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swasan ff-is that hate or love episode 7

Hey guys this is tasneem… How are you all…. You will love this part because your will find it really cute..I hope you enjoy reading it as I enjoyed writing it ? ?

Recap: kavita’s entry…. Swara jealous….swara confused


Episode 7 :
Swara ( in mind): THIS IS TOO MUCH!!!
She saw sanskar coming to the room with kavita
Sanskar: arrey…. You are here!!!!
Swara: and why wouldn’t I be here Mr Tower??? If this is your room that’s my room too… Right!!!
Kavita: no Swara… sanskar didn’t mean that…. He thought that you are with ap aunty
Swara: first I’m not talking to you in talking to him and second I can be whatever I want whenever I want
Sanskar (a little angry): Swara… behave yourself a little bit
Swara ( tears in her eyes): behave myself….wow Mr maheshwari…. You are asking me to behave myself!!!… tell yourself and your friend to behave yourselves first!!!…
Sanskar: what happened to you…. Are you or of your mind or something!!!

Swara ( started crying): you know what!!!… First you call me miss gadodia… second you are asking me what I’m doing in my room third you are asking me to behave myself…. That means that I’m not even your wife to you… Right…. and if I’m not your wife then we shouldn’t sleep in the same room…. From now on I’ll sleep in the guest room and take your friend to sleep with you instead of me….
Sanskar: what nonsense is that!!!
Swara: it’s ok Mr maheshwari you don’t need to say thank you ( by saying this she went from there)
Kavita was smiling
Sanskar: after all what happened now you are smiling kavita!!!
Kavita: are you blind sanskar!

Sanskar: what….. Why??
Kavita: can’t you see that she is jealous that you are with me!!!
Sanskar: what…. jealous…. What nonsense? !…I told you na…. We hate each other
Kavita: arrey dumbo and how are you that sure that she doesn’t hate you anymore and she has started loving you???
Sanskar: kavita… Please stop this nonsense and go and change
Kavita: ok Mr dumbo I’ll go but you should remember my words
Sanskar: whatever!!!
At kitchen : Swara and ap was cooking lunch until kavita came… Swara saw her and she was angry but she hide it
Kavita: aunty…I want to help you…. I’ll cook Sanskar’s favourite foods
Swara: no need miss whatever your name is….. I’m cooking his favorite foods today you just go and get dressed in something good( as kavita was dressed in a sleeveless knee length dress)
Ap: no Swara it’s okay…. kavita… If you are feeling good in those clothes then stay in it…. We shouldn’t force you on anything
Kavita: Thank you aunty…. Can I help you now?
Ap: of course kavi…. What will you cook??
Kavita: as I can’t cook vegetable curry…. I’ll do I’ll do vegetable briyani… Sanskar loves to eat it from my hands
Swara: no need to do anything I can manage
Ap: arrey Swara leave her…. Let her do it
Kavita: Thanks aunty
They all start cook lunch

At dining room:
Dp:ap…. What’s for lunch today??
ap:ji… Swara made vegetable curry and kheer and kavita made vegetable briyani
Sanskar: wow…. Today is the best day of my life…. my all favorite foods are done….wow….kavita…. Please put me some briyani….I missed your briyani so much
Swara: one minute…. won’t you eat the curry….. It’s your favourite
Sanskar: I’m not in the mood to eat curry….I eat it almost everyday….I missed kavita’s briyani so much
Kavita: no Sanskar…. You should eat from swara’s curry too na!!
Sanskar: and I said I don’t want curry…. I’m sorry but I’m really not in the mood
( Swara was just shocked that he said that about her food and she couldn’t control Her tears that the whole family could see her tears)
Swara: it’s okay Sanskar eat what you want to eat… ( sobs)…I know you prefer kavita’s food more that anything ( by saying this she took the curry bowl from the dining table and throws the whole curry in trash)
Swara:I think you’re happy now ( after this word she ran into her room and closed the door and started crying and crying….. After a long time of crying she was packing her bags)

At dining room:
Ap: see Sanskar… What have you done!!!… can’t you just say one good word to her
Sanskar: I’m sorry mom I didn’t know that she would be that sad
Kavita: Sanskar…. This sorry shouldn’t be for aunty…. Go and say sorry to her
Ap: no ifs and buts…. Go now
He went to their room and found her packing her bags
Sanskar: arrey…. What are you doing?

