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Swasan FF: Entangled Love chapter 38

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Chapter 38
Maheshwari mansion was all set to welcome the most awaited person. Annapurna instructed Kaushalya to prepare special dishes, all Swara’s favorite. Siya was jumping here and there in excitement….
Annapurna: (looking at Siya) Siya beta, don’t run here and there… you will get hurt…
Siya: (shaking Annapurna’s hand) dadi ma when will they come?
Ragini: (laughed looking Siya’s annoyed face) Siya, why you are being so impatient? They are on the way dear….
Laksh: (looking around) Ragini aren’t you jealous? See mom is showering all love to her would be daughter-in-law. Has she ever done anything like this for you?
Annapurna: (angrily) Laksh! Don’t you dare to instigate Ragini against me and by the way she is not my daughter-in-law, she is my daughter….
Ragini: mom don’t worry, his words are not going to affect me…. I love you and I know you love me too
Laksh: (smirks) wow! What an understanding ha…. Sometimes I wonder you two should get married, you are just perfect for each other…
Annapurna and Ragini laughed looking at his annoyed face…. Siya squealed and ran towards the door hearing the honk of the car “dadi ma, they came” she shouted
Sanskar came out and opened the door for her, she slowly stepped down… he held her hand to support her but she resisted


Swara: no, I can walk by myself….
Sanskar: (little irritated) Swara, why you are so stubborn…. Nothing will happen if you take someone’s help
Swara: I know but I don’t need any helping hand, I am strong enough to do it by myself
Sanskar: (to himself) what a fate!! She is reluctant to even hold my hand and here I am thinking about being a shoulder to her forever
Swara: (to herself) why he always treat me like a newborn who couldn’t take a step on his own

It’s been a long since the announcement of their arrival but still they didn’t enter the house…. Laksh and Siya being the impatient one decided to give it a check. As they stepped out, found them arguing on something…
“I am sorry mom but it didn’t look like your dream of bhai’s marriage will be fulfilled in near future” he murmured under his breath
Siya: dad! Shona di!
Siya’s shrilling voice startled both Swara and Sanskar and they turned to look at her
Laksh: (giving a look to them) do you have any intension to come in or not??
Embarrassed on their behavior they moved in…..

At hall, Maheshwari Mansion
Annapurna: (kissing Swara’s forehead) I can’t tell you dear how happy I am to see you back…. Kaushalya bring the pooja thali…
Annapurna applied tika on Swara’s forehead and made her eat Prasad…… Swara bent to touch her feet but Annapurna stopped her saying bending is not good for her, instead she hugged her. It reminded Swara of her mother. It was difficult for her to hold her emotions so she let them flow out by crying clinging tightly to Annapurna
Annapurna: (caressing her hair) Swara! beta…. It’s ok, everything is fine now, why are you crying?
Laksh playfully looked at Sanskar and whispered “why she is crying? Don’t tell me you proposed her!!” “Shut up lucky…. Probably she is missing her mother” Sanskar replied

After a long time, it was again a cheerful day in Maheshwari Mansion…. They had their lunch together… for Swara it seems after ages she tasted something as delicious as this food… she thanked Annapurna and Kaushalya for preparing her favorite dishes..

