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Swasan – Heartless Sanskar n Helpless Swara (Episode 37)

Hello everyone….. How r u all? I know all will scold me for being so late sorry ???n silent reader please comment it’s a kindly request….. If u want next part……. Soon as u know I am Never punctual.

Recape:Sanskar saving Doc daughter. His guilt.
Others all were confuse by hearing sanskar’s apology except for laksh.
Laksh gets tensed as if everyone get to know about San’s doings no one will leave him specially Ansh so to tackle d situation he make an excuse.
Lak:?woh… Actually he was worried regarding swara’s health n blaming himself for her condition so… so he hurt himself


Sans remain ?
swara again starts her scolding.
Swa:?U idiot…. What is wrong wid u?U call urself great bussiness man…. Which ldiot gave u this title??U never care for anyone Sanskar u r too selfish?By saying this she hit him few times?
After a while she calm down. In all this San was sitting in his knees bowing his head. N all family members were adoring the love of this heavenly couple ?
Ap:Now come everyone have dinner it’s late
All went but this stubborn San will never do anything in one go?
San:?MA I am not hungry I am going to my room

By saying this he was about to go when he felt a hand in his wrist
Obviously it’s our sherni swara who literally drag him to the table n make him sit forcefully.
San:?swara I’m not h…
Sw:?I haven’t asked u…..
San knows he can’t win over her n was going to eat his food when he got a slap in his hand that too by a spoon ?
Sa:?Ahhhh swara…..

Swa:?who asked u to touch the plate
Sa:?I was just following ur order
she took a spoon n was about o feed San when he catch her hand n turn it to her mouth.
San:First my teddy?
But swara was ? on him so didn’t open her mouth.so to lighten the mood rag tease them
Rag:?Swara leave ur anger see how sweetly he is feeding u….. He loves u so much
Swara ate the food n feed him too
Here our Monkey Maheswari is jealous as his wife is praising others so he took a big Roti piece n feed rag.
Rag:?Lkh wht is dis*still the piece in her mouth*
Lak:Ragu baby I also love u na so i feed u?
Rag shock lak rocks?

All laugh at them n Sighaniya’s were overwhelmed By seeing their both daughters happy
After the dinner San make swara sleep n went to terrace n was drinking tears were continuously flowing from his eyes?
Laks came to him in ? but was shock after seeing his condition.
Lak:Bhai? what the hell is wrong wid u
San:*in drunken state*Lucky u come come….i know u came to scold me but… He was about to fall but Laks save him

Lak:Bhai what plz forget all that things Now n concentrate on swara’s treatment it is more important right now
San:Yes lucky u r right, *he stand u*i will punish myself but before that I have to make my teddy fine. Yes…. My teddy will be all right
That time Ansh come there n was shock to see sans condition
An:Hey Sanskar r u f9?
Lak:Ya Ansh now need to worry he is just stressed out a bit ….u tell us there ny thing…as u came here at this time.

An:Oh Yah….. Actually I came to inform that tomorrow my PA will come Wid the medicine
Sanlak were happy by hearing this n San hug him.
San:?thank u bro…. Thank u so much…. Now now my cutie will be fine ?
Ansh too hug him back n went from there.
Next day
swara’s treatment starts Neil was taking care of everything.Dr.sharma was also helping them.
After some time both came out of swasan room.
Neil:She will be fine now…. But due to the medicine effect she will be unconscious for some days. N sometime she may mourn IN pain dnt worry that time it will be due to the effect.
San never left swara.All were taking care of her. Security was tighten around MM.
Ansh took care of it specially.

In all this the tattoo man after many torture reveal that he was bribe by Sanjay to do all this. N police start there search for Sanjay.
Swara is fine now but the side effects were still there which sometime cause unbearable pain in her head n body.
Doc prescribe med for this n after which she can sleep peacefully for some time.

All were sitting in hall when Ansh come n hold sans collar
By saying this his started to beat him black n blue. All tried to stop him but failed
After that he took unconscious swara wid him.
San was just Sitting on His knees Crying helplessly ???

PRECAPE: No idea ?

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