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Swasan – Heartless Sanskar n Helpless Swara (Episode 39)

Hello everyone… I know u all r planing to kill me… But plz sorry very very sorry
My classes r in full swing including tuitions n my exams are also on there way so plz pardon me I will not be able to post regularly ?

After many days of sleepless night sanskar was sleeping peacefully Wid his life.
“Please leave me…. I haven’t done anything plz… Leave me u animal ?… Help plz… “this screams make him wake n when he observe his surroundings he saw that swara was shivering n literally sweating n was shouting.
San:?Swara “Shake her”Swara….what happen? swara…. Wake up
Swara struggle for sometime but after he shake her she wake up Wid a jerk.
San:?Swara *Hug her*Are u okay? what happen?
Swa:*calm herself*I m fine Sanskar just a bad dream Come sleep
By saying this she sleep cuddling Wid San.
But now sanskar’s sleep was far away from him


San:?”his inner talk”I know swara… What u saw? “He remember his harassment on her n the screams. ” I am sorry for what I did Wid u…? “hug her tightly”I will soon go away from u… U will be free from this unwanted relation. Nothing is more important than ur happiness for me I love u My teddy ?
After crying for sometime he slept hugging her.
As the sun ray disturb San’s sleep. He wake up n saw his life sleeping peacefully in his arms
He place a light kiss on her forehead n slowly went to freshup Wid out disturbing her sleep.

After a while swara too wake up n saw san’s side empty
Sw:?where he went so early?
As she was in thought San come out of washroom.Took out his clothes n was changing absent minded(?He was in towel only)

Swara observe him n saw him tense. She went near him n hug him from back.
Sw:?Sanskar what’s the matter why r u so tense?
San:No…nothing swara…. What r u taking about?
Sw:?Dnt lie sanskar I can read ur face.
Now tell me whats the matter?
San:*Hug her wid fake ☺*Offo my teddy nothing happened… Today I have an important meeting so thinking about that only… Nothing else
Swa:?Pakka na

San:Ha baba…. Pakka… Now go n freshup u have to take ur medicine also after breakfast…. Go go. ..
By saying this he push swara to washroom n get ready for office.

All r present there for bf waiting for swasan to join them.
Ansh:ragu….why they r taking so much time…. Doll is fine na….
Rag:oho Bhai… She is fine dnt worry…. N sanskar is wid her na
Ansh nodded. Soon swasan come down n sat Wid them
Sw:Good morning everyone ?
All wish her n started there breakfast.
All were talking n discussing about random things but only one person was silent n was bowing down playing Wid his food. Sanskar which was noticed by Raglak n swara.
Swa:Sanskar what happen…..why r u playing Wid ur food?
San:?Nothing swara… I am not hungry so I…*he stand up*i am done u carry on I am going to office .

He was about to go when swara pull him n he sit actually fall in his chair?
Sw:?What u ate yesterday so much that u r not hungry?yestrday also u didn’t have ur dinner properly….?Do u think I am blind…..N now u r avoiding ur bf too.
San:Swara nothing like that I am not feeling to eat so…
Sw:shut up… I didn’t ask u….. Now sit down n open ur mouth
San:Wha…*As he open his mouth swara put a piece of Roti*
Sw:I said open ur mouth to eat not to speak.
I will not tolerate any carelessness regarding ur health ?
San keep mum n swara feed him.
All admire them n bless the couple to be together happy always.
After the completion of bf all went to there respective works. San to his office laksh Dp n rp to there office n arnab to his office. While Ansh was free n other ladies were arranging the things.
After completing the cleaning work all started to talk
Swaragini ap sakshi were involved in there ladies Gossip while Mr Ansh was involve in shouting on his phone which gain everyone’s attention.
Ansh:?I said na… I want that presentation today itself… No matters waht u do….
It’s ur problem…u forgot about the project… U stupid fellow… Shut up n do ur work…. If I loose tender na… I will break ur bones ?
By saying this he cut the call n sat on sofa.
It can be seen that he was fully exhausted.
Swarag went n sat beside him.

He look towards them n smile.
Rag:Whats the matter? u look stressed ?
Ansh:*Side hug both*Nothing my princesses…. Just work load…. U know na running a business is not a easy thing…. N I hate to loose so….
Sw:But Bhaiyo… We can’t win all the time na… Sometimes loosing is also fine…. Why to stress so much??
An:? ya my doll I agree but….
Sw:Leave it…. Dnt stress urself cool down everything will be okay.
Rag:Yes ….shona is right…. Bhai…. Everything will be alright… N I know u will not loose the tender

Ansh was very happy after so many years he got to spend time wid his both sisters.
He miss this type of moments these many. years.
Ap n sakshi was looking them n smiling.
Sak:?My children’s r back together… Annu…. I am so happy today ….i loose hope to see this moments again in my life but today…see
Ap:Sakshi …..now no more worries everything will be okay…. N Happy…..come let’s prepare for dinner

Swarag ap sakshi were preparing for dinner.
Suddenly sakshi cut her finger Wid the knife.
Swara run to her n hold her hand.
Sakshi was overwhelmed by this .
Sw:?What is this…. See how much blood is coming out… U r so careless.
She was scolding but sakshi was smiling Wid Tears in her eyes.
Sw:*look at her*?I am scolding u n u r smiling….
Sak:?If for few drop of blood I can hear the word Maa from ur mouth…. Then I will die to hear it everyday beta… ?
Swara was numb to hear this n was feeling guilty for hurting them.
Swa:*hug her*I am sorry ma…. I have hurt u n papa a lot….Plz forgive me… ?
Sak:?No mera baccha… Nothing like that… We r sorry… For not being there for u in ur hard times… ?we know what u have bear in all this year’s.
Both hug n cried for sometime.

Ap n rag was looking this n were happy that the distances are reducing n there family was again together
Rag:Now..if u both have finished ur rondu show… Let’s have a group hug.
Ap:Yes..ragu is right… Sakshi how much u cry ?
Both swara n sakshi look towards them n all four blast our laughing n hug.

All COMe back From there work except for sanskar n swara was waiting for him
It was time for dinner but still he was not yet arrived.
Swa:Where is this Sanskar? (to laksh) laksh do u know where is sanskar??
Lak:?No swara… Why?
Sw:See na…it’s dinner time n he is still not home…. I am trying his phone but he is not responding….he will be fine na…. *panic*
All look tense but consol swara.
Ap :Swara beta… Dnt worry he must be busy in his office work… Dnt worry… Come have ur dinner (but she was scared too)
Sw:No maa…. U all have it I will eat wID him.
By saying this she again started to call him. But everytime she get negative response.?

sanskar was lining in driving n drinking thinking about his heartless acts Wid people n specially Wid swara.
San:?All were right I am heartless…. ?I should not be forgiven for the sin….i did
I am sorry swara….. Today only Becz of me u r suffering.
He start the car n was driving harshly….He was continuously ignoring swara’s phone.
San:*Drunken state*I will go away from u swara .soon dnt worry… I just want ur happiness.
As he was driving in full speed he didn’t notice the truck coming from the opposite side…
As soon as he lift his head he notice the car n….
I a..m so… Rry. ..swa… Ra
By saying this he closed his eyes.
Swara received sanskar’s phone n was hell angry
Sw:?U DONKEY MAHESWARI…. can’t u receive my phone for once what is so important that u can’t even drop a mess..
Sw:?Yes… Who r u?This is my husband’s phone. What r u doing wid his phone?
Sw:Where is my husband?
She heared something n drop the phone n sat on the phone Wid a thud

To be continued

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