Episode 18

Sanskar:do u think i will believe ur stupid stories????
Swara:its not stupid stories sanskar…. This is the truth…. U wont believe me right??? Then come with me….


Swara dragged sanskar to the store room of maheswari mansion…. She searched something and took a photo frame and showed it to sanskar…. Seeing it he is shocked….

Swara:(showing a small boy) this is u only right???
Swara:then who is the one present with you???
Sanskar:i do no….
Swara:they are ur parents sanskar…..

Seeing him in shocked state swara continued….

Swara:sanskar i know this will be a big one to u and cant digest it…. But its the truth….
Sanskar:swara s i accept this is very big thing to digest….. But now i have more respect for my papa and mama…. Even after knowing that i m not their son they loved me selflessly….

Hearing it swandhir laughed…. Seeing them laughing sanskar got angry….

Sanskar:stop it i didn’t say any joke that u can laugh….
Randhir:then what else u said now sanskar????
Sanskar:randhir shut ur mouth…. I didn’t talk to you….
Swara:sanskar stop shouting on randhir…… U thought they love you????? No Mr.Sanskar Maheswari they just loved your money….
Sanskar:what u r talking????
Swara:s the whole maheswari property is on ur name….. And even dadi wants u to get married to ragini just bcoz this property is on ur name…..
Sanskar:how do u know this???? How do u think that i will believe you????
Swara:u didnt believe this??? But what will happen when u comes to know that ur so called papa durgaprasad is the one who killed his brother that is ur original papa for this property…..

Hearing it sanskar is more shocked…… He do no whether to believe swara or not….. Seeing his shocked face swara took her phone and played a video….. Its a video of dadi and durgaprasad where dadi is blackmailing durgaprasad that if ragini didnt get married to sanskar then she will tell sanskar that he is the one who killed sanskar’s parents and Durgaprasad begging dadi to not tell sanskar……

Sanskar:swara what wrong i did??? I loved them unconditionally….. But my papa just loved my property and killed his own brother just for money….. I wont leave him….
Swara:sanskar dont get hyper…. He have to suffer more…..
Sanskar:swara y u r taking revenge????

Swara said something(will reveal it later) and cried….. Hearing it both randhir and sanskar got tears in their eyes….. Randhir just hugged her to pacify her…..

Sanskar:swara that means u r my oreo????
Swara:s sanskar….
Sanskar:then y u didn’t tell me that u r my oreo when i said about u….
Swara:bcoz i was more concentrated on my revenge…. And that time i do no that u r not dp’s son….. I know it recently only….
Sanskar:u do no how much i missed u swara….. Even today in my wallet i have ur photo….
Swara:sanskar oh i m sorry…
Sanskar:leave it swara…. I can understand…..
Swara:thank you sanskar…..
Sanskar:swara marry me….
Sanskar:s see swara u can be in this house permanently and even i m with u in ur revenge…. Even i want to make his life hell for killing my parents…..
Swara:sanskar but this is a big decision….
Sanskar:swara i know this is not correct time….. But the truth is i love you…. S i loved you from the day when i saw u first in the college…. I just kept my mouth shout only due to this marriage….. But now that marriage stopped…. And i also know u and Randhir love each other…. But we can divorce after ur revenge is over…..
Randhir:what???? I and swara love each other???? No sanskar…. As u r in our team i m saying the truth we just acted close just to make you jealous and admit ur love for swara…. So that she will get married to you and will take revenge from all….. She is just a close frnd to me…. Sanskar i can share anything with my jaan but i cant share my bedroom with her….
Sanskar:i m sorry randhir…. I m extremely sorry…..
Swandhir:its k Sanskar…..
Sanskar:Then do u have any pblm in marrying me swara???? U like me right??? Then surely one day u will love me swara….. Think and tell me swara…..

Saying this sanskar went to his room…. Swara is thinking what to do and randhir is just observing her…..


What will be swara’s answer??? Will she accept the marriage proposal of sanskar????
Is sanskar really want to take revenge from swara or he is playing game with swandhir????

Guys now its revealing time and we are revealing one by one everything….. Many have guessed swara is oreo…. Hats off guys…. But we made you confused…..
Y this much low response in previous episode guys???? U all asked us to reveal the reason for revenge….. When we started to reveal u guys are not giving good response…..
K guys leave it we thought to reveal everything and will finish this episode within 2 episodes….

Jwan(Jwala and Shan)

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