Swara: I’m doing what will make you happy…. I’m going to the guest room
Sanskar: Hey wait…. Don’t go!!!
She was just ignoring him and going to the guest room until she heard what he said…. This word changed her tears into tears of joy….. She was super happy after what he said….
Sanskar: Swara!!!!
Swara just stopped after she heard her name from him…. This was his First time in his whole life to say her name…. He has always been calling her Miss whatever or avoiding to say her name….. and the next word he said made her even more happy….
Sanskar: I’m sorry

Swara’s pov:
I was crying after his his word…. SWARA…. I’ve never realised that my name is that good…. This is the first time in my life I hear him says Swara…. and probably that best time I’ve ever heard it in my whole life…. and the next word made me ever more happy…. breaking news!!!!…..” The Sanskar maheshwari says sorry” and also to me….omg…. I’m so lucky na…. But I’m not less than him I’m also Swara Sanskar maheshwari… so I decided to give some attitude”
Swara turned to him : why should you be sorry…I mean…I should be sorry I always come between you and your friend…. Right!!
Sanskar came few steps near her: first I said sorry ( he came some few more steps) second I hate attitude ( he came more steps that they were just Inshes away… and Swara was closing her eyes really tightly because of his closeness)
Her face was just down to the floor… Then he lifted her chin to face him… But she was still closing her eyes)
Sanskar( in mind):omg…. she’s so beautiful.

Sanskar: open your eyes Swara
Swara couldn’t resist him saying Swara and she opened her eyes slowly…. She looked into his deep Brown eyes….. After a long eye look she felt him come near her ears and whispered: and third you’re my wife you have the whole rights to come between me and anyone after all your Mrs. Swara Sanskar maheshwari… Right…. so I don’t have any problem in it ( he gave his killer smile and told her): you are not going anywhere… Now should I go??
Swara innocently nodded in Yes
Sanskar ( still smiling his signature smile): good ( he was going until he felt something pulling him…. He noticed that her mangalsutre was stuck with his shirt button…. He thought of teasing her more)

Sanskar ( while trying to remove her mangalsutre from his shirt): looks like you want me to stay but you don’t want to say it…. even your mangalsutre wants me to stay
Swara was blushing so much after everything he has done from his words to his actions…. After they untied the mangalsutre and the button from each other she was going until he held her hand
Sanskar: and yes…..I didn’t have my lunch…. Go and get us some curry and come here we will have lunch together
Swara ran from there because she didn’t want him to see her blushing

Sanskar’s pov:

Well…. Once again…. my closeness made her agree….I think it should be my weapon from now on ? :P….. Yes I don’t love her…. But first or last she is my wife and she will always be my wife….I don’t know why but I thought that my closeness will affect her only but I never thought that her closeness will affect me too…. Her fast breathes were attacking my chest because I’m too tall for her na ? ? …… But I really have to admit it that her breathes are driving me crazy….I was just admiring her face…. From her black dark eyes…. To her small cute nose….. To her soft rosy pink lips that I wanted to kiss right away….. But don’t get me wrong… I don’t love her…. I was just out of my senses…. But I have to admit it….. she’s beautiful man!!!!

Swara’s pov:
Why are you doing this to me Mr Sanskar maheshwari??….I wasn’t only angry when I decided to go to the guest room I also wanted to stay away From you because you’re closeness affect me so much….. Right now I’m sure that I have feeling for him….IS IT HATE OR LOVE….I don’t know I just know that I have feelings for him….. But I shouldn’t think of what happened alot because in the next five minutes the rude Mr Tower will be right back….I just hate him this Mr Tower…. and I can understand that all of this was his plan to affect me….I should say I was really affected…. But I know only one thing ….. That there are only two options first: that I neither love him note Hate him that it’s just attraction and the second option that I Love him and hate him in the same time and that will be a huge problem!!!!!…… part 7 ends! !!

Precap: story’s villian…. sanskar jealous…. Swara ignoring sanskar

So… who will be the villian?

How would be sanskar jealous?

Why would Swara ignore sanskar?

Finally….. End of this part…..I did it while I was sick but it was just for you guys :* :*….and please tell me if you like it and excuse me if you didn’t like it because here in Egypt it’s so hot and I’m really sick because of the weather…….I love you all aaaaaand peace :* :* :* ♥♡

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