Afternoon, Sanskar’s room

Sanskar was laying back on the couch, relaxed after so many restless days… finally Swara was back at home and his heart and mind was calm. Although this was momentary as he had unannounced visitors in his room, they barged in to disturb his peace. He turned towards the door to see Laksh and Ragini who just stepped in… Laksh was smiling looking at him, he couldn’t fathom him out….
Sanskar: (looking at Laksh) what!!!
Laksh: you are looking so relaxed. I was just wondering what you must be thinking right now, tell me what is it…
Sanskar: (sarcastically) so that you could make public display of my feelings ha….
Laksh: (confused) what??
Sanskar: it’s between you and me Lucky, why you revealed it to every one?
Laksh: you didn’t ask me to keep it a secret….
Sanskar: (irritated) are you a kid Lucky? Can’t you use your brain…
Laksh: instead of snapping at me you should be thankful, I convinced the family for you otherwise it will take ages for you to do that…
Sanskar: (narrowing his eyes) really Lucky!! Convinced ha. It is….
Ragini: (interrupting) will you both please stop it? We are not here for blame game Lucky… and Sanskar bygones is bygones, now concentrate on future…. Have you talked about it to Swara?
Sanskar: not yet…
Laksh: (sarcastically) so, are you waiting for an auspicious day or something?
Sanskar glared him suppressing his anger….
Ragini: (looking at Laksh) let him take his time, he should be comfortable and prepared…
Laksh: Ragini, he is not going to sit for his first board exams, it’s just a confession “I love you” that’s all he need to say
Sanskar: lucky, why are you intruding. Let me handle it my way…
Laksh: your way ha… then we should get ready to wait for ages and I bet even then you won’t be able to make it…
Irked with his words Sanskar picked a cushion and threw it to hit him and he did. Furious with these brothers Ragini held her head in disappointment…
Ragini: I am going guys, I can’t tolerate it anymore
Sanskar: Ragini please wait….. I need your help
Ragini: (retreating her steps) what help?
Sanskar: I just want to know how Swara feels about this relation, I mean is she ok to accept a man who has a child…
Ragini: (surprised) Sanksar!! Why are you thinking like this, she loves Siya
Laksh: yeah bhai, they share a beautiful bond and you know that…
Sanskar: I know that but loving someone’s daughter is different from loving that kid as your own. Besides she is young, may be she dreamed of a different life
Ragini: ok, if you insist I will help you but trust me Swara is not like other girls…
Giving an assuring smile to Sanskar, she left from there. Laksh could read the desperation visible on his brother’s face
Laksh: if so, what will you do…. Back off!!
Sanskar: (blankly) I don’t know….
Evening, Swara’s room
“What the hell are you doing!!”
The loud voice made her startled, she looked at the door and he was standing there, all angry and disappointed. She was typing something on her laptop with her wounded hand and unfortunately he caught her…. she gulped her fear as he came closer to her
Sanskar: are you a kid to remind do’s and don’ts every time??
Swara: (shaking voice) it’s important, I was filling the scholarship exam form… tomorrow is last date
Sanskar: Is this exam more important than your health?
Swara: (moist eyes) yes, It is….
She thought how could he understand what this scholarship means to her… she averted her gaze to hide her tears but he knew she was crying…
Sanskar: (softly) tell me your details, I will fill the form…
Swara: (puzzled) what!!
Sanskar: (taking laptop from her) I said tell me your details…. I don’t like repeating things
She told him all the required details and he filled it for her. “When is this exam?” he asked as he finally submit the form
“In December” she replied
Night, Sanskar’s room

He was working on his laptop, busy in reading some project details when Annapurna stepped in…..
Annapurna: Sanskar, are you busy??
Sanskar: (looking up to her) oh mom! No, come in…
Annapurna: (sitting next to him) I am so happy for you Sanskar…. You know how much relieved I felt when Laksh told me about your confession. I know you are very mature and strong but being a mother I was always worried for you. I wanted you to be settle in your life though I never expressed it….
Sanskar: I know mom….
Annapurna: And you know what, the girl is Swara is just like icing on the cake…. She is a real sweet heart. I adore her a lot and it’s fortunate that I am going to have her as my daughter-in-law….
Sanskar: (smiles) mom! Just give a break to your over enthusiasm…. I don’t know how she feels for me or what will be her take on this?
Annapurna: (proudly) why would any girl say no to my son!!
Sanskar: (smiles) but she is not any girl, she is different….
Annapurna: I know, may be this is the reason you love her
Sanskar: perhaps
Annapurna: (holding his hand) don’t worry dear, everything gonna be fine….

Next day, morning
Ram’s room

Sanskar: may I come in chachaji?
Ram: (turning around) oh Sanskar, come beta….
Sanskar: when did you come back?
Ram: yesterday night, it was late so I thought not to disturb anyone….
Sanskar: how was the trip?
Ram: it was good and fruitful….
Sanskar: (serious tone) chachaji I want to know about….
Ram: (interrupting) I know Sanksar…. Well the man who shot Swara is arrested by police, he confessed his crime but didn’t reveal the name of his master yet…. I have been in touch with ACP and he assured me soon they will take the truth out of him
Sanskar: thank you so much… once the name is out, I won’t spare him
Ram: (smiling) you shouldn’t be after all it involved the two most precious persons of your life, am I right?
Sanskar little embarrassed to hear what Ram signaled about. He was cursing Laksh in his mind for making the situation awkward for him…. Ram could see the embarrassment clearly visible on Sanskar’s face….
Ram: (hugging him) beta I am happy for you, you made a right decision…. God bless you my child
Sanskar observed the contentment on his face. After his father’s death, Ram always considered them as his own kids, perhaps more than his own, sometimes…..

Precap: Sharmishtha comes to Maheshwari Mansion….. Swara and Sanskar spend time together

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