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Night all were sleeping. swara was getting horrible dreams. “leave me.. Please. . don’t beat me.. Please. . it is paining.. leave me.. ” she was screaming in sleep.. sanskar was passing through swara’s room for taking water.. ge heard screams from the room and gets worried. . he knocked the door . it was not bolted. hence sanskar enter in to room and saw his swara screams while sleeping. . shevwas sweating badly.. sanskar shocked to see her his heart pains by seeing her condition. . he sat on the bed and place his hands on her palms which was clutching the bed sheet..
“swaraaa” he called her with all his care.. swara awake suddenly and saw sanskar she hugged him suddenly. . sanskar was in shock he didn’t understand how to respond. swara hugged him more tightly ensuring that she is safe with him.. sanskar smiles at himself and hugged her back..
“don’t beat me.. Please” swara was still crying. .

“no one will beat you swara.. I’m here.. no one could touch you.. you are safe swara.. I’m with you. .” sanskar said with all his care and love.. suddenly swara came in to senses and found that her hands wrapped around sanskar’s body. she is under his embrace.. swara felt awkward. . she suddenly withdraw herself from his body..
“I’m sorry.. I was not in my senses” her voice was low.. still she is not free from that horrible dream..
“its ok swara.. I can understand. . but why did you screamed? any bad dream” sanskar asked with concern..
“yeh.. I’m getting some weird dreams often like someone beating me and torturing me.. ” swara said in fear.. sanskar smiled at her
“so miss jhansi ki queen is afraid of dreams” sanskar said teasingly inorder to divert her mind.
“who said I’m afraid? not at all.. I’m really brave..” swara said with fake anger..
“oh really? you are afraid of everything. that is why you are getting weird dreams.. ” sanskar said again..

“shut up buddhu.. ” swara said by slapping playfully on his hands..
“hmm swara you look gorgeous without make up” sanskar said lovingly. .
“then with make up how I’m looking? ” swara asked..
“with make up you looks like a naagin.. haha” sanskar laughed. swara got angry.
“you idiot.. today you are finished. .” swara took pillow and starts to beat him.. Both laughed and played with pillow. . sanskar pulled her towards him.. swara lost her balance and bump in to his cheast.
“ouch.. is your body made with stone? my head is paining” swara complint to sanskar..
“ha.. like your heart.. it is also stone na.. ” sanskar teased her..
” how mean.. huh.. I will not talk to you.. ” swara made faces..
“swara yaar it is not fair.. talk to me na.. else I will feel bore..” sanskar said with puppy eyes..

“no.. no.. I will not” swara became stubborn. .
“what should I do now? how can I make you happy? ” sanskar said in defeated voice. .
” make kheer for me “swara’s words shocked sanskar..
“are you mad? kheer? that too midnight? ” sanskar asked unbelievably. .
“if you want me to talk to you go and make kheer ha.. ” swara said without any mercy..
“swaraa.. Please. . ” sanskar pleaded. .
“no ways sanskar make kheer for me.. ” without any option left sanskar go for making kheer.. swara also comes to kitchen to help sanskar..
“but swara I don’t know how to make kheer” sanskar said
“you have laptop, mobile and Internet. so it is not a big deal.. by using them you will get to know how to make kheer” swara said easily.

poor sanskar with the help of his mobile he used to make kheer.. atlast he finished making it..
“madom ji. your kheer is ready.. can I serve you? ” sanskar asked with a smile..
” ok.. I’m going to dining table.. you take it and come with me” swara said and leaves to dining table. ” sanskar served it in to two bowls and came to dining table.. he didn’t see swara there..
“swaraa..” he called
2 palms wrap around his eyes..
“swara I know it is you.. what is all this? ” sanskar asked..
yes it was swara binded his eyes with her palms.. she removes it and he saw a big chocolate in the table..
“this chocolate is a small gift for you. you made this kheer na..
“aww.. mera bachha” sanskar said lovingly..
“bachha? where ? here only we two na?” swara asked in confusion. .
” you are my bachha.. my kid.. ” sanskar voice make a sort of guilt in swara’s heart..
Both had kheer.. after having it swara feels dizzy. . she was about to fall.. sanskar hold her .
“swara what happened”? sanskar asked in concern..

“I don’t know sanskar.. ” swara became unconscious. . sanskar shocked. .
he called all family members and take swara to hospital. .
“is she had any outside food?” doctor asked
“no.. what happened doctor” ? sanakar asked in fear..
” food poision.. her condition is critical” doctor’s words became a big shock to the whole family

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