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Swasan FF: Entangled Love chapter 39

Hey dear here is the next part, this is a long one… hope you will enjoy…… sorry I couldn’t update it on Saturday that’s why I am giving a long one…….I just want to know apart from the main leads of the story, which is your favorite character from the story….
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Chapter 39
Afternoon, Swara’s room

Ragini and Siya came as Swara’s savior when she was at the extreme of boredom, she happily welcomed them and later the trio got indulged in chit-chat….
Swara: (observing Ragini) what happened Ragini? You are looking dull today….
Ragini: today is my dad’s birthday and I am missing him badly, wish I could be there in Gwalior with him….
Swara: aawww!!! I can understand dear but then you should have gone there
Ragini: actually Laksh is really busy these days in some new project, already his work suffered when we were in Gwalior for mom…. So I thought not to disturb him
Swara: so thoughtful wife you are, Laksh is blessed…
Ragini: (smiled) he is indeed…
Siya who was listening to them with full concentration, curiously asked
Siya: chahi, why don’t you live with your dad?

Ragini: because dear I am married to your chachu and after marriage every girl has to leave her parents….
Siya: (panicked) No way, I will never leave my dad….
Swara: (smiles) every girl has to dear and one day you too but there is lot of time for you so don’t worry about that ok
Siya: chachi, when a girl marries someone she has to stay with that man in his house forever??
Ragini: yes dear…
Siya: (looking at Swara) Shona di please marry dad then you will always stay here…
Ragini chuckled over Siya’s statement……Swara looked bewilder and embarrassed at the same time
Ragini: (holding her laugh) Not a bad idea Siya, you should convince your Shona di
Swara: Ragini!!!
Ragini: (teasing smile) m sorry Swara… but just look at her pleading face
Siya: please Shona di, please….please….please

Swara: (softly) Siya, this is not possible dear….
Siya: (annoyed) why not??
Swara: (stern voice) you won’t understand now, this is all elder’s talk and you are just a kid….
Disappointed with Swara’s refusal she moved out of the room with a sad face, although it wasn’t a pleasing sight for Swara but she couldn’t give her fake hopes
Ragini: it’s ok Swara, don’t worry about her, this disappointment is momentary, soon she will forget….
Swara: (sadly) hmmm, you are right….
Ragini: sometimes I feel really sad for Siya…

she needs a mother, though she has mom, chahiji and me but a mother is a mother after all, no one can replace her…. Sanskar also aware of this but don’t know why he is so adamant about not getting married….
Swara: might be he is afraid….. you know he loves Siya so much, she is everything to him… what if the women he marries doesn’t gel up well with Siya or doesn’t accept her, these could be his apprehensions….
Ragini: but we can’t live our life in apprehensions… all fingers are not equal
She looked at Swara mischievously who was lost in her own thoughts. Opening up the picture gallery on the phone, Ragini started searching for a particular one….
Ragini: (showing a photograph to Swara) how is she Swara?
Swara: (confused) very pretty but who is she?
Ragini: my cousin, Janvi…. I am planning to hook up Sanskar and Janvi, she is just perfect for him…

A layer of resentment crossed by her as Ragini finished, she noticed uneasiness and restlessness of Swara but she had to do it to bring the truth out of her……
Ragini: I wish Sanskar agrees this time, it took me long to convince Janvi and I don’t want my efforts to go in vain
Swara: convince!!!
Ragini: off course Swara, do you think it is easy for a girl to accept a man with a child….. I know Sanskar has everything to attract a woman but we can’t deny Siya’s presence in his life is unfortunately a barrier for his marriage….
Swara: I don’t agree with you Ragini…. Siya is not a barrier instead she is an additional perk, a plus side and if a woman considers her as burden or obstruction is not worthy to be in Mr. Maheshwari’s life…
Ragini: I don’t want to be offensive Swara but it’s easy to preach than do…. Tell me what would be your take if you are at Janvi’s place, wouldn’t you be confuse
Swara: (with a glint in her eyes) this is something personal Ragini but if you ask me I would love to be Siya’s mother, in fact it would be a blessing to the one whom Siya will regard as mother….
The truthfulness of her words and sparkle of her eyes while talking about Siya brought a winning smile to Ragini’s face….. although she knew it but just to clear Sanskar’s confusion she orchestrated everything….
Night, Swara’s room
Reclining comfortably on her bed Swara was engaged in her thoughts, brooding about Ragini’s words. She wasn’t at all pleased with the idea of Sanskar’s marriage.
“Is he really going to marry that girl? Will he agree? Everyone says he didn’t want to marry then what happened now? Well there is no reason to refuse this proposal…. She is pretty, has sound background and moreover Ragini’s cousin so she has edge over everything. Oh God Swara! Stop it….. it’s his life, let him decide what he wants to do, why you are bothered?” all these questions were troubling her, scolding herself for being stupid she stood up from the bed and was moving out of the room but before she could step out something stuck her in between….
“aahhhh” she winced in pain as she got hit by something. Rubbing her shoulder she looked up, it was him standing there in front of her, concern was clearly visible on his face…..
Sanskar: I am sorry…. Is it paining? Let me see…
What a fate! To get rid from his thoughts she decided to move out and he appeared in front of her all real… it irked her, she jerked his hand away and moved from him “I am fine” she said angrily
Sanskar: (in stern tone) why you are walking here and there, can’t you just take rest and by the way where were you going?

