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swasan ff-is that hate or love episode 5

Salam friends this is tasneem how are you tonight…. Once again I want to thank all of you for the huge response and especially vyshu for Guessing what will happen in today’s episode…. One more thing….. Today I was reading your comments I was super happy until I read a comment saying ” stop writing it’s the worst” well I was a little sad but I realised that if I have likers then I should have haters….. But it’s okay seeing your response for me can remove any sadness ? ?

Previous episode :

Episode 5 :
Sunlight feel on Swara’s face and she woke up…. She was shocked by what happened!!!… She was hugging him!! His hand was around her shoulder and her hand was on his chest…. and her face was digging into his neck…. She was shocked and embarrassed
Swara:ohh god… How did that happen? !…I can’t remember anything…..I should get up right now…. If he woke up he won’t miss any chance to tease me
after trying so much she could finally get out from his grip she was heading to the washroom until she felt him holding her from her wrist
sanskar: where are you going…. First you do what you have don’t last night and then act like nothing happened

Swara( embarrassed): I’m I’m so sorry I didn’t know how this happened ( and then realised what he said).. wait what?!… What have I done last night?
Sanskar: really…. How can you forget…. You first hugged me… Then the hug turned into a kiss…. Then the kissed turned into….I think you know I don’t have to describe
swara ( shocked and crying): what…. How can you do this to me….. How didn’t you stop me…. You are a monster
sanskar ( laughing): you are just a dumbo miss whatever….
Swara: Matlab..??

Sanskar: we didn’t do anything…. You just hugged me and I thought not to disturb your sleep
swara ( hitting on his chest): you shameless how can you say this to me…. I’m gonna kill you now!! ( Still hitting him)
Sanskar:ok…ok… I’m sorry…. Now go have a shower and hurry up because the pooja is about to begin
Swara: Hey Mr Tower you don’t have to tell me what I should do and what I shouldn’t…. understand ( by saying that she went to the washroom)
She had her shower and got out by wearing an untied saree…
sanskar: why aren’t you ready yet

Swara: I’m sorry….I can’t tie a saree… That’s why I’m not ready
sanskar: don’t worry I’ll call mom for you
He called Sujata and she went to their room
Sujata:kehh hua Chori??
Sanskar: mom…. Swara can’t tie a saree that why I called you would you please help her? ?
Sujata thought of something and smirked: why can’t you tie it to her sanskar…. She is your wife….I can’t do it right now I’m busy…. tie it for her and come fast ( by saying this she went fast from there)
Sanskar:wait… mom….mom

Swara: it’s okay sanskar I’ll manage I’ll see from the Internet
sanskar: no…. It’s okay…. I’ll do it for you if you don’t mind
Swara ( blushing): but….
sanskar: no ifs and buts come on let me do it

he started tieing her saree he first put his hand on her shoulder and rolled her and she closed her eyes because his touch have her some electric current on her body
Swara ( in mind): don’t worry Swara it’s just over electromagnetic waves in his body that’s why you felt like that
Swara ( In heart): no Swara admit it your attracted to him… It’s not time for your scientific explanations Mr brain its attraction
Brain: electromagnetic waves
heart: attraction
brain: electromagnetic waves

heart: attraction
swara ( in a Loud voice):stop it
sanskar: what…??
Swara.: Oh god I’m sorry I’m not talking to you
sanskar: crazy girl
his finger touched her neck it gave her shiver along in her spine she closed her eyes tightly
sanskar: I’m done
she looked at herself in the mirror
Swara: nice job mr Tower
sanskar: Thanks miss whatever
they both got down to the hall and Done the pooja ….it was breakfast time

In kitchen:
Sujata:swara please get me the Chili from the shelf until I come
Swara:mom.. But…. ( She was already gone)
Swara: is to high how will I do that
she got the stool and went over it and she was trying to get the chilli but she didn’t see the little oil on the stool so she slipped…. She closed her eyes tightly…. After seconds she realised that she was not touching the floor and she opened her eyes…. She saw his face…he was lifting jet in bridal style…. They were lost in each other’s eyes… their eyelook was broken by uttara’s voice
uttara:waaah….bhaiya…bhabi…. How romantic… romancing in the kitchen…. But you should do this in your room not here
Sanskar left swara
swara( blushing hard): nahi uttara Aisa kuch nahi hai
uttara:nahi bhabi it’s ok after all you are new married couple na
Sanskar ( angrily): uttara….
uttara: ok… ok….. I’m sorry
by saying this she ran from there
thy couldn’t look into each other’s eyes because of embarrassment
at dining room:
Sanskar was sitting swara on his one side and on the other side was uttara
uttara: you know badi maa what I saw in the kitchen today
ap: what uttara?

Uttara:I saw bhaiya and bhabi….. ( Sanskar held her mouth)
Sanskar: nothing happened she is just joking
uttara removed his hand: what bhaiya shouldn’t I tell them about your romance to bhabi in the kitchen ??
All of the family smiled naughtily exept two laksh and ragini… They don’t know why but they felt a little jealous
swara was Damn shy and blushing
Sanskar ( angrily): uttara stop it
uttara: sorry bhaiya
Sanskar: I’m going to office
at office:

Priya (the pa of Sanskar): sir im going now and the new one is here
Sanskar:ok Priya take care of your self and call that girl
that girl entered
the girl: hi Sanskar…I mean sir
Sanskar was super shocked by seeing the girl
Sanskar: OH MY GOD!!!…………
episode ends

Precap:a new entry….. the new pa… swara start falling for Sanskar….swara jealous…..laksh-swara convo

So who is the new pa?
And why was Sanskar shocked by seeing her?
And how will be swara jealous of that new pa?
And what will swara’s reaction be when laksh talks to her?
Stay tuned to know….
Any body guesses who will be the new pa I will dedicate the next episode to him her
and please tell me how was this part… Good/ bad/ worst. ……I love you all aaaaand peace :* :* ? ? ♥★

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