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swara gets a phone call. she attend it. it was a private number.
“hello ” swara said in little nervous tone. .
” swara I have to say something very important listen it” caller said. after listening the matter swara shocked like hell.
” no way. I can’t harm sanskar. he is innocent. I want to punish that durgaprasad maheswari. he did such a big crime. but I can’t do this to sanskar. ” swara said
” so you love him right?” caller asked in anger tone.
” that is none of your business. ” swara also feels anger. .
” so you forgot about my helps? ” caller asked.
” no I can’t forgot your helps. but I can’t harm sanskar. and please if you are calling to say this then don’t call me anymore” swara said in frustration.
” do you forget about your childhood? Your sufferings? that wounds on your body ? the torture you suffered mentally and physically? ” caller tried to remember swara about her past. swara closed her eyes in pain.
“I didn’t forget anything. ” she said weakly.
” good. Don’t forget anything. not only dp. every person related to him should suffer. in your life love has no place. only revenge should be there” caller was adding more fuel in swara’s mind. .
” I want to think ” swara said.
” ok take your time. but remember one thing I’m your well wisher and the people whom you are surrounded by are your enimes.
swara cuts the call. she sat on the bed. she remember about her bitter past. she cried miserably.
laksh was passong through swara’s room. he saw her crying badly. laksh felt bad and was worried for her. laksh comes towards her and place his hand on her shoulders. .
“swaraa..” he called in concern voice.
swara raised her head . she saw laksh. she tried to give a smile to him.
” nothing laksh.. I was feeling head ache.. nothing much” swara tried to explain.
” don’t say lie swara.. you were crying I can understand” laksh said on concern..
” laksh it is my personal matter. I can’t tell it to you” swara said by turning her face
” personal matter.. ha I know what made you cry.. you were thinking about your personal marriage with sanskar.. then you two persons having personal kids. then they are growin up as beautiful persons. then their marriage . then your personal grand children. I forgot one thing. personal grand children born on america. then you both have to go by flight. that time sanskar may flirt with some air hostess persons. oh god. this thing made you cry na. ” laksh said teasingly. swara brust out laughing.
” you fool idiot. monkey. . I will kill you. ” swara throw pillow to laksh.. she started to beat laksh.. they both played and laughed. sanskar came there. he felt little jealous by seeing their bonding. .
” what is going on ha.. ” sanskar asked in fake anger.
” something something bhai.. you can’t understand” laksh said while winking to swara.
” sanskar kill this idiot. else I will kill him” swara said while throwing another pillow to laksh.
” oyee.. he is my bro.. don’t say anything about him” sanskar replied by giving side hug to laksh.
” how mean.. is your bro important than me sanskar?” swara asked in disbelief.
” ha swara.. in this world my laksh is most important for me.. and you are also important for me.. but I can’t give laksh’s place to anyone else.. ” sanskar said. laksh’s eyes became wet..
” oho.. kitna bromance.. dramabazz brothers. ” swara tease them.
” swara you can call me dramebazz or anything. but if you call anything like that to my bro then you will regret it.. my sanskar is not alone. he have people to question you. so don’t dare to say anything about him.. ” laksh said
” oh.. who will come to question me?” swara asked by wrapping her hands across her cheast.
” The great Neil Mehta.. our swara’s papa. sanskar would be father in law” laksh said with a winning smile.
swasan looked laksh sharply.
” am I right swara” laksh said while laughing. swasan began to beat him with pillow.

one person was watching whole scene. it is none other than ragini. she was fuming in anger.
ragini (monologue) : how dare you swara. how dare you snatch my sanskar from me? You will regret it swara. you will suffer. you did a big crime. I will make your life hell..

raginu runs to her house. she locked her room and began to throw all things in the room. shesho was not their. dadi cames to room and shocked to see ragini’s condition. she was throwing every things in the room like a mad girl.
“ragu.. what happened beta” dadi asked and rushed towards her. ragini hugged dadi . she was crying badly.
” I want my sanskar.. dadi. else I will die.. I want him. I will kill that swara. . she is such a b***c.. she snatched my sanskar. I hate her dadi. ” ragini’s eyes wete red with anger. dadi scaref by seeing her condition.
” don’t cry beta. I will do something don’t worry” dadi tried to console her.
” no dadi you don’t want to do anything. I have a plan. ” ragini said with an evil smile.

all were sleeping. laksh heard a knock on his room .
‘who will be disturbing me now?’ laksh awake and open the door. he shocked to see the person. it was ragini.
” laksh please come with me.. I want to talk with you” ragini said with a smile.
“in this night? what is this ragini? we can talk tomorrow. go and sleep. gud nyt.” laksh was about to close the door. but ragini caught his wrist.
” please laksh.. it is very important. . Please come with me.. Please” ragini pleaded to him.
atlast laksh agreed and go with her.
they reached mm gate.
ragini open the gate and goes towards her house.
“ragini stop there. What you ate up to?” laksh asked in a confused tone.
ragini turned towards him and smiled evily.
” you love me na laksh? I’m going to give a precious gift to you.
within seconds ragini take a knife frkm her jeans pocket and stabbed laksh’s stomach.
” aaaahhhh” laksh screamed in pain.
ragini goes to her house immediately.
Mm people and gadodia’s came in a rush. they were scared by listening laksh’s scream.
All shocked to see the scene.
laksh was lying in a pool of blood. and swara was sitting beside him holding a bleeding knife
“lakshhh” ap fainted by seeing the sight.
all panicked.
sanskar looks swara in pain.
” what is this swara? what happened to laksh?” who did this” shekhar asked .
” this swara stabbed laksh to kill him” it was ragini’s voice.

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