Swara: (little scared) to the garden…. It’s suffocating here, I need some fresh air…
Sanskar: (angrily) you know what Swara, sometimes I wonder are you really a graduate or a nursery kid!! Even kids are better at least they are not recalcitrant and audacious like you…. are you out of your senses, you want to roam in the garden at this hour of night, all alone ha??
She was annoyed, really annoyed with his words. “Can’t he think anything of me other than a kid?” she thought. She was already mentally exhausted thinking about his illusionary marriage and then his dictatorial attitude just exacerbate her frustration…

Swara: (almost yelling) just spend a week confined to a room like me, abstained from every single activity going around then I will see how sensible you would be…
]]]He realized she was furious, and wasn’t wrong about her words…. It is really difficult to be isolated….not only him but Annapurna, Ragini, Sujata and even Siya to some extent didn’t allow her to leave the periphery of her room, not for once….
Sanskar: (moving little closer to her) Swara!! I didn’t mean…..
Before he could clarify she interrupted….
Swara: (moist eyes) No Mr. Maheshwari, I don’t need any justification…. I am tired of proving myself again and again just in a hope that one day you will change your opinion about me but unfortunately you are so opinionated….
She blurted out all her anger and then sat on bed with a thud, it was enough of stress for her today, she was still weak, her body couldn’t bear so much strain…. With shivering hands she covered her face and started crying… he was shocked and disappointed, the more he tries to bridge the distance between them the deeper the trench becomes. He doesn’t know how to handle all this…. with guilty eyes he sat next to her, he can feel her shivering body…. Worriedly he took her in his arms…
Sanskar: (softly) Swara, please don’t cry…. I am sorry, it just that I was concerned…..
Swara: (still in his arms) is this the way to show your concern??
Sanskar: honestly speaking Swara, I don’t know how to do all this, you know expressing emotions is not my forte but trust me I am genuinely worried for you, not only me in fact everyone here, all want you to get well soon….
Eventually his words pacified her, she looked at him with teary eyes, little embarrassed on realizing there closeness she moved away whipping her tears… there was a moment of awkward silence but then he spoke
Sanskar: you want to go out?
She slowly nodded in yes….
Sanskar: ok, come with me. I will take you there but please take a blanket along with you, it’s cold outside, hope this you won’t refute….
With a smile on her face she picked the comforter from bed and stepped out following him. Soon they were in garden, her favorite place…. In the moonlight the place was looking more beautiful, the fragrance of jasmine was enticing. The layer of happiness was clearly visible on her face, looking at the surrounding…. Delirious with joy she almost ran towards the bench, it’s been long since she came here…

Sanskar: (holding her hand) Swara, slowly….. Bench is not going anywhere….
Little embarrassed on her impatient behavior she slowed down. Both sat on bench next to each other. She closed her eyes to feel the cold breeze on her face “what a relief” she murmured…. Sanskar smiled looking at her, he could sense the chillness of the air, thoughtfully he tried to cover her from comforter but she resisted…
Swara: No, I want to feel it, it’s awesome
Sanskar: Swara, it’s cold here…. it would be better if you cover yourself
Swara: (annoyed) this coldness is only for me not for you? Are you made of plastic, no na then why this disparity…. Now don’t tell me I am not stronger like you
He shook his head in disbelief, he knew arguing with her is just like banging your head on the wall… he didn’t want to indulge in another fight, instead he spread the comforter and covered her and then him….
“happy now!!” he said in an annoying tone. Ignoring his words she gave him a tight smile and then averted her gaze to have a full look of the mesmerizing surrounding, unaware of his gaze on her…..
Sanskar: (to himself) don’t know how many shades this girl has? Sometimes she behaves like a most sensible, wise and mature person one can ever know and sometimes a stupid teenager, a nursery kid…. even Siya never troubled me like this.

Swara: (to herself) I shouldn’t snap out at him like this… you can’t deny Swara, he really cares for you… though he has weird ways to show that. Surely he will be a very good husband, a caring and protective one….. That girl is lucky.
Sanskar: (to himself) should I talk to her now, No..no.. bad idea Sanskar, she is not in her good mood, what if she again snap out at me…. oh God! I can’t believe am I really scared of her? The man who never scared about anything is now afraid of this innocent looking girl…
Swara: (to herself) well it’s quite surprising he agreed to bring me out, what could be the reason of such magnanimity? He has changed after that incident…. Now he often apologizes and yeah how could I miss these days he always calls out me by my name not “Miss Bose” like earlier…. But why?
Sanskar: (to himself) didn’t she see what I feel for her? my changed behavior, casualness, my care, concern….. haven’t she noticed anything?
Swara: (to herself) why he is so silent??

