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Swasan- I am so sorry os

Hi it’s Akshaya here. This os is not my original story. It is a story which I read it from another website and I want to share it to you guys. I also added some of my ideas too. So are you ready swasan ,raglak and swaragini fans.

Sanskar, a well mannered man is in love with swara. They are in relationship from last month. Sanskar dresses well and groom himself to look handsome only in the eyes of swara as she wished. He is not successful much and he works as a manager at a small company. He gifted swara with 1000 pieces of paper cranes on her birthday even though he had a hectic week. He was behaving like a mad due to the effect of love. Her name is his drug, her smile is his drug’s effect , her breath was his atmosphere and her heart beat synchronize with his heart beat to motivate him when ever he loses his hope.
One day,

Swara : sanskar, I want to talk to you.
Sanskar : Ok. But see there. How the boy is playing with his mom. I wished to have a mom like her. You know what , from my childhood I have been craving for mom’s love because my mom was dead due to her illness and my dad started to take care like both mom and dad. But still I missed my mom. Then you came in my life after I lost my dad in an accident before 2 years when I tried to suicide.

Flash back…….
Swara : Don’t commit suicide. Destroying yourself is not the solution. Why do you want to die and destroy the memories of you with your father? Please sanskar live with what you got.
Flash back ends…..
Sanskar : Ok .what do you want to say?
Swara : we must break our relationship.
Sanskar was heart broken : why shona? In breaking voice.
Swara : because we don’t have any future. I want to go France and I never come back.
Sanskar : do as your wish? Saying this he left the place. He went near a cliff and shouted swara. His voice, his face and everything lost the charm.
Days passed. He began to work day and night. After three months he could make his own company.
One day ,

Sanskar : l moved on in my life professionally. Every day I could feel her near to me. I feel like she is giving a morning peck on my forehead. What’s happening to me? Wow the old couple they are made for each other. They are moving with one umbrella together in this rain but still they are drenched and moving with love. Wait they are swara ‘s parents. I want to show them I moved on . I will take them in my luxurious car .

He followed them . But they went to cemetery. He was shocked to see a grave with swara ‘s smiling picture and bottle filled with paper cranes. He asked her parents how it happened. They said that she was a last stage cancer patient . She said to you that she is going to France that day but she died that day. She doesn’t want you to know about her illness and wanted you not to feel bad for her. She kept your paper cranes in the bottle and asked to give you some if you need it. Saying this her parents went. Sanskar cried a lot and criticized him for not understanding her.
The next time , he could feel a peck on his forehead and her smell.
Sanskar : swara .I am sorry swara . But you are here as you promised.
Swara : yeah I will be as long as your heart beats for me .

Live with loved ones when they are near and live with your sweet memories when you can’t see them.


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