini smiles and pulls his cheeks and said u r soo cuteee lucky

Laksh: rubbing his cheeks im not cute said with a angry bird face and gp towards the kitchen

Ragini signs after seeing him

Sanky after controlling his rage said to sahil that he held a party of their anniversary in hotel so he have to come..

Sahil: sure mr sanskar I will come he said all this by eyeing swara and left

Sanky: bl**dy bastard I feeling like to punch on his face..

Ragini: don’t worry sanky swara’s brother also have the same feeling

Swasan: brother??

Ragini: yes laksh make swara as his sister from the time when we first met..

Swara is having tears in her eyes because she always wanted a brother..

Laksh who came from kitchen with a bowl full of ice cream said what happened??

Swara runs and tries to hug him tightly but failed and due to sudden attack the ice cream smashes on his face

Ragsan laugh on seeing lucky state while.. lucky shouts shonaaaaaaaa what is this??? U destroyed my whole ice creams

Swara: lucky bhaii don’t worry I’ll give a 2 full buckets of your favorite flavor..

Lucky hugs her and said I was just joking my dear sister he kissed her on her forehead..

Sanky: guys I think we have to work on our next plan…

4 days later reception party

Lucky is more excited than anyone…

Swara: lucky bro why r u soo much excited??

Lucky: sisso because I’m attending the party after long time

Ragini: don’t lie lucky I know u have an eye on the reception cake

Swasan laughs while lucky makes faces

Meantime sahil came he greets both swasan and shake hand with them while shaking hand with swara he touched her hand sensually for which he took the slap on his head by lucky but lucky is not visible to anyone soo sahil though it as his assumption and he left from there towards the hall..

Swara while laughing lucky bro great shot

Lucky: I wish instead of this shot I gave him the real shot

Sanky: relax lucky now come everyone is waiting for cake cutting ceremony

Ragini: not everyone only this lucky

Swasan giggles while lucky gave ragini a death glare..

Swasan cut the cake and waiters serve the drinks to the guests while sahil drink is spiked soo he start having the headache swara saw him and according to plan he goes toward him and asked him any problem..

Sahil who is fine (because the spiked drink reacts after half an hr so now he is having only a slight headache) acts like fainting and said her to please show him the room
Swara took him while sahil tries to touch her and shows like he is fainting swara feels disgusted by compose herself for raglak and take him to the room.. after reaching room sahil shows his real face and tries to misbehave with her but in the meantime drink shows her reaction soo he acts like same as rajat and sanky and raglak came out from the washroom while they all make him confess his crime and before leaving lucky give him a punch on his stomach…. And going to punch him more but sanky garbs him and take him out..

Sahil open his eyes and saw the surroundings he tries to remember but failed he tries to pick up his hand but fail because his hands and legs tied with a rope he saw on his left side and shocked because on his left side rajat is also sitting on a chair tied with a rope..

Sahil: rajat?? He then calls him loudly due to which rajat came in his senses and shocked after seeing the surroundings and sahil

Rajat: what is this?? And what r u doing here sahil??

Sahil: I don’t know I only remember that I went to sanskar’s mehehwari’s anniversary party after that I don’t remember anything

We will tell u what happened next

Both sahil and rajat looks toward the source of voice and shocked to see swasan standing their while raglak also but only visible to swasan..

Rajat: sanskar sir??

Sahil: mr sanskar what is this rubbish han?? Why u people teid us here??

Swara goes to sahil and gave him a tight slap same happened with the rajat and said u surely come to know what u both have done..

Sanky: mr sahil and mr rajat do u remember laksh kapoor and ragini kapoor?

After listening swasan both sahil and rajat gave them a horrified expressions but compose themselves and said we don’t know them who r they??

