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Swasan: how they met?? SS ( intro)

guys this is just an intro i’ll continue if i got the positive response..

Two different people, with two different cities, with two different life styles, one is rich and one is in miserable condition, unknown to each other… how can they meet?? How one saves the other?? How their destinies make two as a one??


A room is shown full of darkness only slight light is coming of a sun… on the other side another room is shown which is full of light…

In dark room a girl is sitting in a miserable condition while In lighted room a boy is shown with full of energy

The girls hair were messy while the boy’s hair were perfectly settled..

In dark room is shown that the girl is having scratch marks on her wrist while other side is showing the boy is wearing an expensive wrist watch..

Girls dress is torn from various places… while the boy is dressed in an expensive suit..

Girl is having a plate in front of her with a small slice of bread and water… while the boy is having delicious breakfast in front of him…

Girl’s eyes were teary… while the boy’s eyes were shining…

Girl is having a picture of her parents in her hand… while the boy is sitting with his parents on the dining table…

Girl saw her picture in front of her with her family and she is holding her degree and an award naming..

Swara gadodia… all-rounder and also the student of the year (yes the girl is swara gadodia) she is seeing the picture with teary eyes

While boy’s parents congratulate him on winning the best businessman of the year and also shows him the newspaper in which he is receiving the award with a bright smile and headline is the youngest businessman of Asia Sanskar Meheswari won the best businessman award of the year ( yes the boy is sanskar)

Swara Gadodia: 23yrs old an intelligent student and full of life girl and also a business women running her father’s business but suddenly her life got changed

Sanskar Meheswari: 26 yrs old fun loving and also a ruthless business world for the outer world..

Swara and sanskar both don’t know about each other… but soon they are going to become life of each other but how??

To be continued….

What happened to swara?? Being business women why she is in that room??? Where are her parents??

How sanskar saves her??? How they both meet each other??? To get to know about this u people have to comment and do tell me u like the concept or not?? Thankuu for reading 

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