Sanskar: (to himself) she has such a great bond with everyone here…. mom, Ragini, Siya, Laksh and even chachi but when it comes to me all she knows is to argue, fight, yell and cry…. Can’t she be bubbly and cheerful with me like she is with others? With me she is always short of words precisely humble words just like now…. All silent and mute
Sanskar: (breaking the silence) will you be able to give the exam? I mean what about preparations?
Swara: (upset) I hope so, routine is disturbed but still I am prepared with some portions…
Sanskar: (observing her upset face) it’s ok…. You still have plenty of time, more than a month… you can manage
Swara: (smiles) I have to do it at any cost….

Night, Ragini and Laksh’s room

She was flipping the pages of a fashion magazine, taking the view of some latest trends…. She startled as Laksh screamed out….
“Ragini, come here” he shouted peeping out of the window
Ragini: are you crazy? Why are you shouting??
Laksh: come here please, then you will know
She stood up and came up to him……
“What?” she asked angrily
Laksh: (signaling through his index finger) look at that….
A mischievous smile crept over her face as she looked out that side….. Sanskar and Swara were there in the garden, sitting close to each other, wrapped in a single comforter….
Ragini: (sighs) aaww!! How romantic…
Laksh: well I am impressed…. Bhai’s progress is commendable…… (looking at Ragini) what do you think will he confess today?

Ragini: don’t know, may be….. Well this is the best opportunity though…
Laksh: (taking out his mobile) let me message bhai, he should confess today
Ragini: (holding his hand) you are impossible Lucky….let them enjoy each other’s company, why are you disturbing them?
Laksh: I am helping bhai, not disturbing…. He needs encouragement moreover a push…
Ragini: he doesn’t need your help, It seems like he is better than you, all romantic….
Laksh: (pulled her close) really ha!! He is better than me?? I think I should remind you how perfect I am…..
She smiled looking at her husband’s little envious and possessive demeanor. No matter how strong is the bond between brothers but a man is after all a man first….

At garden

It was a full moon night, the cold moon and floating clouds busy in playing hide and seek. A perfect moment to embrace your love and lost in the eyes of your beloved. Sanskar was trying to steal her glance, thought that she wasn’t looking but their gaze tangled and held as if by a magnetic force. He could sense where all this leading to, afraid with the anticipation of impending move he abruptly stood up.
“I think we should go back now” he said in his usual autocratic manner, averting his gaze from her. He didn’t want to do anything for which he has to repent later…. But before he could take a step forward she held his arm “please stay, I want to be here for some more” she said looking at him with her pleading eyes. He couldn’t resist to those eyes, they always spell bound him.
The air was little colder now, a cold breeze passed touching their faces. Her hairs spread on her face slightly. Due to sudden chillness in the air she unknowingly moved closer to him, arranging the blanket properly to cover both of them….

He was staring her silently, taking in the pleasure of being so close to his love. Her hairs obstructing the clear view of her face to him. In an attempt to get a better sight of her beautiful face he raised his hand and tucked her hairs behind. As his fingers brushed on her skin, it gave her a jolting effect…. To calm down herself she closed her eyes but opened it in bewilderment the very next moment when she felt his touch again, his fingers were caressing her lips… their eyes met and stilled for a second as if trying to communicate their feelings…. They could hear each other’s heartbeat as he moved little closer. The magic of night took their senses away. He leant on her a little, careful about not to hurt her, wrapped his hand around her waist bringing her closer and finally their lips met…… he was softly kissing her controlling all his emotions though it was difficult to do but he didn’t want to hurt her…. his soft touch kindle the desire in her, out of her senses she was fully involved in the sweetest pleasure…. They kissed each other for long softly and slowly, no one wanted to come out of that magical feeling but due to lack of breath she released herself from him….

It was embarrassing for her though he was happy and content, she didn’t dare to look at him, looking at her blushing face he smiled, it made her look more beautiful, he couldn’t resist and pecked her lips softly once again making her baffled…. Giving a little laugh at her confused face he wrapped his arms around her taking her into a hug….
“Swara” he said in a hushed tone but she didn’t respond instead looked down. It was extremely uncomfortable for her to look at him…. He lifted her face keeping his fingers at her chin and made her to look at him. There was a strange glow on her face, he couldn’t stop himself staring at her, again lost in her eyes… after a moment of stunned silence he came back to his self. He knew, it was the time for him to open up his heart and divulge his feelings…. He was desperate to tell her what he feels

“Swara I…” before he could finish his phone rang and broke the spell around them. Startled with the sound she moved away from him. Cursing the caller silently he looked at the screen, it was Prateek. He sensed there must be something important otherwise Prateek never bothers him at late hours….
“I am sorry, it’s an important call…. Wait, I will be back” he said looking at her and moved away unwillingly to a corner….

Precap: will Sanskar able to confess his love to Swara or not? Let’s see…

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