Sanky: who r they?? By saying this he gave both of them a tight punches and grabs them by their hairs and said I will show u both who r they…

Sanky: swara show them the video

Swara nodes and starts the projector after seeing the video both sahil, rajat become shocked and turned into white in color…
(guys both have a same confession soo im telling the video scene of both of them at a same time..and also the part after raglak being stabbed)
In video: (past confession)

Rajat and sahil in the video

We both have an eye on ragini kapoor because she was soo tempting and hot but we didn’t got a chance due to his husband soo one day we make a plan and snd him out but before we do anything he came back… after fighting we stabbed both of them… we first got scared but soon we came into the senses and check for their pulses both are alive and ragini is in her senses we r discussing what can we doo next but ragini being stabbed is also looking very hot so we both raped her she is not having any energy and faints due to access loss of blood but we both fulfilled our lust and after that we both goes out after locking the area and decided to comeback at midnight…

We both came back and saw that both were dead already soo we both start executing our plan….we both starts making a wall and after that we put both of them inside the wall and block the wall permanently on the other side rajat changes them design of that floor by saying that the area is having some fault soo he designed like this that in front of the wall we decided to build a lift… people first said that it doesn’t match with the structure but we convinced them…

Video ends….

Swasan were having tears while raglak is seeing the video with blank expressions where as both sahil and rajat is looking like someone snatched their souls…

Sahil: who r u both?? And how do u know about laksh and ragini??

Swara: who r we?? Hann she grabs the nearby stick and starts beating them sanky tries to stop her but he failed while swara is crying while beating them finally laksh stops her with his powers and ragini calm her down…

Sanky: u both beastsss didn’t u fell any guilt while doing all this han??? Don’t u both have any heart??

Sahil and rajat starts sweating and starts pleading but sanky interrupts now these pleading didn’t work because the whole city scene this video and mr sahil I’ve snd that video to your father also

Sahil: no noo please mr sanskar we are sorry for what happened but please save us please

Swara: just shut your blooding mouth is your sorry bring back our laksh and ragini?? Han tell us?? Can u bring back them to their parents???

Meanwhile police came and also the parents of sahil and rajat… police arrests them but sahil,rajat parents stop them and said to swasan

Parents: beta we know our sons done a big crime and we want them to being punished severely but we also want u to both to punish them on behalf of laksh and ragini so that we can able to feel the pain of their parents from which they have to gone through…

Swasan and raglak looked eachother..

Swara who is already very furious after listening this grabs the iron rod but ragini stops her and said we will punished them together by saying this she goes into the swara while laksh into the sanky and all four together punish them by hitting them with iron rod….. both were crying and pleading to stop but four didn’t stop finally after half an hr all stops and the police take both of them…

All parents once again said sorry to them and also says to say sorry to raglak parents on their behalf…

After 1 month both sahil and rajat sentenced to hang till death because with raglak case many other cases of both came infront of the people…. Finally raglak got justice and their dead bodies (skeletons) were also dig out from behind the lift…. (guys the incident of raglak happened before 2 years)

Swasan were waiting for their parents for their last ritual they are coming after 2 dayss…

Both four sitting in the swasan house hall and talking..

Lucky: thanku soo much swasan due to your help finally we got justice he said with a teary eyes..

Swara: lucky bro I wish that u both will stay together with us for whole life butt….

Ragini: shona don’t worry we surely comeback

Swasan gave them a confused look and said what??

Ragini u came to u after few days…

After 2 days…

Both families done the last ritual of their children and bless swasan while raglak seeing all this with a bright smile on their face… raglak got their justice soo they are free from the earth and it’s the time for their departure but before leaving ragini came to swara and put hand on her belly and said swara we will come back don’t worry by saying this both vanish while swasan seeing all this with teary eyes…

After one week swara faints in her office… sanky came to hospital and doctor said to them..

Doc: congratulation mr. meheshwari your wife is 3 months pregnant…

Sanky with happiness what?

Doc: yes mr meheswari but u have to be very carefull because she is physically weak

Sanky: nodes and hugs swara tighly with excitement..

Doc: one more thing mr and mrs meheswari there is a twins in mrs meheswari womb

Both over joyed after listening thiss..doctor left

Swara: sanky now I get it why ragini is saying that they both will come back

Sanky: yes shona u are right we got back our raglak by saying this he kissed on her forehead…

After six months swara gave birth to one baby boy and girl and they both named them ragini and laksh while in the sky 2 stars shine brightly…….

The end

I hope u guys will like it thankuuuuu luv u all <3

guys if u want to know what happened before and after departure of raglak then please tell me i will give u the epilouge thankuu once again ?

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